Top Ten Smallest Countries In The World

Smallest Countries In The World

We are all just curious to know about the smallest countries of this world in terms of the area as well as the population from among 204 countries. Here we will discuss top ten smallest countries in the world. We wish to know about tourist attractions, culture and countries surrounding these smallest nations. We might not be able to visit all places we know about or wish to see. Only knowing about beauty of the earth and also the places worth just watching as well as places which are somewhat distinct in some manner is only just to satisfy curiosity.


Smallest Countries In The World

Top ten smallest countries in the world include MALTA. It is southern European country located in the Mediterranean Sea. The capital of the Malta is known as Valletta. The population density is around 1261.08 and land area is around 316. Official languages are the Maltese and the English. Malta is archipelago in central Mediterranean. Government is the Parliamentary Republic. The Constitution of the Malta declares Catholicism as state religion although just entrenched provisions for freedom of the religion are made. Currency is known as Euro. Tourism in the Malta is important sector of country’s economy just contributing to about the 15 per cent of nation’s GDP.


Smallest Countries In The World

Top ten smallest countries in the world include MALDIVES. Land area in square km of the Maldives is around 298 and population density square km is around 1163.67. Capital and the largest city of the Maldives are known as Male. Maldives is Presidential republic. Official language is the Maldivian Divhi. After long Buddhist period of the Maldivian history, the Muslim traders introduced the Sunni Islam. Maldivians converted to the Islam by mid-12th century. Islam is official religion of Maldives and the open practice of the any other religion is just forbidden and also liable to the prosecution.


Smallest Countries In The World

Top ten smallest countries in the world include SAINT KITTS AND NEVIS. The Federation of the Saint Christopher and also the Nevis also known as Federation of the Saint Kitts and the Nevis is located in Leeward islands is also known as a federal two-island country in West Indies. The land area in square km is around 269 and population density is around 149.27 per square km. It is smallest sovereign state in America in both area and also the population. The capital city and also the headquarters of government for federated state is the Basseterre on larger island of the Saint Christopher. Government is known as the parliamentary under federal constitutional monarchy. Monarch is the Elizabeth-2. Official languages are the English and also the Patois.  Currency is the East Caribbean dollar. The religions they follow include the Anglican, Others are Protestant and the Roman Catholic etc.


Smallest Countries In The World

Top ten smallest countries in the world include MARSHALL ISLANDS. This is also located in Northern Pacific ocean. The land area in square km of the Marshall Islands is around 181.00 and the population density in square km is around 326.35. Capital of the islands as well as the largest city is the Majuro. Official languages are the Marshallese and also the English. Government type is the Unitary Presidential Democratic Republic. President is named Christopher Loeak. The government of Marshall Islands operates under mixed parliamentary-presidential system as just set forth in the Constitution. Currency is the United States dollar. The literacy rate is around 93.7%.


Smallest Countries In The World

Liechtenstein, officially Principality of the Liechtenstein is doubly landlocked alpine country in the Central Europe bordered by the Switzerland to west and also the south and by the Austria to east and the north. Its capital is the Vaduz. Its land area in square km is around 160 and the population density in square km is around210.75. Liechtenstein is smallest yet richest German-speaking country and only country to just lie entirely within Alps. It is also known as principality as it is Constitutional monarchy headed by Prince and present prince is the Hans Adam -2. Currency is the Swiss-Franc. The official language is known as German.


Smallest Countries In The World

The tiny state of the San Marino is bordered by country of the Italy from all sides. Its land area in square km is around 61 and population density in square km is around 473.44. San Marino is third smallest country in the Europe, with only the Vatican City and the Monaco being the smaller. Its largest city is the Dogana. San Marino has smallest population of all members of Council of the Europe. Official language is the Italian and the Currency is Euro.


Smallest Countries In The World

Tuvalu formerly known as Ellice Islands is Polenasian island nation located in Pacific Ocean that is midway between the Hawaii and the Australia. Its population of around 10,000 makes it third-least populous sovereign state in world with just only Vatican City and the Nauru having the fewer inhabitants. In terms of the physical land size at just around 26 square kilometers that is 10 square mi, Tuvalu is fourth smallest country in world.  Capital of the Tuvalu is known as the Funafuti.


Smallest Countries In The World

Nauru is officially Republic of the Nauru and also formerly known as the Pleasant Island is known as an island country in the Micronesia in South Pacific .Capital of the Nauru is known as the Yaren. Nauru is world’s smallest republic covering just around 21 square kilometers that is 8.1 square mi. It is oval-shaped island in south-western Pacific Ocean, the 42 kilometers that is 26 mi south of equator. The island is also surrounded by coral reef. With around 9,378 residents, it is second least populated country after the Vatican City.


Smallest Countries In The World

Top ten smallest countries in the world include Monaco. It is sovereign city-state which is located in the Western Europe. It is bordered by the France on the three sides; one side borders Mediterranean Sea. It has area of around 2.02 square km and population of around 35,881 making Monaco second smallest and densely populated country in this world. Monaco is also Principality governed under form of the constitutional monarchy with the Prince Albert-2 as head of state. Official language is known as French but the Monegasque, the Italian and also English are just widely spoken and also understood.


Smallest Countries In The World

Top ten smallest countries in the world include Vatican city. The Vatican City State is also situated on Vatican hill on tright bank of Tiber River within city of the Rome. Vatican City is also known to be smallest country in this world. Its land area in square kmis around1 and population density in square km is around 920. Vatican City is also landlocked. Vatican City is just known to be only independent state that has just not yet became member of United Nations.

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