Top Ten Highest Rated Websites In The World

Top Ten Highest Rated Websites In The World

The number of websites being created for business and informational purposes is just constantly growing, presently the grand total of top 10 highest rated websites in the world existing is about six hundred and thirty four million. Last year experienced an amazing increase of more than fifty one million websites alone. These stats have been presented by the dedicated work of a Swedish company that has its efforts focused on internet research. While taking a general guess people tends to believe that the highest rated website should be Google which is interestingly not the case in reality. A US based website that deals with matters relating to business and tech news revealed the twenty highest rated websites. Their results were base on the number of visitors and statistics derived from comScore. This particular web analyst is responsible for calculating digitalized business analytics. Five of China’s websites made this list due to the massive internet population of the country. Here are top ten of these highest rated websites in the world:

10. Amazon

It is essentially an American company just like Google. The company takes pride in a massive total of a hundred and sixty three million visitors. Each visitor is unique and not counted twice. These statistics alone speak of the influence of Amazon on the internet world. It is a very prominent leader of the industry and so far has remained unbeaten by its competitor websites offering similar value to the same kind of audience all across the globe. The website is basically a shopping paradise for people of all kinds and ages. From apparel and electronics to sporting goods and food, everything and anything can be purchased from

The company began its journey as a small highest rated websites in the world with a few employees that performed the tasks of delivery and order taking of books only. The kind of progress this company has made is nothing less than phenomenal.

Top Ten Highest Rated Websites In The World


This is a Chinese company and enjoys a massive total of 169 million unique visitors thanks to the gigantic Chinese population. The website acts as a mobile portal that offers media and content that is user generated. It was launched in the early 2000s and at that time it became famous as the ‘yahoo of China’. However after the successful launch of its micro-blogging service by the name Weibo, in the year 2009, the company experienced a significant increase of above four hundred million users.

Top Ten Highest Rated Websites In The World

8. is a world renowned blogging platform. It enjoys an amazing number of 170.9 million unique visitors. The website has managed such a huge user base by offering them important tools that are simple and effective for blogging and web publishing. It has gained a competitive edge over its customers by acting as an open source free for access to anyone in the world. This has made it superior to its competing websites that require fees for license. WordPress gained a lot of increase in its user base in the year 2004 when its competitor movable type changed the policy for its licensing.


This is a highest rated websites in the world solely dedicated to products and application software manufactured for and by Apple Company. This company is famous for its simple yet innovative products and has a very loyal clientele. The website enjoys a grand total of 171.7 million unique visitors which is huge considering the limitations of its use. The website serves as a domain for the Apple Store. It also offers pages of customer support to cater to all kinds of Apple products. The website takes pride in being declared a default homepage when it comes to Safari browsers.


Once again the list has a Chinese company ranking fifth as the highest rated website in the world right now. It has a great number of 175.8 million visitors as it is essentially a web portal and search engine in Chinese. This particular website was launched back in the year 1997 and it was China’s very fist online search engine. The company has only experienced growth from that time. Presently the website has spate portals for games and real estate website.


Bing is a web search engine that has a total of 184 million unique visitors. The popularity of this website has a significant role of the aggressive advertisement efforts by Microsoft. The company put in a lot of efforts to make this particular web engine simple and easy to use. They added extra features such as a social side bar along with enhanced algorithms. Moreover Microsoft pays other websites for linking content etc to Bing.


Twitter is basically a real time platform for communications. The website enjoys users of all kinds from famous celebrities and personalities to common teenagers from all across the globe. The website has a total of 189.8 million visitors that are unique. The website was launched back in the year 2009 and since then it has been serving as a place for all the latest updates of all genres around the world. Organizations, celebrities, politicians and other experts have made this platform an ultimate source of information for everyone due to its authenticity.


Once more a Chinese company has made its way to this list because of its loyal population. This website is basically a Chinese marketplace for everyone. The shopping hub offers clothing, jewelry, electronics, accessories and food etc. Taoboa has more than 207 million unique visitors. It is similar to eBay and Amazon in terms of its value offering and takes pride in being one of the largest shopping websites in the world. The owner of this website is Alibaba. The company very recently made the website public without and requisite of fees for creation of listing on the website. This action has led to the massive transformation of this shopping search engine.


Ask is a search engine powered by Google. It has a gross total of 218.4 million unique visitors. The website was launched back in the 1990s and had a different parent company. It now serves as re branded edition of Google.


As suggested by the name itself, is a platform for blogging activities. It has about 229.9 million unique visitors. This company was acquired and saved by Google in the year 2002.


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