Top Ten Greatest Olympians Of All Time

Greatest Olympians Of All Time

The most celebrated event in world of the sports, where athletes just strive to win for just them as well as for the nation. Here we will discuss top ten greatest Olympians of all time. Reputation of entire country is just at the stake- such is magnanimity of Olympics Games. Olympics have just seen the miracles, the prodigies, the unbelievable world records. The glory of just winning medal at the Olympics is dream of just every sportsperson in this world. The hard work, dedication it just takes to reach the pedestal is just incomparable to somewhat anything else. It is obsession for the some people . Ruthless competition, the magnificence of organization, heat of the Olympics spreads long before actual games.

10. Nadia Comaneci

Greatest Olympians Of All Time

Top ten greatest Olympians of all time includes Nadia Comaneci. Named as one of Athletes of century by the Laureus World Sports Academy in the year 2000, Nadia Comaneci is just one of most renowned gymnasts in this world. Boasting of the 5 Olympian Gold medals, she just achieved perfect 10 in the year 1976, the Montreal Olympics, at mere age of around 14. It was historical moment, as in history of the Olympics; no one had just ever been able secure full score.

9. Jessie Owens

Greatest Olympians Of All Time

Top ten greatest Olympians of all time include Jessie Owens.S on of farmer and also the grandson of slave, the Jessie Owens was miracle athlete. It was the 1936 Berlin Olympics where Jessie made his mark in the pages of history. He was just competing for United States, and also won the four consecutive gold medals in same Olympic Games for the 100m sprint, the long jump, the 200m sprint and also the 4*100 relay team.  It was just time when the World War II was descending, and also the Hitler was preaching about superiority of Aryan race.

8. Emile Zatopek

Greatest Olympians Of All Time

Top ten greatest Olympians of all time includes Emile Zatopek. Known as just one of greatest runners of 20th century, the Emile Zatopek was Czech long distance runner. The landmark was the year 1952 Helsinki Olympic Games, where he just won around 3 gold medals, for the 5000m, the 10000m and also the marathon, respectively. He just also won the gold at London Olympics, in the year 1948, for the 5000m.

7. Fanny Blankers-Koe

Greatest Olympians Of All Time

Top ten greatest Olympians of all time include Fanny Blankers-Koe. Named as Flying Housewife the Fanny Blankers-Koen was Dutch athlete. The year 1948 London Olympics just made her outshine somewhat every other female athlete in world. She also won the four gold medals in the Olympics, in 100 m, 200 m, 80 m hurdles, and also the 4 × 100 m relay, bagging claim to be most successful athlete in the year 1948 London Olympics. Fanny also achieved this feat at age of the 30, and being mother to the two children. Her decision just to continue in the sports was somewhat criticized by just almost everyone in the nation, and she was just told to go back to children and just take care of them. But she did not lose her confidence.

6. Carl Lewis

Greatest Olympians Of All Time

 He was just conferred upon title of the Sportsman of Century by International Olympics Committee,  the Olympian of the Century by American sports magazine Sports Illustrated, and also the Athlete of the Year for the three consecutive years by the Track & the Field News. The Frederick Carlton Lewis is former track and also the field athlete, with the 9 Olympic gold medals in the cap. He set record for the indoor long jump in year 1984, and record, till this date, has just stood somewhat unbroken. Carl Lewis was one to break the Jesse Owens record of just winning the four gold medals in only one Olympics, when he just won the four gold medals at 1984 Los Angeles Olympics for same four events.

5. PaavoNurmi

Greatest Olympians Of All Time

Called as Flying Finn the PaavoNurmi held sway over distance running in early 20th century. He just won 9 gold and also the 3 silver medals in the Olympic career. In the 14 year career, no one could just beat him in the cross country events and also the 10000m. He won around 5 gold medals in 1924 Paris Olympics, and in the 1923, Nurmi was only runner, andalso still is, to hold the world records for all the three-mile, the 5000m and also the 10000m, all at same time.

4. Larisa Latynina

Greatest Olympians Of All Time

 Larisa just made her Olympic debut in the year 1956 the Melbourne Olympic Games, where just she won the four gold medals, in all-around, the vault, and the floor exercise and team events. Belonging to the Soviet Union, record of the 18 Olympic medals was just held unbeatable until the last year, when the Michael Phelps just leveled it. Still the record of the 14 Olympic medals in the individual events is just yet unreachable. Her victories just did not stop after Melbourne Olympics. In fact, she just went to claim the 3 gold medals in the 1960, the Rome Olympics, and also again 2 gold medals in the 1964 Tokyo Olympics.

3. Mark Spitz

Greatest Olympians Of All Time

Born in the California, United States, the Mark Spitz made presence known first at 2968 Mexico City Olympics, where he just won the 2 gold medals. Considered as swiftest swimmer of the all times, he just won the seven gold medals in 1972 Munich Olympics. What just made the feat even somewhat more enthralling was fact that he just set world records in all seven events.

2. Michael Phelps

Greatest Olympians Of All Time

When Michael Phelps competed in the first Olympics in year 2000 he was youngest American swimmer just to have qualified for Olympics, in the decades. He won around 22 medals in the four Olympics career, just 18 of them gold. He broke record of the Mark Spitz of just winning the seven gold medals in single Olympics, when he just won the 8 gold medals in the year 2008 Beijing Olympics.

1. Steve Redgrave

Greatest Olympians Of All Time

The most decorated rower in the Olympics, the Sir Steven Geoffrey Redgrave is just the only Olympian to have somewhat won the gold medals in the five different and also the consecutive Olympic Games. He just became BBC Sports Personality of Year after winning the fifth gold in fifth consecutive Olympics held in the Sydney.

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