Top Ten Insurance Companies in the World In 2015-2016

Top Ten Insurance Companies of the world

This article is going to show the facts of insurance companies. Many of you are in search of insurance needs so in this regard it is difficult select any company. Although insurance is very important if we take into account the car, which is million worth can be saved if it is already insured. So, car insurance helps repair damage in case of accidents or if it is lost.

Even in case of health disease you can save your life and your money if you have a health insurance policy. In this regard there is a need of insurance company that provides all these facilities. Indeed it’d difficult but here are the complete details of top ten insurance companies in the world:

10. ING Group

One of the leading company known as “Internationale Nederlanden Group” is the Dutch financial services and banking corporation of multinational level with headquarters in Amsterdam. The company is involved in many businesses most famous are insurance, banking and asset management.


The company provides several insurance policies including health, car and social. The company is leading at 10th position with other best companies of the world. ING has a total of 35.63 billion dollars of market capitalization.

9. Zurich Insurance Group

Zurich Insurance group

The world’s leading insurance company, ranked at 9th position from the top level companies, the Zurich Insurance Group. It is Swiss company with headquarter in Zurich, Switzerland. It deals in life & non life insurance, investments and pensions. More than 60k people are employed in the company with customers approaching from 170 countries. The company focuses on three business areas; Global life, Farmers and General Insurance. It has a market capitalization of 41.84 billion dollars.

8. Metlife


One of the renowned company named as “Metropolitan Life Insurance” which is leading at 8th position with other best companies in the world.  Metlife works on global level providing services in banking, annuities and insurance. The head quarter is in New York, United States of America. It has great popularity all over the world with big branches in major countries, serving 90 of 500 companies globally. It has a total market capital of 43.96 billion dollars.

7. AXA


A group of companies which deal in several fields of businesses, the AXA .  AXA group mainly works in America, Middle East and Asian regions. People have great trust on this company as it is providing insurance policy of health, car and life beside this it also deals in investment management. The company has a total 45.32 billion dollars of market capital.

6. AIA

One of the popular insurance company of Hong Kong with branches in Asian regions, recently ranked at 6th position, the AIA group. AIA has headquarter in Hong Kong with many sub branches in the city. AIA mainly deals in mutual funds and insurance annuities on which people have great trust.


People are happy to trade with this company as it is considered to be the number one insurance company in Hong Kong. Initially the company was the member of AIG Group but in 2009 it was separated from the group. It has a market capitalization of 53.54 billion dollars.

5. Ping An

Ping An

One of the popular insurance company of China, competing with other major firms of the world, the Ping An. The headquarter is situated in Shenzhen, China with sub branches in many cities. The company is dealing in financial services as well as in insurance. People have great trust on this company as it accomplishes the policy rules without any delay. Providing other financial facilities also it has a market capital of 57 billion dollars.

4. AIG

An American insurance company, named as “American International Group”, the corporate headquarter is in New York City, United States of America. The company has a total of 60,000 employees covering area of more than 100 countries.


AIG has linked with Manchester United and became more famous. The company provides policies of life, retirement, aircraft leasing and property casualty. It has a market capital of 57.53 billion dollars.

3. Allianz

Top Ten Insurance Companies of the world

The German company, famous for financial services and being considered as 3rd among best insurance companies, the Allianz. The company made a deal with Commerzbank in 2009, up till now it has 14 percent stake in the bank. The company has headquarter in Munich, Germany with branches in different locations. The main services include banking, insurance policies and asset management with a capital of 66.36 billion dollars.

2. China Life Insurance

China life Insurance

The renowned Company of China with headquarter in Beijing, China is the China Life Insurance. It was established in Shanghai, 1931. The company has been advancing in its services and now the best insurance company of China. The company mainly deals in Health and life policy with a market capital of 69 billion dollars and holding 45 percent of shares in Chinese market.

1. Berkshire Hathaway

The World’s famous American Company founded in 1839 with headquarter in United States of America, the Berkshire Hathaway. It has many sub companies working under it, controlled by the CEO named Warren Buffett.


The company’s main focus areas are property, casualty insurance and diversified investments. It has a fastest growing rate of 19 percent regarding shareholders. According to survey it has a market capitalization of 252.8 billion dollars which is a remarkable figure in the market.

Summary – Top 10 Insurance Companies in the World

Serial Insurance Company Country
1 Berkshire Hathaway United States
2 China Life Insurance China
3 Allianz Germany
4 AIG United States
5 Ping An China
6 AIA Hong Kong
7 AXA United States
8 Metlife United States
9 Zurich Insurance Group Zurich
10 ING Group Netherlands

Hope, you have enjoyed the article as it is giving important information of your concern. Perhaps you may need some kind of policy for you so now you will not worry as all the details are mentioned here. The list of top ten insurance companies is mentioned above and it’s better to select from these as these names have global ranking. So, you can trust on these without any worry. Kindly share your ideas about which policy you have or which are planning to take in future. Stay connected here till the latest information will be uploaded soon.



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