Top Ten Best Hotels in Dubai In 2015-2016

Best Hotels in Dubai in 2014

This article is going to show you the interesting information of top ten best hotels in Dubai. People from all over the world visit Dubai for enjoying or having business deals, they are in search of best restaurant that fits with their needs. In this regard different types of resorts are situated in UAE but most difficult task is to choose the best spot for staying. For that purpose complete details of five star spots are gathered through different sources and then compiled in the top ten lists so that you can choose according to your needs. These are classifying regarding the luxury facilities available in them and calm that is given to the customers.

Complete details of top ten best hotels in Dubai are listed below in decreasing order starting from lower to higher rank:

List of Top Ten Best Hotels in Dubai

10. Shangri-La


Being on 10th position in the top ten best hotels in Dubai, Shangri-La is the famous spot in Dubai. It is situated on famous place named ‘Sheikh Zayed Road’. The resort is famous for its elegant structure and architecture, high quality woodwork is applied on its wall with big rooms and halls beside this a separate place for seminars and conferences.

If you want to stay in UAE then Shangri-La will be your first preference as high quality food is available here, other things are also remarkable perhaps you can live with ease and comfort here adding the fun of your trip.

9. Ritz Carlton 

Another name in the top ten best hotels in Dubai is Ritz Carlton, being ranked at 9th position due to awesome quality luxuries. The resort is with admirable stuff that includes big air conditioned rooms and apartments with huge halls.


Luxury items add up to fun as there is a lot of peace in rooms, where anyone can enjoy calm sleep. The ‘glass work’ in this resort enhances the grace which puts admiring factor on the viewers. If we focus on quality then this resort will be perfect in UAE.

Most Economic Hotels in Dubai

8. Madinat Jumeriah-Dar Al Maysaf

It is ranked at 8th number in the list of top ten best hotels in Dubai. One of the outstanding hotel in Dubai Dar Al Maysaf,  is mostly known for its great strength that arrives every year.  It is situated at Madinat Jumeriah, a famous place in UAEwith dense population, mainly due to great malls and supermarkets. The spot is the main luxury point there with great halls and bedrooms.

Madinat Jumeriah

You can enjoy good time in Dar Al Maysaf with delicious foods and peaceful sleep. The royal atmosphere puts a charming effect on the viewers with luxury facilities that everyone dreaming of.

7. The Armani 

 Another impressive spot in state of UAE is The Armani, due to great popularity it is ranked at 7th position in top ten best hotels in Dubai. The remarkable factor that makes it to rank in top ten lists is the cool atmosphere, which provides great fun for the tourists all around the world.

armani hotel dubai

People arrive there for simply enjoying the cold weather beside this the delicious food and big halls add up to the “grace” of the hotel. The spot is also famous for its height which is sky touching, this shows the dangerous impact but people are still happy with its great stuff.

6. Park Hyatt 

The spot which stands on 6th among top ten best hotels in Dubai, Park Hyatt can’t be regretted as the spot is a top regarding quality and luxurious stuff.


The resort lies in the list of five stars that are most expensive in UAE; people from across the world come here to enjoy the royal delicacy of the spot.

5. Malakiya Villas

 One of the eminent resorts ranking at the 5th position in the top ten best hotels in Dubai in 2014, situated at Madinat Jumeirah with luxurious facilities although it is considered to be a royal spot specially built for the kings of the countries. Due to its features it is named as Malakiya Villas.

You can imagine its glamour by simply noticing the fact that it’s so difficult to book a room in this spot, for this purpose advance reservation is carried on the whole the year.Malakiya-Villas

Mostly the film stars and Saudi kings stay in this resort as this is very expensive so only elite class afford it.  The elegance stuff and big halls and walls of marbles put a fascinating effect on the viewers. This spot will be your choice if you have a luxurious life.

4. The Royal Mirage Hotel

The Royal Mirage Hotel

As the name shows it is the big place for the royal kings and is ranked at 4th position in the top ten best hotels in Dubai in 2014. The spots are the most expensive relative to other resorts of UAE as it is established for luxurious people who are enjoying better financial lives. It has a restraint structure with expensive luxuries including big halls and rooms and thus named as The Royal Mirage. The residency of this spot is also very expensive that is not affordable by all people. Delicious foods and comfortable rooms are remarkable factors of this spot.

3. Atlantis Dubai

The top level hotel in Dubai and ranking at 3rd position with luxurious atmosphere, the name you may be know, the Atlantis. The glorious effects of this attract tourists from all over the world and it is famous for family trips. It remains crowded all over the world.


Also at Dubai’s best restaurant, it is being booked by famous business class society besides this the fireworks at night put a charming effect on the viewers. The delicious food of it is appreciated among the tourists. With another five class resort it is considered as the top level resort in Dubai.

2. Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab

Hope, you will be familiar with the great admiring name, the most expensive resort in Dubai and recently ranking at 2nd position from the top ten hotels in Dubai, the Burj-Al-Arab, becoming famous all over the world for being very tallest besides this great architecture and glorious apartments put amicable effects on the viewers.

The rich people stay here and enjoy a peaceful sleep with luxury facilities. It is the famous point for the big investors for having their deals with delicious foods.

1. Grosvenor House


With being on number 1st number from the top ten best hotels in Dubai, Grosvenor House is considered as an expensive and high ranked resort with luxurious essentials for kings of the world. Almost it has facilities in it which are remarkable and giving an admirable effect to the viewers.

Official’s parties of governors are arranged there beside this big investors arrive there making great deals with enjoying delicious foods. Other remarkable things include cool and calm rooms with expensive architecture. Although, it’s extravagant but the delicacy can’t be deny.

Hope, you have enjoyed the article as it shows the great information regarding top ten famous spots in Dubai. Although everyone has charm of going to Dubai so we have listed the best resorts with complete details so that you will not worry about it. These costly as they are the choice of wealthy people who love pay for allurement. Big investors, official people and high ranked people visit these spots beside this, the royal atmosphere puts an impression that you are dreaming of.  So, if you are good in finance then I recommend you to visit these spots as this will increase your passion and charm.

Stay connected here as the latest information about top ten best hotels in Dubai will be published soon.

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