Top Ten Best Homepages Of 2015-2016

Best Homepages Of 2014

A home page of a website is very vital to show interface of  a  website. In this article we will discuss top ten best homepages. you have to create such type of home page or web page which shows user’s interests and the very friendly outlook for any user and he could develop his attentiveness about that page.

It should be very critical to concern about the related topics, because there are many names which  used to make  engrossment for each topic constituted in a website, few of them are given index page or front page and main page, other determinations related to this page are given below:-

  • The opening page that is viewed on internet for  internet user as he access it using a  browser through a site.
  • A local file that loads directly by pressing  the home button.
  • It  stored usually in the website directory for  a user.

A main page can also be operated outside the field of context  of  websites , now here is a list of  Top Ten Best Home Pages  take a view and enjoy:-

1. NetVibes:-


It is ranked at 1st number in the list of top ten best homepages. A very common to use  traditional start page having  great  customizable features, and it is the very high choice for setting personalized opening page, you have a number of options to select from  as adding in your main page, therefore NetVibes  is a great website and  supports all that web widgets  in which html is used.

2. Fresh Book

Best Homepages Of 2014

There is highly use of color with positioning feature having primary calls to action that can jump right side of the page and known as Freshbook, its copy is used in CTAs which have great compelling, now enjoy its trail version for  a month. It is ranked at 2nd number in the list of top ten best homepages. Its sub headline is wonderful because more than  5million internet users also use FreshBooks to develop  billing  painless.

It’s also friendly with the any audience , therefore mostly accounting Software is painfully complex  free to license and for a only little business.

3.i Google:-

Best Homepages Of 2014

This home page provides almost all vital field’s news like sport, business also  health and weather  and is iGoogle. It is ranked at 3rd number in the list of top ten best homepages. Google  is one of the worlds big side browser which provide a number of gadgets, iGoogle is one of them and  is a on such thrills version of personalized opening page but not at looking very pretty other main pages, therefore it integrated with Google’s Doc having 2.0 offices, it is best for those people who desired to change a custom home page in to personalized one.

4. Whitehouse. Gov:-


At number 4th the home page comes and use of completed government concerned websites is Whitehouse.Gov, it is also a clear 2.0web version and ability to foster  a community. It is ranked at 4th number in the list of top ten best homepages. It is very user friendly for what you are finding and  when you stop here, search box  used for  What are you finding ? , and is best related to this home page  that is sequentially changing to interact top priorities.

5. My Yahoo:-

Best Homepages Of 2014

It is ranked at 5th number in the list of top ten best homepages. Index page which is in 5th position  in the best pages  which facilitate  to its user in different aspects  using a single page, it is same as iGoogle, this is commonly used as the front page for a search engine that permit to find  keywords and approaches to daily news or any activity.

Appearance used in  yahoo page is effective and standard way as in Google’s having contents linked with explanation or in other engines, there are also many customizable features and you can change according to your choice.

6. Desk. Com :

 Best Homepages Of 2014

 According time to  time mostly internet user wants to substitute or insert  a style on their choices and  this page also facilitate  to its users when they send text  in HTML format and reply back without hand coding.

It is ranked at 6th number in the list of top ten best homepages. It is quite simple, yet designed in well define shaped homepage having a  big product screenshot, and headline is  capable having zero fluff.

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7. Microsoft Live:-


Microsoft Corporation also introduced its own index page , also well known as Microsoft live it could be expected from its products  that love has unbelievable  and very fantasy interface which develops interaction for most users also it is  very quite to understand, therefore its products  lightly compared to the other startup pages.

It is ranked at 7th number in the list of top ten best homepages. It is important to understand that  the default index never comes with  other gadgets  that might be liked by you such as notepad and calendar for them you should  have separate gallery, in this way these tools  themselves were not easily compared with alternative traditional pages.

8. Inbox:-

Best Homepages Of 2014

It is ranked at 8th number in the list of top ten best homepages. Inbox in sans of sequential order so it’s considered as to customize in a web portal manner rather than basic homepage and it is smaller and enough light to compare with the other startup interface, furthermore it is  very nice and fantasy small portal web  for  seeing as compare to the other.

Unfortunately its search engine is more significant to display advertisements rather search results, that’s why it is considered  as short in that portion.

9. Unlocking :-

Best Homepages Of 2014

There is no confusion about this site that what is its purpose to create or at that time when anyone come on this folio and even mostly visitors might have information concerned with this internet site how one can unlock a mobile  phone , therefore they still add a little bit description about this page.

It is ranked at 9th number in the list of top ten best homepages. There  are very charming cross colors  and compatible  proof items as “Believe by 4millions ….more than cells unlocked ”, you will also develop an interest  because of little  shape and easily accessed through this  site   without  using buttons  to  provide access by the visitors other related pages to  use .

10.MyHommy :-

Best Homepages Of 2014

 It is ranked at 10th number in the list of top ten best homepages. This page stands due to its features and named as Myhommy  , it is AJAX kind custom leaf having no to much Drag and Drop-in interface and  not look too much beautiful, actually  seems as NetVibes which have the latest features.

Therefore, it provides one gig of  storage without any charge also there is specials public page which can be shared with your companions easy  and effective way. Use and download it now to  use on your PC.

All these personalized pages emerging useful information from a list of  Top Ten Best HomePages, these are wonderful and amazing when you decided  to choose  your favorite one and make them your personal web page. Few of them are easy to control but  others are complex and cannot control in simple mood, these require well how now  practices to handle in perfect way and hopefully you will enjoy to knowing about these front folios for internet.  

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