Top 10 Unsettling Animal Behaviors

Top 10 Unsettling Animal Behaviors

Although we have come to know so much about the animals and the habits just everything we have learned so far has been tip of iceberg. Some of the new discoveries about them also tend to be somewhat downright disturbing. Then again it is all the part of the nature.

10. Centipede Bursts Out Of a Snake

Unsettling Animal Behaviors include Centipede Bursts out Of a Snake. In year 2013, a group of the biologists working in the Goggle Grad also known as the Snake Island in the Macedonia discovered very bizarre scene of dead centipede with head protruding out of the equally deceased and nose-horned viper. A closer look just showed that centipede had tried to eat and also claw its way out of snake like chest-buster from the Alien before just finally succumbing to venom.

Top 10 Unsettling Animal Behaviors

9. Lions with Seizures

Unsettling Animal Behaviors include Lions with Seizures. Sickness is part of great circle of the life just striking even grand lion. The video showed a lion suffering especially violent seizure due to the canine distemper. The disease just hit the Serengeti National Park as epidemic in year 1994 and Clangorous Conservation Area in year 2001. The two outbreaks killed estimated one-third of lion population in the parks. According to the experts, thousands of the domesticated dogs scavenging on the carcasses helped spread this virus among the predators.

Top 10 Unsettling Animal Behaviors

8. Herbivores Slaughter Birds

Unsettling Animal Behaviors include Herbivores Slaughter Birds. The video showed cow, classic passive grass-eater just killing and eating chick. It is just no isolated incident. In the India poultry owner discovered that cow was responsible for eating almost around 50 of the chickens. When cows cannot get certain minerals like the calcium and the phosphorus from the vegetation, they turn to the birds.

Top 10 Unsettling Animal Behaviors

7. Pelicans Eat Them

Unsettling Animal Behaviors include Pelicans Eat Them. It would also seem that the pelicans have penchant for the fellow avian as just demonstrated by the 2006 video taken at the St. James Park in the London. One of park’s five Eastern White pelicans just casually strolled up to pigeon and then swallowed poor bird whole. The Royal Parks spokesperson named Louise Wood explained this by just saying pelicans in the close proximity to the humans are just predisposed to wider range of the diet. Yet pelicans in wild prove just likely to consume almost anything when the natural food supply just decreases.

Top 10 Unsettling Animal Behaviors

6. The Smoking Orangutan

Tori named orangutan living in Indonesian zoo just started smoking more than decade ago when the unscrupulous visitors threw the cigarette butts into the cage. Over time the addiction to the smoking grew just so strong that she often started to signal for the cigarettes and also threw tantrums when she just missed the daily fix. Tori’s smoking habit also continued all way to pregnancy also forcing zoo handlers to just finally transfer primate and the non-smoking partner named Derik to closely-guarded island in zoo.

Top 10 UnsettlingTop 10 Unsettling Animal Behaviors    Animal Behaviors

5. Sea Otters Rape Baby Seals

In manner similar to violent tendencies of the sexually frustrated dolphins, the male sea otters often find unwilling partner if they just fail to land female. In case of the otters living off coast of the California the search extends to the baby seals. The male otter just pounces on unsuspecting baby seal and then rolls it violently in water. With victim exhausted or even dead from struggle otter then proceeds to just copulate with the body.

Top 10 Unsettling Animal Behaviors

4. Seal Tries To Mate With Penguin

In one of most bizarre known cases of the animal sexual coercion just ever the researchers in year 2008 saw young fur seal trying to just mate with king penguin on the Marion Island near Antarctic. The seal just estimated to weigh around 100 kilograms 220 lb mounted 15-kilogram 35 lb bird and then tried to penetrate it for an hour. It finally just gave up and let penguin go and then headed back to water.

Top 10 Unsettling Animal Behaviors

3. Young Elephant Males Deliberately Kill Rhinos

Elephants are one of few animals in world that can take on rhino. In fact in past two decades the young male elephants in the several African reserves have just deliberately killed dozens of the rhinos. Although the park rangers suspected the poachers it soon all became clear that the elephants were just responsible. Culling’s and the relocation to just curb elephant population had also left many of the young males without older role model. With just no one to guide them, the traumatized orphans soon just formed the roving bands of the testosterone-addled and the teen troublemakers that also intentionally picked fights with the rhinos. After some of the failed initial attempts to stop the behavior the park officials instituted one of largest Big Brother programs in t world placing the older male and bull elephants among young males to just discipline them. Incidents of the rhino deaths and also the other destructive behavior just stopped after that.

Top 10 Unsettling Animal Behaviors

2. The Meat-Eating Pandas

Seeing the gentle giants calmly eating the bamboo shoots and also being generally adorable we just forget that the pandas are omnivorous by their natures just evidenced by a video showing one in wild feasting on carcass of what just appears to be some goat. Most of the scientists say pandas belong to bear family and beasts definitely have digestive systems of the carnivores. Their stomachs boast added bonus of the unique microbes to the process bamboo.

Top 10 Unsettling Animal Behaviors

1. Chimpanzees Go To War

Chimpanzees practice eyebrow-raising habits of the infanticide and the cannibalism. As if those were not enough to just make us squirm, landmark study has also proven that the chimps engage in pastime familiar to humans that is waging war. Scientists on decade-long study on the chimpanzees in the Uganda’s Kibale National Park saw just one unusually large troop in the Ngogo regularly conduct raids in the enemy territory.

Top 10 Unsettling Animal Behaviors

Summary – Unsettling Animal Behaviors

Serial Unsettling Animal Behaviors
1 Chimpanzees Go To War
2 The Meat-Eating Pandas
3 Young Elephant Males Deliberately Kill Rhinos
4 Seal Tries To Mate With Penguin
5 Sea Otters Rape Baby Seals
6 The Smoking Orangutan
7 Pelicans Eat Them
8 Herbivores Slaughter Birds
9 Lions with Seizures
10 Centipede Bursts Out Of a Snake


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