What is Web Hosting – Different Types of Web Hosting Plans

web hosting

A web hosting service is one of the internet’s hosting services that is responsible for the easy accessibility of the website using World Wide Web. Web hosts are companies that help the individuals and other companies to get their website and pages viewed by providing server space and internet connectivity in a data center. The hosting services can be of smaller hosting services, or larger hosting services. Smaller web hosting place work best for personal web pages and offer limited services whereas larger companies use larger services for a wide range of services. There are different types of web hosting plans from where you can choose according to your choice and interest.

Everybody want to get more and more visitor towards his blog or website. To make this happen, they need to type their website address in the browser followed by the connection of your server and delivery of the web page with the help of a browser. If you are starting a hosting company, you require your domain to make your web hosting up to the mark by making your domain name or by purchasing one.

Types of web hosting plans:

To host your website, different types of services are available. Before choosing your required web hosting services, you need to get an overview of what different types of services you can avail. Later on, you can choose one depending upon your budget and the needs of your business.

  • Free hosting:

It is one of the best types of web hosting plans that you can use while dealing with the web pages for entertainment. You can buy a domain from companies or can also create your domain name sponsored by the companies you pay. However by using this service, sometimes, the speed can be low, and you can find uninvited website banner on your website.

  • Dedicated hosting:

In this web hosting plan, you own a complete server that is unshared. It is beneficial as it provides a faster browsing without being shared among other servers. Although it can cost you lot still, it is one of the good choices for those who want a secure system.

  • Shared hosting:

As the name indicates, this plan includes the sharing of your server with other websites owners. You can share software applications as well as physical servers. These are considered to be cheap web hosting services as the cost is shared among several owners using the same server. It is recommended for the owners of new websites as it is economical to share cost and applications.

  • Collocated hosting:

This type of web hosting plan allows you house your server being a master of it. You are yourself responsible for it and can manipulate it in whatever way you want. It works best for those who are masters at web hosting; however, it is not feasible for beginners. Being having full control over the server, you can install or uninstall any of the application you want.

  • VPS or Virtual Private Server hosting:

It is among the advanced web hosting services, recommended for pros. It allows you to install that software and packages that are not used by others. Although your websites are working on other websites, however, the server is not shared physically, or shared by less number of users.

  • Reseller hosting:

This type of service works wonders for those who master the field of web hosting. It provides you with extra tools and applications to resell your hosting space. By using this, you can avail free templates, private server names, technical support and much more. Those who are owners of multiple websites can also use this reseller web hosting service.

  • Cloud based web hosting:

It is one of the newly introduced technologies, where several individual servers work under the same platform making it looks like a huge pseudo server. As the needs of server increases, they can add more servers to the cloud making it even bigger. All this help to accommodate a larger traffic instead of facing problems like shutting down etc.

Knowing briefly about all the types of web hosting plans, you can choose the most suitable plan for your server. Although it is a difficult job, you are not alone who is having this confusion. With the passage of time, the number of web companies is increasing, so as the options for web services. As your online business grows, you need to look out of the free web hosting services and choose your web hosting plan wisely.


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