Top Ten Best Prank Call Ideas

Best Prank Call Ideas

In this article we will discuss top ten best prank call ideas. One can call one’s victim and decided to confused them, only in a normal sound like anybody call and without making laugh or anything related to them, at phones these types of calls began according to an American using over a period of long term, as time to time they became a staple of amusing among musicians or sound engineers also media  traders starting in the late 1970.

It may be a telephone, mobile or on an internet call to make people fool and strange, among the famous and most oldest recorded prank calls that are the Tube Bar tapes, comedians also unbelievable prankster one of them is Jerry Lewis, who was the an incorrigible phone call prankster also recordings of his best hijinks, and estimated from 1960 to possibly older, even still well known to this day, most prominent personalities have considered victim to the prank callers.

There are many examples related to this topic but one of them is the Elizebeth II, who was also fooled by a  Canadian posing  as Canadian PM minister named as Jean  Chretien,  telling her to desire a speech in the favour of  country’s unity lead of the 1995  Quebec referendum .

Another two examples deals with a radio station “Radio EI Zol ”, and  earliest also well known streaming prank call not other but on the internet,  Michael Biggins  known  through prank  caller and broadcast in actual audio1.0 format since 1995 , all over the world prank site “being ” is online today, here is a list of Top Ten Best Prank Call Ideas in ascending order, read now  and surely enjoy  it .

1.Make the Call anonymous :-

Best Prank Call Ideas

It is ranked at 1st number in the list of top ten best prank call ideas. In  North America  a code which has been  used  just before when you are going to make a prank call only dial 67 ,  it will take an action and switch off  your mobile phone because it will appear as unknown or private not for all phone calls and easily one can find the used code in a few minutes trough the use of internet research.

2.Develop a persona:-

Best Prank Call Ideas

It is ranked at 2nd number in the list of top ten best prank call ideas. Come on scene with a fake name and don’t come up according to the real accent ,this is  a way  through which you can get  victim  and may be someone arrest you for making   prank call, or a problem due to which you are calling, one can ask either you  are a telemarketer or not? Also you are a grumpy person?

3. Order a pizza for  someone  you love:-

Best Prank Call Ideas

It is ranked at 3rd number in the list of top ten best prank call ideas. Someone can easily ordered for pizza by asking that “yes I have ordered a special pizza just an hour ago by knowing its time when it will come”

4. Talking with Telemarketer:-

Best Prank Call Ideas

It is ranked at 4th number in the list of top ten best prank call ideas. At the time of dealing  with telemarketer’s  call, behave as a concentrated person,  interrupt  him  by stopping him during mid sentence also tell “ Well look ” and show that  you have much interest in dealer’s opinions , also ask at this moment there is a lot  of work to do so, send me your home number to contact with you later on? At that time he will tell that “They are not allowed to provide personal information”.

At the end you call him people bothering not people meeting, and dealer explain the problem, hang up and says  good  , so  at that  time you could expect   how I am feeling.

5. Pranking Neighbors:-

Best Prank Call Ideas

It is ranked at 5th number in the list of top ten best prank call ideas. This prank call made very useful if you have phonebook or your neighbor directory, make a call by deciding your target, it must be necessary to have address of them is ready and pretend to show as high school classmate.  As an example if   they were named as “Tony” tell “him”, “Hi, this is Lisa”, and where Tony took his life as in short  he passed matric exam  ”, after finishing matric  try to choose a place for lunch party to remember again their school life.

6. Prank call to Jeremy

Best Prank Call Ideas

It is ranked at 6th number in the list of top ten best prank call ideas. If you have skill to disguise voice or many people close to you then prank call will work best, make a call to a random person and tell for Jeremy, in reply he will told you about wrong number. After waiting a few minutes or have another person callback by asking for Jeremy, again and again repeat this process even they get really pissed off, at the end have somebody make a call also tell “Hello, this is Jeremy”, I was considered many calls today but accidentally I gave this number to my friend, what will be their reaction you cannot believe, also it will be hilarious.

7. Informed Prank Call:-

Best Prank Call Ideas

It is ranked at 7th number in the list of top ten best prank call ideas. This is only a pretty common prank call, call at this number 411, also question about street how it can be got to reach at your required place like Sesame street, hence you can expect that information call is free only when make a call from a landline, when somebody dial 411 at a cell phone, it will be charged 1.49$ each and every time, as  you should be careful about it.

8. Bob from the Bubble Industry:-

Best Prank Call Ideas

It is ranked at 8th number in the list of top ten best prank call ideas. This prank call is very well if you desired to annoy someone, make a call to somebody and tell “Hello, this is Bob from Bubble Factory” and I look “bubbles ……..”, repeat this word several time again and again even they hang up, after this call them back once more  and ask, “ bubbles ………..” revise this word again a number of time when they reply according to  your question they will surely listen it from start to the end. Repeat again and again until you can get satisfaction.

9. Prank Call related to an Old Classic Redone:-

Best Prank Call Ideas

It is ranked at 9th number in the list of top ten best prank call ideas. Again this is a better idea to call any person and ask a question as, Hello, this is Johan!  Refrigerator is working well or not at this moment?, they might  think this is  fun or laugh and decide ‘oh! I know very well this one. Therefore, they will tell, “No”, as they tell ‘No,’ tell to them “Wow! Very well this is a Sears Home Repair Service, and we will be expected right overs”.

10. Random Kid’s prank call:-

Best Prank Call Ideas

At 10th  position  discussed  another common prank  call that may produce hilarious expectations, make a call and told them how  beautiful babies are to be made, also I  know how common this is , however I have also gotten  a few  hilarious results and reactions neglecting out of people combining with these.

Hopefully , you read these beautiful ideas to make fun with people , according to the given list of  Top Ten Best  Prank  Call Ideas, and  enjoy these  suggestion  about to make a funny call with anybody at any time according to current environment , surly you will try to make a prank call in best and clear way .


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