What is Hosting and How does it Work

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What is hosting?

If you are thinking to start a new business then the 1st question that comes in mind that what is hosting. Hosting that is also known as web hosting or website hosting caters the business of web site maintenance of data on various websites. A web hosting service is responsible for the easy accessibility of the website using World Wide Web and helps in serving and housing files. In simple terms, it is the place of storage of websites where people store their files. Web hosts are companies that help the individuals and other companies to get their website and pages viewed by providing server space and internet connectivity in a data center. Typically, it is responsible for the provision of connectivity in a data center. The terms web hosting is synonymous with the web hosting server that is responsible for hosting your website.

Types of Web Hosting:

The hosting services can be of different types, like smaller hosting services, or larger hosting services. Smaller web hosting place work best for personal web pages and offer limited services whereas larger services are used by large companies for a wide range of services.

The main four types of web hosting include:

  • Shared hosting
  • Virtual private server
  • Dedicated hosting
  • Cloud hosting

Shared hosting is considered to be the best web hosting service regarding cost whereas VPS is considered to be the best web hosting regarding internet speed connection.

The people who deal in online business want countless views to their web pages or websites, but most of them even don’t know that what is hosting?

If you are starting a hosting company, you require your domain to make your web hosting up to the mark by making your domain name or by purchasing one. In general, an individual web hosting happens to be a quite expensive that’s why many companies provide the sharing of cost for using the fast connection.

How does it work?

After getting a brief overview of what is hosting, you should have a know-how of how does it work? There are certain terms and domains that are necessary to be understood.

Domain name:

In simple words, a domain name is an address you get for your website just like an IP address. You can get your domain name using a registrar. However, its pricing is a challenging task depending upon the services of registrars. You just have to decide either you need these or not.

DNS ( domain name system) or Nameservers:

DNS is set up for the domain name you get. You can simply ask from the web hosting company, to provide name servers for your newly introduced domain. It is considered to be a tough part, and you can also contact with other companies that specialize in DNS provision. A domain name needs to be unique, and you should get it registered.

Hosting server:

Hosting server or domain name server ensure the routing of visitors to your website when you type your domain name. Web servers are computers that deal with the response of browser’s request and use the internet to deliver it. In this regard, you have to pay hosting charges to host your web page.

Anyone can prepare hosting server, but he or she should have a detailed knowledge regarding what is hosting and how does it work regarding the profession.

Virtual server:

A wide number of web hosting companies provide virtual hosting services. It means that the services provided under this name are transparent and every associated website possesses its personal domain name. Separate email addresses are also provided for each website. Also, virtual servers are provided by some web hosting companies with the help of which you can control your server virtually.

Dedicated server:

It is another type of cheap web hosting server that is a part of the dedicated hosting. It implies that the server is wholly dedicated to your website and its traffic. This type of hosting is only used by the extremely busy websites and can also be purchased to access faster internet connection. This entire phenomenon comes under the heading of colocation.

Similarly, a web hosting provider is required to display your website on the internet. If you pay a web hosting company to get hosting services, it will provide you complete control over your website to pursue your professional work and also provide trustworthy solutions to your problems.

After knowing about what is hosting, about its working and the basic terms associated with it, you might be able to select the right hosting for your website.


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