Top Ten Slowest Animals In The World

Top Ten Slowest Animals In The World

Animals are such creatures of the world without which world is incomplete. Animals serve us in various ways. Most of the animals are faithful to human beings. People mostly know the fastest animals but very less people know the slowest animals. Here we will discuss the top ten slowest animals in the world:

10. Manatee or Sea cows

Manatee or sea cow is an aquatic animal and lives in Amazon, Caribbean seas and Indian seas. The weight of manatees ranges from 400-550 kg and length varies from 2-3 meters. They are really slow animals. They are marine herbivores and eat the greenery in the seas. They have a speed of about 139-222 cm per sec approximately. They are very lazy animals. They use to live in shallow water rather than deep water. They seem to float in water instead of moving.

 Top Ten Slowest Animals In The World

9. Gila Monsters

Gila monsters is a specie of venomous lizard native to the southwestern United States and northwestern Mexican state of Sonora. They grow up to the length of 60 cm and their weight varies from 350-700 gm. They have a speed of about 667 cm per second. They spend 90 percent of their time under burrows. They rarely come on earth. They look so horrible so often they are killed by human beings. They feed birds and reptile eggs. They store fats in their body that remains in the body for a long time and mostly take rest under burrows so they rarely come on earth in search of food.

 Top Ten Slowest Animals In The World

8. Koala Bear

Koala bear is an arboreal herbivorous marsupial native to Australia. They have strong limbs and claw that help them to climb them on trees within no time. The koala has a body length of 60–85 cm and weighs 4–15 kg. Their body color ranges from silver grey to chocolate brown. They mostly live in forests and eat leaves of trees. They are slow and cute animals. They can easily recognize the predators due to their strong sense of smell.

 Top Ten Slowest Animals In The World

7. Loris

Loris are medium sized primates native to south-east Asia. They have human like hands and follows twisted like movement very slowly. They can move with the speed of 2 km per hour. They look like harmless but they are only slow poisonous mammals in the world. Some Loris are insectivorous, while others also include fruits, gums, leaves, and slugs in their diet. They are also nocturnal, hide in the dark.

 Top Ten Slowest Animals In The World

6. Sloth

Sloth is the slowest animal in the world, native to America. The name sloth is given to this animal because its meanings are slow or laziness. They can move with the speed of only 0.003 miles per hour. They live in tropic rain forests of America and eat leaves of trees. Sloths make a good habitat for other organisms, and a single sloth may be home to moths, beetles, cockroaches, ciliates, fungi, and algae.

 Top Ten Slowest Animals In The World

5. Star fish

Star fish is called star fish because their body is star shaped and is found in all seas and oceans of the world. There are around 1500-2000 different species of star fish. They can move with the speed of 0.02 miles per hour. Star fish are marine invertebrates. Most species are generally predators and eat microalgae, sponges, bivalves, snail and other small animals. Some species are detritivores, eat decomposing organic material.

 Top Ten Slowest Animals In The World

4. Giant Tortoise

Giant tortoise belong to reptile family. It is one of the slowest retile and slowest animal in the world. They live for very long time and sometimes their life goes around 200 years. They have a weight of 350 kg having a large shell on their bodies. Heavy shell and larger weight makes their movement slow. Giant tortoises are mainly found in Seychelles and Galapagos Islands. They live in dry and wet land too. They can live without water for almost one year.

 Top Ten Slowest Animals In The World

3. Sea Horse

Sea horse is a kind of fish and they are found in tropical waters around the world. They are bony fish and do not have scales. There are 54 species of sea horses. The size of a seahorse range from 1.5 to 35.5 cm. they have mysterious body structure that causes to move them slowly. They can move up to 0.5 miles per hour.

 Top Ten Slowest Animals In The World

2. American Woodcock

American woodcock is a small chunky bird found in eastern half of North America. It lives in forests, forest edges, old fields, and wet meadows of eastern North America. American Woodcock spend most of their time hidden in fields and on the forest floors. They have long beak due to which they can prey their prey from the large distance. They eat earthworms, grains etc.

 Top Ten Slowest Animals In The World

1. Garden Snail

Garden snail is the slowest animal in the world. It moves with the speed of 1.3 centimeters per second. It is most commonly known as the terrestrial mollusk. It can found in anywhere on the land. It has skin colored slippery shape and a dark brown shell on its back. They eat little worms. It does not harms the human.

 Top Ten Slowest Animals In The World

This was all about the slowest animals on the earth.


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