Top Ten Best Sports Models Of 2015-2016

Best Sports Models Of 2014

When it just comes to showing off beautiful bodies no one does it even better than the Sports Illustrated. Here we will discuss top ten best sports models. Landing some gig on cover of the annual publication is one of pinnacles of the modelling success and has also provided many models with easy transition from the modeling to the acting and many more different careers. Many women have also watched their careers launch from just being featured in magazine. Yearly babe-filled issue has also featured some of best women of the time and we have just compiled a list of the most gorgeous.

10. Elle Macpherson

Best Sports Models Of 2014

Top ten best sports models include Elle Macpherson. She is one of the two models who graced the cover of SI Swimsuit Edition for three years in a row there is just no doubt why the Elle Macpherson made the top ten lists. This business-woman, this model and this actress graced the cover from the year 1986 to year1988.

9. Marisa Miller

Best Sports Models Of 2014

Top ten best sports models include Marisa Miller. In the Forbes interview Marisa Miller has stated that the supermodels have to become brands just to be successful. She has done just this and some more in the five years since the SI appearance. She was the first spokesperson for Harley Davidson Company and also represents the rum manufacturer named Captain Morgan. For the year 2010 to the year 2011 NFL season, Miller made some rounds hosting the NFL games and the modeling jerseys.

8. Brooklyn Decker

Best Sports Models Of 2014

Top ten best sports models include Brooklyn Decker. Brooklyn Decker is just not named for borough of the Brooklyn in New York City. She is also actually named for horse that friend of the mother owned. The horse’s name is Brooke, and after mother suggested this name, her father also suggested Brooklyn as more formal version of the name. Featured on cover of the year 2010 issue Decker’s beautiful beach body has also quickly become famous, and has earned her the number eight spot on list.  She has appeared in magazine each year, but 2010 cover was by far best.

7. Kate Upton

Best Sports Models Of 2014

Top ten best sports models include Kate Upton. Katherine Kate Upton is also known as an American model and an actress. She was 2011′s Rookie of the Year in SI Swimsuit Editions; Kate Upton went on to appear on cover of bother in the 2012 and the 2013 editions. She was subject of 100th Anniversary Vanity Fair cover.

6. Cheryl Tiegs

Best Sports Models Of 2014

Cheryl Tiegs is absolute icon in world of the swimsuit modeling and is also widely considered as the first supermodel. She is known as the most famous for just parlaying her success with the Sports Illustrated into career as designer and a businesswoman. In the year 1980 the Sears clothing line sold over around $1 billion dollars of the merchandise. Today at the age of 65, Tiegs spends the golden days promoting the health and the fitness for some various manufacturers.

5. Christie Brinkley

Best Sports Models Of 2014Known for being first model to grace cover of the SI Swimsuit Edition around three times in row 1979-1981 Christie Brinkley is also living proof those womengetting sexier with their age. It’s bad that her love life has not been successful as her career. Brinkley has been also married four times, notably to the musician Billy Joel, some of whose music videos she has also appeared in. Christie’s fourth marriageto the architect Peter Cook just ended in much-publicized year 2008 divorce.

4. Rebecca Romijn

Best Sports Models Of 2014

Rebecca AlieRomijnis known as an American actress and also a former fashion model. She is also best known for role as the Mystique in X-Men films and for her just recurring role as the Alexis Meade on television series named Ugly Betty. Romjin is known as a significant part of the top list.

3. Bar Rafaeli

Best Sports Models Of 2014

She was on the cover model of 2009 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and was also voted number 1 on Maxim magazine’s 100 list of the year 2012. She has also worked with the numerous fashion brands including the Garnier, the Escada, the Desigual, the Subaru, the Gap, the Samsung, and the Sears. She has also appeared on covers of the magazines such as the Elle, the Marie Claire, the Vogue, the Cosmopolitan, the GQ, the Esquire, the Glamour, the Maxim, the Grazia and the Harper’s Bazaar. She was cover model of 2009 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and she was also voted number 1 on the Maxim magazine’s Hot 100 list of the year2012.

2. Cindy Crawford

Best Sports Models Of 2014

There is just no doubt that Cindy Crawford is more of a staple on the lists like this one and this is for the good reason.

1. Irina Shayk

Best Sports Models Of 2014

Irina Shayk is known as a Russian model known for stunning and also memorable appearances in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue between the year 2007 and year 2013. She was cover model for 2011 issue. Shayk makes acting debut as wife of the Hercules in film named Hercules.


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