Top Ten Most Dangerous Dog Breeds in the World


This article is about the world’s most deadliest dogs list according to their aggressive nature as well as having fatalities. You have heard that dogs are friends because they are clever also and they guard their owner to protect them against thief but if we see opposite side of picture then we will know that these dogs become dangerous in specific times. Even they can bite someone and their attacks can harmful for life. So, we have focused on the top ten most dangerous dog breeds in the world. You will be surprised to know the truths of dogs about the researched results of dangerous and aggressive dogs. The list is given below starting from least dangerous to most dangerous dogs.

Dog is one of that animals who behave most caring as well as most aggressive also, Why there are some dogs who known as harmful and most risky in sense of treating in homes as compared to other dog breeds? we have gathered some sort of hazardous dogs all the time with detailed search and records of the years.

10. Dalmatian

Most Dangerous Dogs in the World

Dalmatian breeds is one of famous deadly dog in the world which is found in State of Balkans in India, its weight is almost from 50 to 70 lbs and it total height lies in between 20 and 24 inches. Dalmatian has a powerful stamina and due to it was used as hunter in many ways and it is assigned with a symbol of English’s fireman. People love to feed it but in several conditions it become risky and can bite also.

9. Presa Canario

Presa Canario Danger Dog

Presa Canario is a also in the list of alarming dogs and it is present in Canary Island of Africa. They are of different weight lies in between 100 and 125 pounds. Presa Canario breeds has a total height of 26 Inches and it a powerful and fearless thats why this dog is use as a guard and protector but special care is needed when taking this dog in crowd area. Special training is applied to this dog for using in fighting and hunting.

8. Chow Chow

Most Risky Dog

Chow Chow lies at number 8 in the list of most dangerous dogs in the world and Its available in China, it is one of most popular dog due to strong stamina with weight varies from 45 to 65 lbs. It has a total height up to 22 inches. Chow Chow is mostly use in houses for protection purpose but in some cases they become danger and they don’t like the stranger at all, so be careful because your guests can be victim by this unsafe dog. They can bite a person who comes near to its owner, so special care is needed to feed them.

7. Doberman Pinschers

Doberman Pinscher Beeders

Doberman Pinschers is a famous scary dog which found in the origin of Germany and the average weight of the dog is in between 70 and 90 lbs. Total height it has attained is 28 inches. This breeds has powerful vigor and lasting power thats why it is mostly used for defense purposes. They are loveable for their owners but in rare case they become harmful and can attack a person with splashing bite. So, never try to have fun with Dobermans.

6. Alaskan Malamutes


Alaskan Malamutes is a most popular dog breed and well known for its harshness, it found in North America from Ancient Times. Its weight is in range of 80 to 100 lbs and this breed has a total height of 28 inches. These dogs are powerful and active in nature and love to participate in activities of moving, jumping or running. These dogs are feed in villages far from crowd places just because of risk about bite the strangers and train in particular manners in professional trainers. Their boring movements can cause harmful effects on others. These dogs are used as a transport purpose in hilly areas.

5. Huskies

Huskies threat Dog

Huskies are renowned one of most dangerous dog according to research and history. Their country of origin is Siberia where husky breed found and it has a weight ranges from 40 to 55 lbs with height of 24 inches. It is being very powerful and energetic thats why special care is needed if you want to train it. The training of husky is a very tough job. However, Husky likes to lives in cold atmosphere and in worst conditions, it can more harm to humans.

4. Boxer

Boxer Breed Dog

Boxer breed is a famous dog and being listed in risky dogs of all world. As the name describes, it is a very strong and powerful dog and it has a weight ranging between 50 and 64 lbs with height of about 25 inches. Boxer dog has a square shape and like to play, jump and run. It also makes long distance walk with very clever and sharp they never forget the paths. You can imagine the harshness of these dogs by their ancestor dogs and fatalities that were used for hunting purpose so, if you plan to see it then be careful.

3. German Shepherds

German Shepherds Dangerous Dog

German shepherds, who don’t know this dog? these breeds are famous dogs in all over the world. They are being on 3rd position in the list of most dangerous dogs of the world. They are available in Germany from the 19th century and have an average weight of 75 pounds. Their height reaches to 26 inches therefore they are powerful and fearless dogs, no doubt that the look also somehow alarming and risky. They like to do activities that involve physical efforts and protect the house in which they live. They are considered as best guards for their owners and in worst conditions, they can cause of destruction and can harm to the humans.

2. Rottweilers

Rottweilers Breeds

Rottweilers breeds are on the 2nd number according to the harshness, fatalities and research on the different generations of the dogs and history. They are present in Germany from 1820 and its weight lies in a range of 85 and 110 lbs with height approaches to 27 inches. They have strong temperament and hard jaws to strong grip on the victim. They are basically trained for protection purpose but the guarding qualities sometimes lead to danger because they don’t like other dogs and they act against the stranger immediately. so, they need special care on training otherwise they can kill anyone.

1. Pit Bulls

World's Most Dangerous Dog

Pit Bulls Breeds are the most dangerous dogs in the world with deep research and history with respect to fatalities, aggressiveness, harshness and threatening look . It is placed on 1st number in the list of top ten most dangerous dogs of the world. They are available in United States of America with their total weight is almost 55 lbs and their height reaches up to 22 inches. They are most powerful dogs from all the other dogs. You can feel their harshness from a long distance and they are specially treated for training and their training is a tough job. They can kill small animals and even a human beings that’s why they are kept in special cabins and they eat special food.

People having interest in dogs really like this article and even if you are not feeding dog at home then at least you have desire to know about most dangerous dogs of the world. So, this article has served this need. If you have any dog experience about risk and harmful don’t forget to let us know via comments.


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