Top Ten Most Amazing Railway Stations In The World

Most Amazing Railway Stations In The World

When it comes to covering a long distance destination then the best transportation mode is Traveling by trains, it is measured as the low-priced mode of transportation, therefore a railway station is an area which is occupied of bustle and hustle where you meet variety of people; all of them are in hurry racing against time in their everyday life. There will be each kind of passengers, railway officials and vendors in platforms. There’ll be lengthy lines and once a train comes many people come down whereas few people enter in the train. At railway station there will be an enormous noise and uproar, thus it is right that railway station is assumed as the last place where somebody look for some peace-of-mind would desire to be in. However the truth is that not every railway station is of that kind, there are many railway stations all over the world which offers a lot than the noisy platforms and gloomy travellers.

Few selected railway station are really so wonderful, which will force you to miss your train and expend following are the list and details of the10 Most Amazing Railway stations around the world:

10. Southern Cross Station, Australia

Most Amazing Railway Stations In The World

In Australian city Melbourne, the Southern Cross Station is a huge railway station and transportation hub. In 2002 the Melbourne city agree to make the earlier Spencer Street Station into a best designed and better connected Australian transport hub. Make over by the Civic Nexus group thru a creative and unique design by the Grimshaw Architects, and this project was completed after four years. It is said that it is the 3rd busiest railway station that serves above 15million travellers in a year. The innovation and creativity in design is revealed in the different and remarkable structure of the station that features an undulating and rolling roof.

9. Kanazawa Station, Japan

Most Amazing Railway Stations In The World

The Kanazawa Station in Province Ishikawa of Japan has been always ranked as the top and the best attractive railway stations of the world. It was built in 2005, the Tsuzumi Gate a vastgate of 14-meter which leads to the entrance of station is the major thing that welcomes the passengers. It as well has a huge and an exciting dome which covers the way which is joining the station’s eastern and western part and 3,000 glass panes was used to prepare it. This particular Station is a typical example of a mixture of old-style Japanese wooden construction and the recent high-tech architecture.

8. Antwerp Central Station, Belgium

Most Amazing Railway Stations In The World

The Antwerp Central Station is especially considered as the most amazing railway stations of world. The construction of stations takes place in 10years (1895-1905), and when the station was completed it turn into a delight of viewers for above a century currently,recognized for its huge dome directly above the passengers waiting room hall and as well a overpass, because of this exceptional characteristic the Station look like a temple and “The Railway Cathedral” is its nickname.The Antwerp Central Station is spread around 400 meters and it has 2 entrances lots of shopping malls and also a diamond gallery among over 30 shops will certainly create shopping fans to stop and check these shops.

7. Berlin Hauptbahnhof, Germany

Most Amazing Railway Stations In The World

The Berlin Hauptbahnhofin Germany is a masterwork of recent architecture and it is huge and most good-looking railway stations in Europe, this station itself is a great attraction of tourist in the full packed streets of Berlin, Germany. In Europe Berlin Central Station Berlin or Hauptbahnh of is the leading crossing station and as well it is biggest two level railway station of Europe with above 80 shops stores, and 14 platforms overall. It has a vast steel structure and 2000 trains stop here daily and about 350,000 passengers go through it.

6. Kuala Lumpur Railway Station, Malaysia

Most Amazing Railway Stations In The World

This station was started in the year 1910 and designed by A.B. Hubbock, a well-known British architect.In 1917, its construction was wholly completed. It is a historical building showing a mixture architectural styles involving Arabic way, western and Indian techniques. Even though this station is no longer first choice of the commuters now but still several people love to make a visit of this amazing historical building. This Station looks gives you an appearance of fairy tale palace regardless of a railway station looks, therefore this appearance distinguishes it and give it an amazing look.

5.Gare De Strasbourg, France

Most Amazing Railway Stations In The World

Here comes one more remarkable railway station commonly known as Gare De Strasbourg Railway Station which is present in France. It is designed in the year 1883 by an architect who was in Berlin called as Johann Jacobsthal.The station which is present in Strasbourg is considered as the busiest railway centers of Europe, providing to the 190 million travelers needs per year as well as present a huge range of national and international facilities relating to several way routes such as Belgium, Germany, UK and Poland.

4. Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Mumbai

Most Amazing Railway Stations In The World

One of the busiest railway centers present in India is Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus which was previously known as Victoria Terminus.In the 19th century, this station was designed by a well-known English architect named as Frederick William Stevens. This railway station is honored by its presence in the world tradition websites “UNESCO”. This architectural style is a mixture of stone domes, gothic turrets as well as pointed arches. The railway station is commonly known as a boundary or cross amongst2 separate cultures since, the station is accurately present where there is a meeting of Victorian Gothic Revival style with the traditional Indian construction. Also, CST is prominent allowing the fact that this place is famous for the notorious 26/11 attacks.

3.St Pancras International, London

Top Ten Most Amazing Railway Stations In The World-9

Having Victorian construction, St Pancras railway station is famous as historic station. This station was builtin London between the years1864 to 1868, in 1960savoided destruction, and then it was reconstructed in 2000 as well as renovated. The London station contains two tall statues in which one is the John Betjeman statue and the other one is bronze couple statue almost9meter tall. The champagne bar is also present in the St Pancras International Railway Station which is the longest bar present in Europe, as well as several shops, malls, restaurants and cafes are also present which are the perfect choice for shopping admirers.

2.Atocha, Madrid

Top Ten Most Amazing Railway Stations In The World-10

The Atocha present in Madridwas constructed in the year 1851 and considered as the leadingMadrid railway station. No doubt, this station is an amazing choice for the commuters.Rafael Moneo, aSpanish architect is the one able to convert the station into an interesting garden.

1. Grand Central Terminal, New York

Top Ten Most Amazing Railway Stations In The World-11

Theepic railway station, Grand Central Terminal was constructed in the year 1913 for the company Harlem Railroad.Now this stationaids as a hub of transportation for connecting car,metroas well asordinary traffic plus trains in well-equipped manner. This station is the largest station in the overall world having around 44 platforms which serves 67 tracks with them in 2 stages. This amazing railway station is ornamented with winding staircases made up of marble as well as shiny chandeliers.


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