List of Most Richest Countries of the World


Every country in this world makes their name due to different qualities and gain popularity, most of them have a dream to become the richest state for this those countries work hardly and achieve their goals and in this way those attaining a better position around the international community due to this their currency rate also promoting towards top level.

Ten Richest Countries

List of Most Richest countries of the world as per Economy:

Their economic policy also matters to plays an important role for prosperity, best rules for business overcome the requirements for the global challenges but if the political and economic relation is good then that will go in the correct direction and here is a complete descending order list of the world’s most richest countries which gives you knowledge about wealthy states all over the world and their GDP “gross domestic profits” are also mentioned.

10. Kuwait


A prosperous country in the world  which is standing at  number 10th in this given list of top ten richest countries of the world in 2013 named as Kuwait , it belongs to Asia and a best origin for those people who work in complex situations with work hard attain their goals because here economic future is bright. That’s why it is stable states due to high GDP of $43,846.72 in present time, therefore it also provides work opportunities for outsider employs.

9. Switzerland


A glorious land which is very prominent for providing quick services across the global community in the banking field and named as Switzerland due to this it holds 9th position in the list of top ten richest countries of the world. It is also a very safe state in the world and has current greater economic GDP rate that is 45,285.8 and going to improve wealthy position of the nearest countries.

8. United Arab Emirates

A popular origin that is stronger economically than the above and secure 8th out of richest countries of the world and wealthy developments are going to be made as soon as possible for the last few years and there are a number of natural resources one of them is oil.


Its current gross domestic profit is higher and is $48,992.47, therefore people earn in their home because a number of workers came here to do work for them.

7. U.S.A


A worlds 7th states from the top ten richest countries of the world is United States America and has a big position across the globe because U.S.A trade overall  and its many products can easily purchasable from most states due to standard. It also invests and provides loan to the poor countries and earn in bigger amount, therefore its present GDP is $49,802.15 which is best  as compare to described earlier in this list.

6. Brunei


At the 6th number which country comes in given sequence of  more economically strong countries then given above and named as Brunei. It is well prosperous not only in Asia but also in the whole world. It is going to develop with high ratio and has attained stability in economic status; therefore its current Gross Domestic Profit is 50,526.35.

5. Hong Kong


A big economic power of the globe which is making progress by leaps and bounds not only in Asia but also in the whole world by getting 5th rank out of top ten richest countries of the world named as Hong Kong. It has stable political circumstances which help to make bigger deals in the entire world due to current high GDP rate which is 50,708.97.

4. Norway


A European country which is best for those traders who have experience to work in competitive global economic market named as Norway, but also known as the Scandinavian states, it has a very effective policy to gain prosperity fur also going to be establishing new rules for developments. Its present Gross Domestic Profit rate is $55,264.45 which very high, that’s why it has assigned 4th number from the top ten world richest countries.

3. Singapore


One of the richest state which belong to the Asia and has performed a number of activities to become a wealthy country, it also holds a 3rd level among  the top ten richest countries of the world and is making best development  for prosperity with great GDP which is 60,883.33, you can also  call it the tiger of Asia.

2. Luxembourg


A richest country in the whole Europe with faster growing in economic field due to its strong and stable rate of growing and offering a number of workplaces for the investor of the entire world, it also secures 2nd place out of the top ten richest countries of the world in 2013 and with Gross Domestic Profit growing rate which is $80,679.06, that’s why it’s leaving behind the big power of Europe.

1. Qatar


With a strong economy and maintaining the first number out of moneyed countries of the world in 2013 named as Qatar, because it enjoys the honor of top prosperous state across the whole world and can compete with any country economically. But difficult for those regions which want to attain the number one rank as compared to Qatar, because its GDP growing rate is $102,768.60, that’s is the reason to assigned 1st position for it .

Hopefully you will enjoy reading this article which is about the most powerful economical country of the world and will also get vital information about GDP rates of these countries why and how achieved given level in the entire world. After getting the important knowledge you will be able to compare your own country and surly try your best to increase the gross domestic profit rate of your own country. Have any concern, query or thought then don’t worry to let us know via comments.


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