Top Ten Christmas Movie Villains In The World 2015-2016

Top Ten Christmas Movie Villains In The World

Top 10 Christmas movie villains in the world when it comes to celebration through holiday themed shows and movies, cold heated Christmas movie villains in the world are a must, apparently drama cannot be created in the absence of conflict especially when it comes to Christmas story lines. It is almost necessary that every themed television special and Christmas movie villains in the world consists of a cold heated villain as a leading role. The ones crafted specially for children have the same role allotment. Villains of all shapes and colors create meaning in the story line and more or less define it. The stories are meant to convey a moral or religiously influenced lesson about the happiness that comes with Christmas movie villains in the world and it is these villains that usually end up wishing everyone a Merry Christmas in every movie. Others tend to remain evil without any indication of change. No matter how evil or conniving these villains are, Christmas movie villains in the world stories depend upon them significantly.

Top ten Christmas villains are listed as following:

10. Burgermeister Meisterburger

The main idea of his Christmas movie villains in the world was that he intended to make the holy Santa a most wanted criminal. The animated movie by the name ‘Santa Claus is coming to town’ had this grumpy man as a villain back in the year 1970. Burgomaster was basically mayor of his small town in the movie. He apparently trips on toy duck and bans toys out of spite. By making the maker of toys an outlaw he basically forced Santa to go down people’s chimneys. Venerable cartoon voice artist Paul Frees was responsible for giving heinous villain life.

Top Ten Christmas Movie Villains In The World

9. Heat and Snow Miser

These two Christmas movie villains in the world were introduced in the animated movie namely ‘The year without Santa Claus’ in the year 1974. These two animated elves were created after the success of ‘Santa Claus is coming to town’. The characters are naughty brothers by the names Heat miser and Snow miser. Each voiced by George Irving and Dick Shawn respectively. Both the brothers are presented as the ultimate epitome of sibling rivalry who tends to use their holy weather powers for evil instead for good of all mankind. Santa Christmas movie villains in the world had to bring their parent, Mother Nature in between in order to settle the dispute. In the year 2006, a live adaptation of this animation was shown on television as well depicting this weather challenged duo.

Top Ten Christmas Movie Villains In The World

8. The Martians

‘Santa Claus conquers the Martians’ is a classic movie from the year 1964. This cinematic spectacle of its time was shot in a warehouse in Long Island. The Christmas movie villains in the world made an amazing two hundred thousand dollars on its release. The evil Martians commit a horrifying crime of actually kidnapping Santa Claus which makes them beyond evil. Mystery Science Theater 3000 remade the movie with a more detailed and enhanced version or adaptation of the classic in the year 1988.

Top Ten Christmas Movie Villains In The World

7. Old man Potter

Old man Potter was as mean as Christmas movie villains in the world can get. He was shown as the wealthiest man in Redford Falls and was responsible for making George Bailey’s life utterly miserable. This heinous villain was an integral part of the movie ‘It’s a wonderful life’. George was severely affected by his actions until he finally realized that in reality he had a wonderful life and was surely blessed. Lionel Barrymore portrayed the character to perfection and is regarded as the most Christmas movie villains in the world villain as he was not granted any form of redemption in the movie.

Top Ten Christmas Movie Villains In The World

6. Jack Frost

Jack the main character of the Christmas movie villains in the world themed movie is an inspiration taken from folktales. Jack is this mischievous elf that feels joy in running around and making people cold with his powers. Jack featured in plenty of Christmas TV show specials and movies making him the ultimate favorite villain. He was bad news for ‘Frosty the snowman’ and Santa Claus in the movie ‘Santa Claus 3’ released in the year 2006. Martin Short played the role of Jack Frost in it. In the year 1997 ‘Jack Frost’ was released solely based on this villainous character.

Top Ten Christmas Movie Villains In The World

5. Gremlins

 In the year 1984 movie by the title ‘Gremlins’ was released featuring an evil genius Gremlin by the name ‘Stripe’ who collected hundreds of more evil gremlins for the main purpose of creating complete havoc on the eve of Christmas. Keeping the folktales in consideration the main idea portrayed is that these gremlins were a unique gift of Christmas that was required to be dealt with responsibility. They are to be kept away from bright light and water along with no feeding rule after midnight. The movie used this idea and Stripe was born when a normal gremlin got wet.

Top Ten Christmas Movie Villains In The World

4. Hans Gruber

This Christmas movie villain is taken from ‘Die Hard’. The character is treated as one because of raiding an office Christmas party. Alan Rickman played the role of Hans with justice. The villain is portrayed as cold blooded murderer. This role is the shining point of Alan Rickman’s career.

Top Ten Christmas Movie Villains In The World

3. Marv and Harry

The famous movie series based on a child being left behind at home during holidays, ‘Home alone’ feature these two robbers by the name Marv and Harry as villains. Daniel Stern and Joe Pesci played the roles respectively. These burglars were shown to rob houses and flood them afterwards out of sheer mischief. After robbing houses, Marv would flood them.

Top Ten Christmas Movie Villains In The World

2. The Grinch

Grinch was a character introduced by Dr. Seuss in his book, ‘How the Grinch stole Christmas’ in 1957. The story is a perfect example of a Christmas villain ultimately seeking redemption for his evil doings. The Grinch was a character who hated Christmas and stole all the Who’s toys and decoration just for the sake of it. The year 1966 marked the release of the cartoon adaption of the evil character with Boris Karloff as the voice for the Grinch.

Top Ten Christmas Movie Villains In The World

1. Scrooge

When it comes to Christmas villains no one can object on ranking Scrooge as number one. Charles Dickens was responsible for the creation of this malevolence in his book in the year 1843. The character was evil enough to want a greater number of poor houses and orphanages in the world. Over 49 television shows along with various stage variations and radio broadcasts have been solely dedicated to this villainous character. Kesley Grammer and Alber Finney played the role of Scrooge in their musicals whereas George C. Scott and Alastair Sim are some of the actors that justified the role with their stupendous acting in classic versions of the story.

Top Ten Christmas Movie Villains In The World


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