Top Ten Scary Skinny Celebrities of the World

Top ten scary skinny celebrities of world

There is a huge Pressure on girls and boys regarding their body image. Everyone now wants to become thin as the people like actresses, models, and singers are even beyond thin. Here is a list of Top Ten Scary Skinny Celebrities of the World. The term consists of two words the “Scary” and skinny which means that these celebs are so thin that someone scared of seeing them that they may die, because of poor health. But actually, they take a very light diet which make them bony. Beauty is a very precious characteristic and it should not be measured by someone’s health or weight. Rather it must be define as your living and behavior. But now with the time the passage, the perception about attractiveness and body image has been changed. In this era those persons are more pretty and attractive who are very slim and take much care in your diet.
There is a lot of pressure on celebs and stars to keep themselves in the spotlight. Many stars in both Bollywood and Hollywood struggle a lot to keep up with the perfect body and eat as less as they can. With the amount of the pressure, we are talking about has effected females more than the males. Sometimes, looking thin and bony, these top ten scary skinny celebrities of the world start looking ill or sick. Eating disorders is one of the most common problems in showbiz because of this trend.

Top Ten Scary Skinny Celebrities of the World

10. Selma Blair

Top ten scary skinny celebrities of Hollywood Selma

Selma Blair is a very famous star especially for being a secondary personality in some blockbusters including The Sweetest Thing and Cruel Intentions. Few years ago, she had a fresh face with her natural body, but during the past years, she has been added in the list of top ten scary skinny celebrities of the world. In 2012, she broke up with Jason Bleick a famous fashion designer. Since then she is losing the weight drastically. She has been in the news for years and her fans are very inquisitive that how will she look like in the coming years. You may also love to check out this list of Fabulous Christmas Gifts For Teens 2015-16.

9. Rachel Zoe

Top ten scary skinny celebrities of world Rachel Zoe

Rachel Zoe Rosenzweig who is also known as Rachel Zoe, is a very famous and well known American fashion artist who usually work with fashion companies, media, journal editors stars and beauty institutes. She is a very renowned designer and stylist as it’s been two decades she has been serving this industry.She also got fame because of a reality show, The Rachel Zoe Project that was started In 2008 on the Bravo TV channel. She is added in the list of the top ten scary skinny celebrities of the world because she has a very bony body. Here is another interesting topic to read out Hottest Interracial Relationships In Hollywood.

8. Antonia Campbell Hughes

Top ten scary skinny celebrities of world

Lead Balloon is a very well known sitcom of Jack Dee which is the main cause of fame of Antonia, a Northern Irish Actress of England. She is also known for her very thin body and is added in the list of the top ten scary skinny celebrities of the world. in 2012, she came in the controversies when she starved herself for a movie, based on an Australian girl who was kidnapped, Natascha Kampusch in 3096.

7. Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker most thinner celebrities of world

Sex and the City was the show aired on HBO that took Sarah to the heights of fame in which she had a leading role as Carrie Bradshaw. Sarah is an producer, designer and actress and comes from America. She was the executive producer of the show and also won 2 Emmy Awards that are given to the best comedy shows. She has so bony body that she has been added among the top ten scary skinny celebrities of the world. Read Out this list Top Ten Scariest TV Shows.

6. Keira Knightley

Most thin clebs of Hollytwood

1995 was the year when Keira Knightley appeared for the very first time on the television. He debuted at a very younger age. She did a supporting role in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace as Sabé. The Hole was a horror film that gave her much attention. After that, she appeared in Pirates of the Caribbean and performed the role of Elizabeth Swann. Apart from her famous roles, she is also well known for her low health that’s why she has been added in this list of the top ten bonny of the world.

5. LeAnn Rimes

List of Ten Scary Skinny Celebrities of the World Leann Rimes

LeAnn Rimes is a famous American singer who is in the news these days as she is becoming bony with the time. She broke up with Eddie Cibrian, that should also one of the top news but instead of that news, she came into tabloid because of her weight lose. Her bad health was noticed by her fans and media persons and they ask her about her eating habits. LeAnn is also one of the top ten bonny celebrities of the world.

4. AnnaLynne McCord

most thin celebrities of the world

McCord is an actress and a model form USA who is famous for her Vimex roles in different movies and serials. She had also been nominated for different awards that gave her a number of fan followers. But now her fans are very scared and shocked because of her falling health.

3. Aliana Taylor Lohan

Ten Scary Skinny Celebrities of the World

Lohan born on December 22, 1993 in New York is an American Television celebrity and is is a sister of an eminent star Lindsay Lohan. She started her musical career when she released her first Christmas Album in 2006. The album was released under YMC productions. She has also appeared in different movies. These days she is in tabloids as one of the top ten scary skinny celebrities of the world.

2. Julie Bowen

Ten Scary Skinny Celebrities Hollywood Julie

Modern Family is a hilarious TV show that is the main cause of a large number of fan followers of Julie.  No doubt people love her a lot because of her great character but they are curious about  her health as she is not only bony but more than bony.  She has also appeared in many movies.

1. Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus most scary skinny celbs hollywood

I think there is no need of introduction of this party girl who has entertained us by a lot of blockbuster songs. She claims that she is a party girl. Its been stated that she is involved in late night parties where she drinks, smokes and dance all night. This bad routine is making her thinner. So, she is also one of the most scary skinny celebrities of the world.

Miley Cyrus is also included inthe Top Ten Celebrities Who Fake Their Kindness.


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