Top Ten Best Computer Selling Brands

Top Ten Best Computer Selling Brands

Now a days, a computer become the need of daily tasks, its usage is increasing as the technology is advancing. Perhaps you are in search of best brand that fits to your need so you reached the right place to search for quality products. These brands are not classified related to price but they are ranked according to quality, features and popularity in the world.

You should know the prominent features of all so that you need not worry at purchase time. This article is providing complete details regarding top ten best computer brands in 2013. The details of brands are listed below starting in decreasing order from least to most popular.

Most Competitive Computer Brands of 2013

10. Alienware

One of the best brand for those who seeking game adventures and being on 10th position in the top ten lists of brands due to its graphic properties is the Alienware. Alienware is specially made for gaming purposes with great popularity all over the world.


Beside this operating system adds up to the quality providing top gaming experience to its users. People love to have a computer of this brand and prices are not very high but you can easily afford it and enjoy ultimate experience. Other features are also remarkable.

9. Panasonic

The leading and competitive brand, ranking at 9th position in the top ten lists, is the Panasonic. This brand name has high assurance of quality and people have greater trust on this brand.


Panasonic has not only developed computers but they also offered high speed laptops which are great in graphics. Computers by this brand are mostly used by business professionals and lightweight laptops are famous by this brand.

8. Toshiba


A well known brand all over the world and ranking at 8th position in the top ten lists, the Toshiba. This brand is famous for its graphics and gaming properties. Other functions are remarkable such as high speed and most important is the battery timing which too long to work. These factors cause it to be the best computer brand. Most professionals use the Toshiba for their heavy business tasks.

7. Samsung


The world’s famous brand and recently ranking at 7th position in top ten lists, is the Samsung. Nice features cause it to be the most dependable brand with good graphics and affordability due to low weight. Regarding speed and slimness, Samsung is a perfect match.

6. Acer

A well known brand and famous for its elegant design and specifications, the Acer. This brand accomplishes need for almost all users whether the multimedia functions or gaming.


It is mostly used by students and by professionals besides this other features are also remarkable. This competitive brand has desktop systems and also affordable laptops which have great demand in all markets.

5. Dell

One of the renowned brand all over the world and ranking at the 5th position, the Dell. Dell has perfectly done great business in the markets of technology with nice computers and laptops having great speed and quality.


This brand is famous for design purposes which suits to everyone liking. Beside these other factors are remarkable such as light weight and high resolution graphics which adds up to the charm of using it.

4. Sony

The world’s competitive brand and being admirable with other brands, the Sony. Computers by this brand are in great demand due to high quality which is the main focus point.


The computers are unique due to their customization features as well as their durability. Remarkable feature is the playing of Blu-Ray disc, this factor makes Sony more prominent from other computer brands.

Top 3 Brands of Computers

3. Lenovo

Top Ten Best Computer Brands

The perfect match for all users because almost every facility is packed into one computer box or laptop, the Lenovo. The keyboard is very comfortable to use which provide time saving for writers. Lenovo has also introduced security features in its computers so that the user will be more protected while accomplishing his tasks. The machine body is perfectly made to avoid any damage. This makes Lenovo 3rd rank in top ten best computer brands in 2013.

2. Hewlett-Packard

The best computer brand considered up till now, ranked at 2nd position renowned as HP. The computers by this brand are mostly used for internet purposes, as this provides greater speed with high performance.


The user can configure the computer according to its needs so perfectly matching the criteria of users. Besides this other remarkable features include graphics which enhance the gaming and multimedia experiences.

1. Apple

The world’s number 1st best brand providing with high quality laptops and computers, the Apple. This brand not leading but it maintains its features up to date that makes it most dependable brand in the world. The nice feature is the user friendly working with the user’s preferences.


This computer is best for graphics as video editing and designing are done with great accuracy. Beside this the computer is also used for getting high speed internet with fast processing speed. Computers by this brand are mostly used by professionals and graphic editor.

Summary – Top 10 Best Computer Selling Brand Companies

Company Ranking Country
Apple 1 United States
Hewlett-Packard 2 United States
Lenovo 3 China
Sony 4 Japan
Dell 5 United States
Acer 6 Taiwan
Samsung 7 South Korea
Toshiba 8 Japan
Panasonic 9 Japan
Alienware 10 United States

Hope you have enjoyed the article as it is providing important information about top ten best computer brands in 2013. The features mentioned here are admirable all over the world and this article has served the need of searching best brand for computer.As the technology is advancing day by day so minor changes occur in these brands but the overall ranking remains same. Stay connected here as the latest information of best brands will be uploaded soon. Kindly share your ideas, about what brand you are using or which you like most.


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