Top Ten Most Expensive Phones In The World



No one can imagine its life without phone, most expensive phones in the world become essential need of everyone regarding of any age and gender, cells have now changed over into necessities and not extravagances any longer. Those days are not any longer when simply the rich and lead class individuals had most lavish telephones on the planet in their grasp. In Asian nations like Pakistan or Malaysia and so on, you will overview each individual with more than one or two Pdas with them. In spite of the fact that they can smoothly utilize double SIM card telephones, they wish utilizing two most extravagant telephones as a part of the world seeing as that are so low-valued in their nations. A few of the mobile phones are inexpensive to the point that individuals can without much of a stretch manage the cost of and blessing their youngsters with particular most costly telephones on the planet so they find themselves able to get joy of their privacy.

Even however there are a scope of organizations that are into the creating sensible telephones, a portion of the organizations like Apple and different brands makers discharge their generally lavish mobile phones at higher prices worldwide. Many of the brands produce special series most expensive phones in the world with extraordinary luxury and lavish diamonds that are highly expensive and jaw dropper beautiful. That is kept by richest personalities and big celebrities, even to people related to lead class.

Following are the top 10 most expensive phones in the world for all those who believe that ‘expensive items are higher in quality than the affordable ones:

10. iPhone Princess Plus – $176,400

This is the first iPhone which the well-known Austrian designer Peter Aloisson was given to decor. The display of the iPhone and the curved sides are decorated with the best valued diamonds. The first ring of phone consist of 138 diamonds have the princess cut and the second ring is embossed with 180 diamonds have the brilliant shape.

Top Ten Most Expensive Phones In The World

9. Sony Ericsson Black Diamond – $310,000

The most expensive phones in the world is deliberated by Jaren Goh. Sony Ericsson was one of the major selling mobile phone brands at the time when it acquires to the brilliant and lavish mobile phones. This mobile phone is unusually flimsy and is manufactured by the mirror factor, the crude LCD technology and polycarbonate glass. These have two most expensive and tremendously pretty diamonds, one at the back and other is on the direction-finding button. The results of the screen are excellent and unique.

Top Ten Most Expensive Phones In The World

8. Vertu Signature Cobra_ $310,000

The initial look of the mobile show you that it’s an establishment of any jeweler. The renowned French jeweler Boucheron furnishings the phone. This has the stylish and classy look and holds the most sparkling and valuable gems. The company is not well known but it assembles the world’s most influential expensive phone. It has an encompassing transparent diamond, two brilliant green emeralds, 439 rubies and one pear shaped diamond. The fashionable designs of cobras are very much appealing and out class.

Top Ten Most Expensive Phones In The World

7. Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot_ $1 Million

It will not be false, if I say this cell phone a wonderful master piece of gold and diamonds. The phone consists of 180 grams of Gold and at the back of the phone most expensive African backwoods is used. Just not gold and wood are the factor of increasing its elegance and grace but the very excellent hand polished at sapphire crystals also adds to its grace and beauty. It was produced by Gresso in 2005 and was earliest presented in Switzerland. This related company has variety of the luxury phones.


6. Diamond Crypto Smartphone_ $1.3 Million

It’s a unique and luxurious smart phone which cover is embellished with 50 dazzling diamonds 10 of them are blue which can infrequent find anywhere. It has many latest features such as technological blackmail and security against kidnapping. Many parts of cell phone that are specifically created of rose gold to provide it the feature of finest working.

Top Ten Most Expensive Phones In The World

5. GoldVish Le Million_ $1.3 Million

This most expensive phones in the world was made by the prominent accessories designer Emmanuel Gueit. GoldVish Le Million has the most luxurious look than any other mobile. It has hold 18 carat white gold and untainted 20 carat WS1 diamonds. At 2006 no mobile phone was well-off enough to compete it and it was credited of holding the Guinness world records. This mobile was first released in UK and was sold in the millionaire fair event in Cannes. This is no doubt for those who love the luxury series.

Top Ten Most Expensive Phones In The World

4. iPhone 3G Kings Button_ $2.4 Million

This most expensive phones in the world is also manufactured by Peter Aloisson’s. This time he had iPhone 3G to ornament bit more expensive than the previous one. Containing 138 diamonds that are shaped brilliantly are fitted in line on the corners of the screen. The most attractive feature of this phone is its lavish style home button which is very rarely found 6.6 carat diamond. It has the real grandeur look.

Top Ten Most Expensive Phones In The World

3. iPhone 3GS Gold Striker Supreme_ $3.2 Million

An additional sky-scraping priced iPhone of Apple is iPhone 3GS Gold picket supreme. The casing of this mobile is created from 271 grams 22 carat gold. The screen containing of the 53 1 carat diamonds fixed at its boundaries. The main button carries just one diamond of 7.1 carats. The phone’s front is round from the sports Kashmir gold and only block of granite. Only the most luxurious and lead class people can have such iPhone technology.

Top Ten Most Expensive Phones In The World

2. iPhone 4 Diamond Rose Edition_ $8 Million

The renowned British designer Stuart Hughes is the one who embellished iPhone 4 with its diamonds and made it Diamond Rose iPhone 4. This is the second world’s most expensive mobile and has a graceful look and many features actually area of expertise. It has the transmitter band of diamonds which wraps around the sides of iPhone and the back plate is also enclosed with the rose gold. The wholesome 100 carats 500 diamonds adorn the sides and the apple logo at the back is also prettified with 53 diamonds. The main button is created from platinum and has the beautiful exceptional found pink diamond. The shinning diamonds embellished the gold metal crafts it commendable to show off price tag of such a giant amount.

Top Ten Most Expensive Phones In The World

1. iPhone 5 Black Diamond_ $15.3 Million

The most expensive phones in the world eluxe delicacy that iPhone is ever get is in the Black Diamond form.  Stuart Hughes, the most eminent iPhone dresser had adorned this device. It is coated with the most precious metals and very atypical found stones, and also carrying pure gold.

Top Ten Most Expensive Phones In The World


There are ten amazingly most expensive phones in the world. No matter its beyond to any commoners reach like me, but those who can afford these stunningly fabulous costly phones have many varieties for having new fun and new ever technologies.

Do you wish to have an amazing expensive phone as I wish for?


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