Top Ten Richest Countries of the World

Top 10 richest countries of the world

Many countries are present  in the world with some least developed and some of which are highly developed. The advanced countries are becoming richer among other countries in the globe; the fact is their strong economic policies and successful leadership.

These countries are leading in almost every field of life and their prosperity can’t be neglected. These countries are ranked according to their gross domestic progress (GDP), the complete details regarding top ten richest countries of the World in 2013 is listed below:

10. Kuwait

Top 10 reichest countries of the world

In a few years of development the Kuwait is leading to the booming countries, all the credit goes to Kuwait’s leadership and economic reforms. Now the World considered it to be the most flourishing country of the Asia.

The strong economy has made a way for those who want to work in Kuwait, offering long term business opportunities to the traders. The GDP of the Kuwait is also remarkable figure, 43,866 dollars.

9. Switzerland


One of the prosperous countries of the World, leading as international state for strategic activities is the Switzerland. The country has made the revolution in its economic reforms making banking structure more powerful in the whole World, that’s all contributing towards the richness of the country. The main thing which makes it to rank at 9th position is the GDP which is about 45,285 dollars.

8. United Arab Emirates


One of the renowned names of the highly advanced countries is the United Arab Emirates. The big resources of natural gas and oil makes U.A.E to compete with developed countries of the World, the oil reserves make a way for the people to work making the country more powerful in trading. People from all over the World resides there for their business concerns, the GDP of the country is the 48,992 dollars.

7. United States of America

Being renowned as the World super power, the dominant country is the United States of America. The country has made a great revolution in the technology as well as its economic reforms made the way for international investors to do business, contributing to the GDP which has marked a high figure of 49,802 dollars.

Countries with most wealth

People wishes to earn nice income while living in the USA, as government’s is paying attention to the politics and economy. USA has good business relationships with other countries of the World making strong financial positions and ranking at richest countries lists.

6. Brunei


The most prosperous country of the World considered up till now is the Brunei, recently enjoying as a 5th richest country. The country has made several improvements in finance and trading causing it to make paths for international investors come and work there. Brunei has made development with great speed in a few years and GDP counted about  50,526 dollars.

5. Hong Kong

One of the developed countries of the World with a strong financial position in the Asia, is Hong Kong. The long success of it makes it the most powerful country regarding money, politics and socialism.Hong Kong

Great inventions are made in the technology sector as well as the trading policies lead towards successful business with other nations. Now, Hong Kong is considered to be the platform for businessmen and investors of the World. Today the GDP counted to be about 50,708 dollars.


4. Norway


The most renowned and competitive country of the Europe is Norway, being considered to be the most advanced in finance. Strong strategic decisions were made in the economy of the country causing to open up paths for the people of the World to come and work there, enhancing the economy. People from all over the World resides there for long term business projects. The total GDP counts about 55,264 dollars showing the richness of the Norway.

3. Singapore


Focusing on the developed countries, the leading name from the Southeast Asia is the Singapore. The government has made several revolutions in the policies making the trade more powerful with other traders so eventually enhancing the GDP up to 60,883 dollars. Whenever there is a talk about wealth then Singapore ranks at 3rd position.

2. Luxembourg


You will be surprised to know that Luxembourg is the richest country of the Europe, as well as it is ranked as the World’s 2nd wealthiest country. Luxembourg is in competition with other developed nations of the Europe, making strong relations with international investors so that it’s advancing at high speed in finance, total GDP estimate is 80,679 dollars.

1. Qatar

World’s famous and richest country is the Qatar. People around the globe used to do business there as economic reforms lead towards prosperity. With great leadership and finance the Qatar has honored to recognize as the most powerful country.Qatar

In few years, it has made its industry strong by properly managing the workforce and successfully accomplishing the development projects. These efforts lead it to surpass the other nations GDP approaching to a remarkable figure of 102,768 dollars. Rich investors mainly prefer Qatar for making business deals and maintaining long term relationships.

Hope, you have enjoyed the article as it shows you the secrets of rich countries and their world ranking. Although, each country can rank in the list of the richest but this requires strong determination and leadership through which a country can lead in economics and politics. They are strong regarding trading, adding up to their GDP. The GDP reflects the country’s inner structure of development, so if it’s going up then the country is leading at richest ranking. Stay connected here as latest information of richest countries will be uploaded soon.


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