Top 10 Tallest Bridges in the World- Famous Highest Bridges

Tallest Bridges

Top 10 Tallest Bridges in the World- Famous Highest Bridges

The positioning of tallest bridges varies in light of the fact that the majority of the bridges are situated in the zones of profound valleys. The basic stature of the bridges distinguish its range from the top suspension indicate the most minimal obvious purpose of the bridge. The connects these days separated from being helpful pathways to cross the waterways, valleys and mountains have likewise turned out to be engineering collectibles that have additionally turned into a touring wonder for the guests and the visitors who are generally astounded by observing these stunning human manifestations. Here is the rundown of the top ten tallest bridges on the planet.

1 . MILLAU VIADUCT:Tallest Bridges

Top of the rundown is the extension named Villau viaduct; it is world’s tallest scaffold that is situated in France. It was the ponder made by the French design named Michel virlogeux and a British specialist Norman Foster. The add up to tallness of it is 343 meters that are 1,125 ft tall. It has the longest traverse of around 1,122 ft. It is the most stunning link stayed bridge’s, and it was the first run through opened to overall population in 2004. It is thought to be the best compositional accomplishment of all circumstances. It additionally got the universal honor of remarkable structure in 2006.

  1. RUSSKY BRIDGE:Tallest Bridges

Second on the rundown of tallest bridges is the Russky Bridge of Russia arranged in eastern Bosphorous. Its add up to tallness is 320.9 meters that are around 1,053 ft.It is likewise a link stayed connect and was opened and introduced in 2012. It was worked to fill the need of the Asian financial conference. It’s safe channel is of session 50 meters. The scaffold is situated in the place with exceptionally brutal climate conditions yet at the same time it is made much bearable to contend the energetically winds, corroded ice, snow and overwhelming precipitation.

  1. SUTONG BRIDGE:Tallest Bridges

Situated in China is the world’s third tallest Sutong connect that is around 3o0 meters high. Its has a traverse of around 1, 088 meters. It is likewise a link stayed connect and was opened in 2008 it is maybe situated in the territory of Changchun in China. It has two long towers. It abbreviates the separation between the regions of Shanghai and Nantong, which before scaffold development was a four-hour tiring journey. China Harbor Engineering organization assumed an essential part in its development and outline arrangement.

  1. AKASHI-KAIKYO BRIDGE:Tallest Bridges

This extension is situated in a range of Kobe in Japan. It has the aggregate tallness of 298.3 meters which is around 979 feet and the traverse of 1991 meters. It is the suspension connect finished in 1998.It connections the city o Kobe with the Awaji Island to the successive floods of tremors in Japan this extension has experienced numerous auxiliary changes during these time to make it more seismic tremor evidence, longstanding and more tolerable.

  1. STONE CUTTERS BRIDGE:Tallest Bridges

Situated in Hong Kong, this extension is around 298 meters high that are 979 feet. Its traverse is 1,018 meters. It is likewise the link stayed connect and was finished in 2009. It associates Nam Wan Kok Tsing Yi island with the stone cutters island. Its development finished in 5 years and was made to the detriment of 2.76 billion and was thought to be one of the extremely costly bridges. The stone cutters is well known for its stunning building configuration won the 2010 preeminent honor at auxiliary honors directed every year.

  1. YI SUN-SIN BRIDGE:Tallest Bridges

Situated in South Korea, Yi Sun-sin Bridge is positioned at 6th position in the rundown of world tallest bridges. It is a suspension connect arranged in southern piece of South Korea. It was built to have the primary course to Yeosu mechanical complex. Its traverse length is 1,545 meters and was opened in 2012. Daelim’s designing organization finished the entire of its development. Its aggregate tallness is of around 270 meters and 890 feet.It was one of the candidates for extraordinary structure grants 2013.

  1. Great BELT EAST BRIDGE:Tallest Bridges

The Great belt east edge is positioned at seventh position in the rundown of world’s tallest bridges. It is situated in the range of Korsor in Denmark with the aggregate stature of around 245 meters which is around 833 ft. Its add up to traverse is around 1,624 meter. It is the suspension extension’s and was finished and opened in 1998.It was finished and built by Danish designing firms. It has essentially lessened the travel time in Denmark making the general population crossing the mesh belt in just ten minutes that already took one hour on a ship.


Zhongxian Huyu freeway is one of the tallest bridges of the world. It is situated in China and is 247.5 meters long. It has the traverse of 460 meters. It. It is additionally a link stayed connect and was opened in 2010.It is situated in the zone of Huangshi. It is situated on the Yangtze River. The development of the three chasms dam has expanded the water level underneath the scaffold.

  1. E’DONG BRIDGE:Tallest Bridges

It is incorporated into the rundown of world’s tallest bridges. It has the aggregate stature of 242.5 meters. It is link stayed connect finished in 2010.It is arranged in Hubei area of eastern China. It is the piece of two expressways. It is additionally one of the best building ponders and is made with high specialized exactness and accuracy.

  1. MEZCALA BRIDGE:Tallest Bridges

It has the stature of session 241.8metres and aggregate traverse tallness of 311 meters. It is link stayed connect finished in 1993 in Mexico. It is arranged and the Guerrero state in 95 thruways in Mexico. It has around six ranges developed practically unevenly. It is likewise chipping away at a toll bridges since 1995. It is the most elevated extension in Mexico and one of the finest different link connects in the world. It has decreased the separation of 49 km between the territories of Acapulco and Cuernavaca.

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