Top Ten Highest Paid Soccer Player In The World

Top Ten Highest Paid Soccer Player In The World


Soccer is the most renowned game in the international sports ground. It is not astonishing, for that reason which towering levels of marketable advertisement and financing have penetrated the sports. The commercialization of soccer has established diverse response from viewer internationally. They now get pleasure from a variety of international ability at domestic association, other than there is condemnation of soccer players being excessively paid and not significance the money. we are about to present the Top 10 List of Highest Paid Soccer Players here for you. Cristiano Ronaldo is leading the list with the predictable earnings of 80 million USD.

10.  Fernando Torres – Chelsea

Spanish player is used to play as a striker, which related to Chelsea and the Spain national team, famous as the best player of football. Torres is the 10th in our list of Top 10 Highest Paid Soccer Players. His Annual income is greater than 20 Million USD. He has being sponsored by biggest brands like with Adidas and Pepsi.

Fernando Torres Earning

Torres total earnings is estimated over around 21.3 Million USD. He has earned from the brand endorsement of worth 3.5 Million USD and around 17.8 Million USD taken as the salary.

Top Ten Highest Paid Soccer Player In The World

9.  Yaya Touré – Man City

The player is played as the midfielder Premier League association Manchester City and the Ivory Coast national team. His yearly Earning is over and above 21 Million USD. He is Receiving 19.2 Million via Salary and 2.5 Million via Endorsements. He is placed at 9th highest paid player in the world as the footballer. During last days Yaya Toure contracted a new 4-year agreement to keep on at Eithad Stadium until 2017.

Yaya Toure Earning

He earned in total 21.7 Million USD, from the several different ways of advertising, endorsement and also from wining.

Top Ten Highest Paid Soccer Player In The World

8. Sergio Aguero – Man City

Sergio Aguero is the son in law of legendry Diego Maradona. Who is used to play for Manchester city and the Argentinean national football team, and play at the place of striker, it is at the 8th place of our highest paid Soccer Player of the world. He has signed a contract of five year deal with the city of worth around 42.35 million Euros. He has also contracted Sponsorship deals with corporation like Gillette, Pepsi and Puma.

Sergio Aguero earning

He has earned total worth of around 23.3 Million USD. His total income through endorsement is around 5 Million USD, and earn 18.3 Million USD through the salary he has being given.

Top Ten Highest Paid Soccer Player In The World

7.  Wayne Rooney – Manchester United

One of Most legendry Footballer from England, he used to play as the striker and he is best in his job. Manchester United’s forward striker is the 7th expensive Soccer Player in The World. His Annual income is 23.4 Million USD, together with 5 Million through advertising contract. Manchester United rewarded 10 year experienced person with a record 4 year contract additional room valued up to $104 million.

Wayne Rooney earning

He earned total worth around 23.4 Million USD, including with the salary being given by board of around 18.4 Million USD.

Top Ten Highest Paid Soccer Player In The World

6.  Neymar – Barcelona

One of the most intensifying Star in Football sports ground. Neymar was reassigning to Barcelona Last Year in €57, on the other hand he is the 6th highest paid soccer player in our list. His yearly income is approximately 34 million USD.

Neymar Earning

He has given salary of around 17.6 Million USD, and earned through advertisement and endorsement of around 16 Million USD.

Top Ten Highest Paid Soccer Player In The World

5. Radamel Falcao – AS Monaco

The 28 year old Star striker has contracted of 5 year which amount doubled to his salary with AS Monaco, sponsored by Russian billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev. He left LaLiga later than very flourishing year with Atletico Madrid, achieve 34 goals in term. Falcao reasonable the move to the association saying his heart had been with it given that his idol Thierry Henry had played in the same place. before that he is not spotting in the list of highest paid player but now he is at the place of 5th in the list.

Radamel Falcao Earning

He annually earned totally 35.4 Million USD, which include the salary he has being given of around 32.4 Million USD and its income through the endorsement is around 3 Million USD.

Top Ten Highest Paid Soccer Player In The World

4. Gareth Bale – Real Madrid

Real Madrid used up to $118 million to contract with the 24-year old Welshman from English Premier League Tottenham Hotspur in the second largest transfer to same year subsequent to Neymar’s move to Barca. Now Bale is at the 4th spot of the list of highest paid soccer player in the world, his total income is up to 36.4 million per year plus 11 million the contracts with Adidas, EA Sports, Lucozade.

Gareth Bale earning

His income includes the worth which he get in salary by the board of amount 25.4 Million USD, with this it also earns by endorsement and advertisement of amount 11 Million USD.

Top Ten Highest Paid Soccer Player In The World

3. Zlatan Ibrahimovic – PSG

He is the Swedish proficient footballer who plays as a striker for League 1 club Paris Saint-German and with the Swedish home team for which he is captain; he is well thought-out to be one of the most skilled footballer throughout the world. Ibrahimovic has rewarded as the player of the year for PSG in 2013, he made 30 goals for his club in period. He has been rewarded with the one year additional room in his two year deal with PSG. Presently he spotted at 3rd Highest Paid Soccer Players.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic Earning

His yearly income is 4.4 million USD. Ibrahimovic is earning up to 36.4 Million USD through the Salary he has being given and with 4 Million through the endorsement contracts.

Top Ten Highest Paid Soccer Player In The World

2. Lionel Messi- Barcelona

Messi is one of the most famous and fine player of soccer, and also holds many World Records in his Pocket. Once left behind as runner up in 2013 Ballon d’Or award Messi is spotted number 2 in the List of Highest Paid Soccer Players. His total income is 64.1 Million USD yearly, with massive amount of salary; Messi has also engaged some big contracts with sponsors like Adidas and Turkish Airline.

Lional Messi Earning

Messi is adding with the income of amount 41.7 Million as a Salary and 23 Million through Endorsement of the some Leading Brands in the world.

Top Ten Highest Paid Soccer Player In The World

1. Cristiano Ronaldo – Real Madrid

Ronaldo is the one from the Most Popular Athlete in the World: Ronaldo is spotted at number 1 in List of Highest Earning Soccer Players. Ronaldo has won popular 2013 Ballon d’Or, scored up to 69 goals in 59 matches for Real Madrid and Portugal. Real Madrid has awarded Ronaldo a deal of 5 year which worth up to $206 million. He has also vast sponsorships deals with Tag Heuer and underwear sticky tag CR7.

Cristiano Ronaldo Earning

His income exceed to amount 80 Million USD, together with the salary being gives by the organization of amount 52 Million USD, and adding to its income with the amount taken from the endorsement of leading brands around 28 Million USD.

Top Ten Highest Paid Soccer Player In The World


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