Top Ten Super Weird Wedding Ceremonies Around The World

Super Weird Wedding Ceremonies

One thing that is somewhat common in just each and every society among the humans is known as the marriage but wedding traditions just vary from the culture to the culture and from the one state to the other state. Here we will discuss top ten super weird wedding ceremonies around the world. All over this world some of the strange traditions are also practiced which is just actually quite hard to be explained. The rituals are just strange in eye of beholder but most of them have significant meanings and also the historical validation. Continuing to just practice them not only just allows couple to somewhat spice up the wedding ceremony while also just pays tribute to the culture’s past. But these there are also still few strange ceremonies that a person will see at the wedding. Hence, let us just have look at some of strangest wedding ceremonies.

10. Romani Kidnapping Brides

Super Weird Wedding Ceremonies

Top ten super weird wedding ceremonies around the world include kidnapping the bride. A common practice in the Romania is known as the Bride Kidnapping which is crazy ritual where man abducts woman that he wants to marry. Also known as the marriage by the arrest or by the seizure, bride kidnapping just also include the elopements, where couples run away without consent of the parents. In some parts of this world, this ritual is also considered as sex crime. In some of the cultures like Romani or the Gypsies it is also still practiced.

9. China Preplanned Crying

Super Weird Wedding Ceremonies

Top ten super weird wedding ceremonies around the world include preplanned crying. It is weird but very true that crying is just one of wedding function in the China. Crying is regular part of the weddings. Crying is also pre planned as wedding custom. A month before wedding, bride is just expected to cry for about one hour. After the 10 days, her mother joins her in this ritual. After another of the ten days, her grandmother, her sisters and also the other females unite in this ritual.

8. Korea Beating the groom’s feet

Super Weird Wedding Ceremonies

Top ten super weird wedding ceremonies around the world include beat the feet. In South Korea after wedding ceremony, groom has to just endure beating from the friends before he can just retire with the bride. Friends of groom take off groom’s socks, knot rope around ankles, and also begin beating soles of feet with the dried fish. A particular type of the fish is also used i.e. the Yellow corvine. Sometimes stick or the cane is just also used. It is also believed that this will just make groom somewhat stronger before first marriage night. It can be just painful but it is just over quickly and more fun than the cruel.

7. Scotland Blackening of the bride

Super Weird Wedding Ceremonies

Top ten super weird wedding ceremonies around the world include blackening the bride. In Scotland the blackening of bride is known as a part of hazing ritual that just happens before wedding.  Before wedding, brides are just taken by surprise by friends. Friends throw and also douse bride into the foul substances like the curdled milk, the egg, the dead fish, the spoiled food, some tar, and some feathers and then tie her to some tree. Finally she is also taken out for night of the drinking. It is typical pre-marital humiliation that the Scottish brides undergo with belief that if you can just handle this you can also handle anything, just even the marriage.

6. India Toe ring

Super Weird Wedding Ceremonies

All over this world where most of the jewelry exchanged at the marriages involves just placing rings on the fingers. In the Hindu tradition brides wear the wedding rings on the feet, known as the Bichiya. Historically it is also believed that the toe rings played similar role as the wedding bands in West. Males are just exempted from wearing this. The ring is also generally silver because the Hindu believes that no gold objects should be just worn below waist.

5. Germany Smashing Dishes

Super Weird Wedding Ceremonies

In parts of the Germany, ritual called the Polterabend is also practiced. It is party hosted by the newlywed which just typically starts with some profligate feasts and then finishes with entire guest making just as much noise as is possible. Dishes are just damaged, pots are also clashed and the cookeries are just smashed. It is also believed that cacophonous sounds caused by all this also represent inevitable future trouble that couple will face in the married lives.

4. India Marrying an Animal

Super Weird Wedding Ceremonies

In India it is just believed that if girl has tooth rooted to the upper gum, it is just the obvious sign that some of the misfortune will happen to her in future, because the bad spirits just hate her. Therefore, she also needs to marry some animal to ward off the bad omen. Usually animal is just either some goat or even some dog. After warding off evil spirits girl can just marry real boy just some time later. Even girls who are also very ugly or have some of the facial disfiguration are just believed to be possessed by the ghosts and are also forced to undergo same rituals.

3. Malaysia Hold it on

Super Weird Wedding Ceremonies

In the Tidong community located in the Northern Borneo the newly married couples are just not allowed to empty the bowels or even urinating for around three days and also nights. They are just not allowed to use bathroom which gets very painful and somewhat ugly.  It is also believed that if they do so it will just bring bad luck. Bad luck may be in form of the broken union, loss of children, or just even the infertility. Before process couple is just starved and also given little water. To ensure that they just adhere to rules, the close family members guard the bathroom around clock. This is also said to be done as protective measure so that couple will live long and also happy life with just lots of kids. This ritual is just based on belief that if you can just get through the 72 hours of the pure torture together, you can also get through just anything in your life.

2. France Charivari

Super Weird Wedding Ceremonies

Charivari is also possibly most annoying wedding tradition one just have ever come across. In 19th century on couple’s wedding night, the friends, the family and also the other wedding guests group together outside newlywed’s home and also continue to just make as much intolerable noise as just possible.

1.Mauritania over Feeding

Super Weird Wedding Ceremonies

Hitting gym for some of the pre-wedding workouts is just tradition in most parts of this world. Though in the Northwest Africa it is just believed bigger the bride, just better it will be. In order for man to just flaunt the outstanding status, he needs fat wife.

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