Top Ten Toughest Jobs Of The World

Top Ten Toughest Jobs Of The World

Job is the most basic requirement of all times, when some completes his education and he needs grow up, the demand for better and easy jobs increases. Job is the basic necessity of life. To lead a better life and to enough the facilities of life job is essential. Everyone wants a job suitable to his personality, social class and affordable for his routine. Some jobs are easy and contain more money, but some are harder and contain less money. There are so many toughest jobs in the world and people are doing these jobs as there is no other way for them to fulfill the needs of life. The toughest jobs of the world are mentioned here in this list.

10. Communication tower climbing

This is the toughest job in the world. According to the head of occupational safety and health administration states that many fatalities and mus-interruptions occur during climbing of towers and there is no safe point for climber to stay and there are even not tied to any safety point, they only have to climb and go up and up until they find the problem. The climbers put their lives truly in danger. They have to perform their duty, even at a single cell of any problem. The salary of this job is same like others as it should be special for them because no one put their life in danger as they do safe and productive jobs.

Top Ten Toughest Jobs Of The World

9. Firefighter

It is the toughest, hardest and most dangerous job. Firefighters put their lives in danger every day. They are called somewhere to control the fire, it is sometimes becomes so difficult for them to stop the fire. If they cannot control than they are being restricted and expelled from their job. In this job servants have no control on the situation; they just have to fight and have to control the fire. Although they are being trained and special guidelines are being provided to them, but it depends upon the conditions of the jobs, they are being called at any time and in emergency and their fight to save people from the dangerous effects of fire. They save children’s, women, men and property and also control the environment pollution. When building destroyed after a fire a material which is used in construction “asbestos” it also burns and it is very harmful for human when it entered in human body through the air it can cause any disease. This is really toughest and hardest job.

Top Ten Toughest Jobs Of The World

8. Deep sea tuna fisherman

Fishing is no doubt a hard job and especially in the area where glaciers and rivers are deep there is a special kind of fishes which live deeply. Crab is most commonly liked fish in some regions of the world and they people use it as their food, as they have no other food item due to poverty and far reaching areas. They have to catch fish in each and every case; they catch fish from ice cold water and go deep into the water for their purpose. They use special steel rods and reels to catch the fishes and blue fin tuna more species. They also send these extra fishes in populated areas for the purpose to earn some money. This is the hardest jobs for them as they put their life in danger when they go deep in ice cold water.

Top Ten Toughest Jobs Of The World

7. Oil well driller

It is the toughest jobs of the world. Drilling of both gas and oil are hardest as it requires combustible material for drilling. The risks of this job are unavoidable as they are also trained. They have to work for 12 hours and every minute of 12 hours is quite difficult and hard to pass. The salary of oil and gas drillers is not hard as much their duty is.

Top Ten Toughest Jobs Of The World

6. Power engineers

This is also one of the hardest and toughest jobs. Power engineers have to work on power lines and for this they also have to climb and up, power lines are not only risky but there is no safe point for engineers when they climb up at the tops of towers, although they are specially trained and they have to wear special dress but risks never end as in other jobs which are being performed on earth, power engineers have to work at tower of electricity. These two points make this job highly toughest.

Top Ten Toughest Jobs Of The World

5. Police and army forces

These two jobs are also toughest jobs and their salaries are quite sufficient according to their job. They have no guarantee for their lives. They can be called at any time to fight and for protection of country and cities; even sometimes they are not allowed to go home if they have worries and happiness in their homes. They only have to do the job, whatever the situation is. During job their lives are also not safe as they have to fight for their people and country anything wrong can happen to them.

Top Ten Toughest Jobs Of The World

4. Investigative journalist and officers

This is the toughest job and investigation officers and journalists can never sit at home with peace until they complete their investigation and enemies of this region are also equipped with technology and weapons and they leave no symbol for their investigation. These officers have to live one step ahead to the enemies. This is the toughest job of this era.

Top Ten Toughest Jobs Of The World

3. Sewer cleaners

This is also one of the toughest jobs as they have to clean the sewer and sewerage system. This job is not encountered in the mainstream and people consider, easy job, but in reality it is the toughest job to clean the pipe after finding exact pipe.

Top Ten Toughest Jobs Of The World

2. Miner

Coal mining is the toughest jobs and it can also be said as deadly job. 50 to 60 deaths happen each year due to short breath during mining. Miners also have to wear special dresses to keep themselves safe but sometimes due to sudden explosion oxygen from surrounding environment may be absorbed by methane and carbon monoxide, both these are dangerous gases and death can occur due to deficiency of oxygen.

Top Ten Toughest Jobs Of The World

1. High building cleaners

This is the toughest job as in which you have to clean the outer side of plazas and high building and any mishap can occur during cleaning. This is not an easy job as people consider it.

Top Ten Toughest Jobs Of The World


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