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Famous News Channels

In this Modern World, an area related to News is getting more and more popular, news are basically based on five “Wh” words When, Who, What, Where, and Why. All News Channels want to bring Latest news for their viewers in a short time and as early as possible. This article is to aware people about the top ten most popular and most viewed news channels in the world. The channels try their best to update people from politics to sports, from health to business, from entertainment to education and many more. Below is the list of top news channels based on the number of fans and the fame these channels get from the World.

10. Geo News:-

GEO News

Geo News is the most famous news channel of Pakistan. Geo News was started in 2005 and in a few years, it became the No.1 Channel in Pakistan. It was started by the Jang Media Group to make people aware of real facts and figures about every field of life. It has millions of viewers from Pakistan as well as abroad. Basically, Geo News is an Urdu news channel but they broadcast in the rest of the world in the English language as English is the International language. One point is very interesting to notice here that Geo News due to their reality exposing behavior and due to their support for freedom of expression, it face ban in Pakistan from different Governments of Pakistan.

09.  NDTV:-


NDTV has come into existence in 2003 as New Delhi Television Ltd. This is the most popular channel in India as million of people watched this channel. This was started by an extraordinary Indian Journalist Prannoy Roy with the collaboration of his wife Radhika Roy. This channel becomes popular due to his show named as “The World This week”. NDTV is trying best to fulfill the needs of the viewers as they need the latest and real news from every field of life in a very short period of time. NDTV won the hearts of their Indian viewers for giving them the latest and real news in a very short period of time.

08. Euronews:-


Euronews is started by ten different broadcasters of Europe as SOEMIE. It was started in Francein the year 1993. This channel is multi-lingual news channel, which is one of his significance in the world of News channels. It broadcasts in approximately 155 countries of the world. Firstly, Euronews was just famous due to his news related to Europe but now they are improving day by day and now they enjoyed fame in the rest of the world as they started focusing on news about the whole world.

07. MSNBC:-


MSNBC is the common production of Microsoft and National Broadcasting Company. It was started in 1996 by both the companies. Basically it is an American cable channel which is in the top ten of news channels and listed as 7. It is broadcast in different states like Canada, Middle East, Germany, South Africa and United States. At the start of this channel, the focus was to give political news to the viewers but later on they started working on it and started news about all aspects of life.

06. Al-Jazeera:-


Al-Jazeera is at number 6 in our list of top ten news channel. Its headquarters is in Doha and the channel is the production of Qatar Media Corporation. Firstly, in the beginning of this channel, they are only bound to Arab States but now they are moving ahead and started covering the world. Al-Jazeera got popularity due to their life and latest news about the war in Afghanistan.

05. Al-Arabiya:-


Al-Arabiya was established by the Royal family of Saudi Arabia. Its broadcasting started in the year 2003. This channel had many viewers from the Middle East and is very popular in these areas. This channel was also very criticized for the promotion of Pro-Saudi policies. But beside all this, Al-Arabiya had a huge group of viewers from U.A.E and is showing his presence in the world of news channels.

04. Fox News:-

 Fox News

Fox news was started in October 7, 1996. It was the production of Fox Entertainment Group. Fox news got popular in America as it is the part of the American Cable Network. Fox news is criticized for promoting small number of politics and their personal interest. Moreover, this channel is getting popularity in ages from 24 to 54. Fox news enjoys a 4th place in our top ten news channel list.

03. Sky News:-

Sky News

Sky News founded in 1989 and is owned by British Sky Broadcasting. Sky News is based in the United Kingdom as this channel cover news from the UK and Ireland. But later on, they started covering news from the rest of the world. This channel got popularity due to their coverage of 9/11 attacks, which give them thousands of viewers. Sky News has 50 TV screen news reporters and 600 staff which give news from the field.

02. CNN:-


CNN is 2nd most popular news channel in the world. It is the production of American Cable News Network. CNN starts working in this field in 1980, CNN is the world’s first channel to give 24 hour news to the viewers. CNN is reached in almost every corner of the World as it is watched in 212 countries of the World. Public trusts CNN for reporting the news according to real facts and figures.

01. BCC:-


In our top ten news channels in the world, BCC stand first in the list, BCC is British Broadcasting Corporation’sproduction. It is launched in 1991 and is the most favorite channel of every person of the world. It has millions of viewers from almost all countries of the world. It is the most trusted news channels of this era. BCC is the top news channel in the world.

 That’s all from this article which is about top ten news channel in the world, we hope that you have get enough knowledge about these news channels and it will also helps you to increase your knowledge and helps you to keep a knowhow about the world.


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