Top 10 Most Livable Countries In The World

Top 10 Most Livable Countries In The World

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10. Japan

Top Most Livable Countries in the World include Japan. Japan has just one of most advanced and also the intricate transport systems in this world. As society it is just tolerant of the many things, absolutely just nothing you do will be somewhat  frowned upon if you are in the Japan, you can just dress funny, wear some  wigs, sleep in the public or just even pass-out drunk it means you are working hard. What is just even better is that they somewhat extend same courtesy to the religion too.

Top 10 Most Livable Countries In The World

9. Switzerland

Top Most Livable Countries in the World include Switzerland. It is just quiet little country in Alps that is just peaceful and also freedom-loving. The public amenities are just top-notch and also the public services are just dispensed quickly and also effectively leading to the fewer queues and also the crowding. The people are just polite and also friendly.  The quality and also the quantity of the consumer products are just vast. Roads are just wide and also clean the sidewalks too.

Top 10 Most Livable Countries In The World

8. Sweden

Top Most Livable Countries in the World include Sweden. Sweden is just reputed as most advanced country for the women. Women are just given equal rights and are also seen manning workforce just fiercely as the men. In addition country offers the universal healthcare to all the citizens wherein you pay just very little for the treatment.  If you are just a kid, under the age of 18 years of age, and citizen of the Sweden, your parents just pay nothing for the medical care. It is just all neatly factored into healthcare system.

Top 10 Most Livable Countries In The World

7. Ireland

Top Most Livable Countries in the World include Ireland. Ireland ties with the Sweden with same HDI. The Republic of the Ireland also provides the universal healthcare, just funded by the general taxation, for the citizens. A person might have to pay just subsidized fees for the certain kind of the treatment depending upon the illness, the age and the income etc. Maternity services are just free and also the child healthcare services are provided just free of cost to the children up to around 6months. The country has just low rate of the corporation tax. If you are artist or writer or just engaged in just any fine arts, Ireland is place to be.

Top 10 Most Livable Countries In The World

6. New Zealand

If you have just seen the Lord of Rings trilogy, then you just know that the New Zealand is country bestowed with some spectacular views and also gifted with the photogenic landscapes. New Zealand has just very low population which would just mean no crowding in the public spaces and also plenty of the fresh air and also more oxygen. The healthcare is not free but is also heavily subsidized; the emergency care is free.

Top 10 Most Livable Countries In The World

5. Germany

Germans are just known all over world as the perfectionists but what the very few people know is that the Germans believe in spirit of the family and have just immense respect for the roots and also the culture. A working class German citizen just enjoys minimum of around 28 days of the paid vacation, around 14 public holidays and also unlimited sick leave. Both transport and also the banking system is just highly developed. This just means that you can get from just anywhere to anywhere somewhat relying solely on the public transport, which is just not only cheap but also clean and somewhat modern.

Top 10 Most Livable Countries In The World

4. Netherlands

If you are in the Netherlands, you are just within the driving distance of at least just to5 other countries;you basically have just every next vacation charted out just for you. Still do not see reason to move to the Netherlands? Let me just give you few more. The country has high the life expectancy: that measure just alone stands witness to just how conducive to the life Netherlands is. Apart from that it is very liberal society that is just accepting of all the people, the race, the gender and also the sexual preferences. The economic conditions are just conducive to the growth and also the entrepreneurial spirit is just well-bred.

Top 10 Most Livable Countries In The World

3. United States of America

This country does not need me to be publicist so just let me provide short summary of all amenities it gives to the citizens that has just helped it ensure good HDI ranking, the clean water, the well-managed waste disposal system, the high quality of life, the good governance, the variety of restaurants, some amusement parks, some social security schemes, the unemployment benefits, etc.

Top 10 Most Livable Countries In The World

2. Australia

It is not surprising that the Australia made it to second spot on list. A high standard of the living, the affordable housing, the excellent public transport, the integrated Medicare system and also the world class education are just few of many amenities available to average Australian. The country is just gifted in terms of the natural environment and is proud home to the several beaches, the landscapes and also wide range of the wildlife.

Top 10 Most Livable Countries In The World

1. Norway

Norway is just not member of European Union. This is just good news because it is just safe from economic turmoil which is currently being faced by the EU countries. This could just be the singular reason why it is in throes of the economic prosperity and also able to afford best climate for the human well-being.

Top 10 Most Livable Countries In The World

Summary – Top 10 Most Livable Countries in the World

Serial Top 10 Most Livable Countries in the World
1 Norway
2 Australia
3 United States of America
4 Netherlands
5 Germany
6 New Zealand
7 Ireland
8 Sweden
9 Switzerland
10 Japan


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