Top Ten Coolest Hidden Doors & Secret Passageways

Top Ten Coolest Hidden Doors & Secret Passageways

There are so many cool hidden doors and secret passageways in the world that are designed by Engineers and Architects. These buildings show the efforts and intellectual abilities of constructors. Here is the detailed description of the top ten coolest hidden doors and secret passageways.

Top Ten Coolest Hidden Doors & Secret Passageways

10. Painted Wall Hidden Door

The painted wall hidden door is very beautiful and attractive. Its manufacturers made it with great efforts and hard work. The painted wall looks like the wall is covered with paint, but in reality, it is a doorway to another room. This is the fantastic feature of this hidden door that makes it different from all other hidden doors. This is the functionality of the painted wall hidden door that a person, who sees the wall, is deceived by its appearance. This wall is decorated with the beautiful color paints that are sprinkled on its surface. This door is made by using different techniques of engineers. In short, it is the intelligence of the architects who made it stunning and hidden.

Top Ten Coolest Hidden Doors & Secret Passageways

 9. Victorian Façade Hidden Garage

Victorian Facade Hidden Garage was constructed by Beaujolais Designers on the proposal of Mills Construction. It is located on Oak Street, Upper Height Dist., San Francisco. The purpose was to enhance the rental charges of the occupant of this building. The garage was built on the ground floor of this building. The windows dressing was built in such a way that it could not be seen apparently. It was a unique designing on the part of the architect. It was quite different from other historical Victorian facade garages. In this way they could not be entangled by the Local Development Authority.

Top Ten Coolest Hidden Doors & Secret Passageways

 8. Under The Stairs Hidden Door

Under The Stairs Hidden Door is another fascinating hidden door. It is located under the staircase, but instead of approaching the room, it opens like a steady door to reveal the hidden place.

Top Ten Coolest Hidden Doors & Secret Passageways

 7. Fire Place Hidden Door

Fire Place Hidden Door is the masterpiece of Creative Home Engineering (CHE). This is the world’s premier designer and constructor of hidden passage arrangements and vault doors. Fire Place Hidden Door is designed in such a way that the hidden passage leads to the open hearth hidden door. These doors are fully engineered and guaranteed to work correctly and its functions always work in time with heavy loads.

Top Ten Coolest Hidden Doors & Secret Passageways

 6. Narina-like Wardrobe Hidden Playroom

Narina-like Wardrobe Hidden Playrooms basically a private door to a game room. This wardrobe was owned by the proprietor of the house who also appended a magical touch to the house to make it more attractive and amazing. It seems that the King of the beasts and witch betray individually. The stagecoach was made according to the interest of the child’s mind. The room was fully pigmented whose windows were made of wood and furniture seems to be old fashioned. This closet had a large dressing table that looks charming and appealing.

Top Ten Coolest Hidden Doors & Secret Passageways

 5. Mat Hidden Wine Cellar

The Mat Hidden Wine Cellar is a basement that you ever wished for! There is a separate hole to take the dirt and filth out from the front door. The rest of the vacancy is filled by the stylish twisted stairway. You can put your favorite furniture designs there. The wine cellars are maintained at a specific temperature. These are protected from heat on the sides and top of the cellar. The strategy of cooling is made in the cellar by allowing warm air to go out and cool air is fed in. When cool air does not need to feed into the room, still it is allowed in to make the air fresh.

Top Ten Coolest Hidden Doors & Secret Passageways

 4. Drawer, Hidden Vault

Drawer, Hidden Vault is made by creative Engineering techniques by non-traditional hiding machines. This secure and hidden drawer has standard rotating furniture. The company has designed this concealed door from hearths, paintings and other family fixings. This company has facilitated by giving an opportunity to double the hidden door as a vault door if you use that option provided by this fellowship. It costs 5 to 250K USD. If you are incredible about this vault door, then the Creative Home Engineering assures you that you can make a great investment from a discernment viewpoint.

Top Ten Coolest Hidden Doors & Secret Passageways

 3. Staircase Hidden Door

Staircase Hidden Door was searched by Louise Kircher (a retired teacher) and her husband (Dennis, a former) accounting manager at Boeing.They went in the coeval house; there, they found a vault room that was present in a stairway. This couple made that vault room as their bedroom where they stored old-fashioned furniture and a mummy deluxe casket. This room had a remote control that revealed the hidden room.

Top Ten Coolest Hidden Doors & Secret Passageways

 2. Bookcase Hidden Door

The bookcase hidden door was basically a vault door that was gifted to the couple’s young and teenager daughter. It had rows full of books, a drawer for volleyball that was quietly dangled outward. It revealed a tiny and laminated room. It was a fully furnished room. It had all the required installations such as a table, a chair, technological devices, computer and laptop. In short, it looked like a study room. Now she could study in a better way because she got the environment to study. She was so excited to have this vault room and thankful for her parents who gave this present to her.

Top Ten Coolest Hidden Doors & Secret Passageways

 1. Home Theater Ticket Booth Hidden Door

Home Theater Ticket Booth Hidden Door is the first coolest hidden door of the world which is erected by Creative Building Resources (CBR). It depicts its unique features among all other hidden doors. If you ever see this hidden door, then you will become the lover of that door. This door is programmable; it has the functionality of conventional ticket booth in its interior part. There is a hidden passage which is decorated with wood that shows the workmanship of the contractor. There is a full sized closet at the back. We would highly encourage trenching the iced calamity faces on the ticket booth pane. This door is the CBR’s masterpiece.

Top Ten Coolest Hidden Doors & Secret Passageways


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