Top Ten Really Cool Hidden Google Tricks

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 Other search engines just might be created, but none will just ever compare to wackiest and also the largest search engine of all that is the Google. Here we will discuss top ten really cool hidden Google tricks. It is just fast, somewhat superb, and also most of all, it is just overflowing with some nifty tricks and also the well-hidden knacks created by the developers for little twist of the fun. But we just got you all covered in the collection of the Really Cool Hidden Google Tricks, so just no worries. From the gravity-defying stunts, the little ninja spotting and finding the sea monsters, some side tilt, and even the Spam recipe if you just look hard enough and also searched for some right keywords, even just clicking I am feeling lucky button works just to entertain you. So next time you are just Googling, try these just up first and maybe also find some new ones.

10- Google Color

Top Ten Really Cool Hidden Google Tricks

Top ten really cool hidden Google tricks include Google Color. Not type of the interactive trick, but it just gets your each and every mood. Google color trick just allows you to change color of the whole homepage not just only the bars. Just type in the google plus any of the color you just want, click I’m feeling lucky button and just watch it transform before the eyes. Any color will just do, and here we have the google black for you.


Tips To Excel In Your Job Interview

Top ten really cool hidden Google tricks include Recursion. Have you just ever heard of those done you just mean suggestion jokes? Well the Google has just own and punchline is just you. Type word recursion in search bar, and it will just show did you mean suggestion showing exact same word even if you just did not make any of the spelling mistakes. Recursion just means the repetition or just returning. Yes, Google just gets the last laugh.

8- Doodles

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Top ten really cool hidden Google tricks include Doodles. Have you just ever wondered how many of the Google logos have been out there since it was just created in the year1998? Well, if you just want quick archive with just single click, just click I’m feeling lucky button without just typing anything in search bar and all logo designs since the year 1998 will be just displayed for you.

7- Tilt

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Top ten really cool hidden Google tricks include Tilt. It is just simple. Just type in the tilt or even the askew in search bar and the interface will just automatically tilt slightly on the side. Whether you just enabled the Google’s instant results or not it will still work.

6- Spam

Really Cool Hidden Google Tricks

Top ten really cool hidden Google tricks include Spam. Another trick outside of the Google search is hidden Spam recipe in the Google Mail. Yes, it is just really edible recipe. Just open the Gmail account and, while in the most folders, you will just see one-line advertisement just above the every e-mail list, if you just click Spam folder, you will just see treasure the grandmother must know another of the home recipe just above the e-mail list. Plus, it just varies all time.

5- Dragon

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Moving on to the other features of the Google, even Google docs has just its own collection of the tricks in the dragon trick, just open any of spreadsheet in the Google docs, press the Shift+F12, and message will just instantly pop up in the screen declaring, Dragon slain just Congratulations, you have just slain dragon. Now who wouldjust have thought?

4- Hello, Nessy

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Top ten really cool hidden Google tricks include Hello, Nessy. If you are just using iGoogle theme, then you just have probably seen Lochness Monster peeping beside corner of the interface at the 3AM. Using iGoogle beach theme, just keep online just until the 3:14 AM yes, it is first the three digits of the Pi smart nerd kids and also watch the Nessy rise in dark waves ocean in the homepage. Being somewhat insomniac has the advantages just really. However just after iGoogle retires in the November of the year 2013, looks like the cool trick just has to go down as well.

3- Zerg Rush

Tips To Excel In Your Job Interview

 Top ten really cool hidden Google tricks include Zerg Rush. If you are just an avid player of Starcraft, then you just must have somewhat ultimately loved Zerg Rush trick in the Google. In video game, the Zerg Rush is attack of the aliens known as the Zergs by just descending numerously and also swarming the enemies. However, in the Google, aliens come in as letter o in Google logo. You can just also defend your page by just clicking on them as just they start to somewhat destroy search page. You just can even share the feat in the Google+.

2- Gravity

Really Cool Hidden Google Trick

One of the all time favorite trick in Google is the gravity-defying stunt in its search bar. Just type in “Google gravity” and hit the “I’m feeling lucky” button and see your homepage collapse altogether like blocks! Tip: Disable Google’s instant results first in your account preference page in order to be able to use the “I’m feeling lucky” button.

1- Barrel Roll

Really Cool Hidden Google Tricks

After the trick just went viral worldwide on the Twitter, Barrel Roll trick has also been one of most enjoyable tricks made by the Google. What you just only have to do is to somewhat type in do barrel roll in search bar and just even before you are somewhat done, homepage will just start spinning like just crazy. It is just simple and fun is just endless! Plus, it just both works whether you have only enabled the Google’s instant result or just not.


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