Top 10 Most Handsome Male Sportsman in the World


Most sportsmen in the world are famous due to their beauty and handsome personality, people love to watch them and they also wanted to perform in critical situations and if they fail to perform they become the topic of their criticism. Let us give you real life examples, Cristiano Ronalodo is a football player, crowd love to watch him play and if he fails in a single match, they still love to see him on the ground.

Mostly, girls loved the sportsmen and they wanted to marry them, because they loved the personality of these sportsmen. After seeing the interest of the people we have decided to make a list of top 10 most handsome male sportsmen in the World. These sportsmen have won the hearts of the people and they are crazy to see the one sight of these heroes. Here take a look at the list.

10. Yoann Gourcuff :-

Yoann Gourcuff

Yoann Gourcuff is an emerging footballer from France and he succeeds in writing his name in the list of handsome male sportsmen. This guy has seriously some dashing personality, his height is 6 feet and has wide shoulders. Yoann has beautiful eyes and many girls have crushes on him and he enjoys the 10th place in our list.

09. Andy Roddick :-

Andy Roddick

Andy Roddick is a famous tennis player, Andy is the nick name of him while his full name is Andrew Roddick. This man has very sexy features and gives a heroic type look, and girls love to watch him on the tennis court, and this tennis player earns a 9th place in our list of handsome male sportsman in the world.

08. David Beckham :-

David Beckham

David Beckham enjoys the 8th place in our list with his killer looks, he played soccer for the England national team but now he has retired and now he is giving time to his family. Beckham has the looks, that you will see in any Hollywood actor, and that is the way he received many offers from Hollywood but he rejected all of them.

07. Rafael Nadal :-

Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal is also known as “King of Clay” because he played very well on the clay courts. He is a tremendous player of tennis and have won over 11 Grand Slam titles of tennis, he started his career in very small age and after on he becomes the number one seed in the tennis rankings. But besides his achievement in the tennis court, Nadal has the very impressive look and has very sexy body structure and when he wears sleeveless shirts he look damn cool.

06. Cristiano Ronaldo :-

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is a Portuguese footballer and has many fans all-around the world. When he runs in the field it looks like that Leopard is running in the field, he has tremendous control over the ball and show some handful dribbling skills. Ronaldo has a very lovely body and his hairstyle is very popular allover the world, and that is why he is in 6th place in our list of top 10 handsome male sportsmen in the world.

05. Roger Federer :-

Most Handsome Sportsmen of the world

Roger Federer is another famous tennis player, he becomes very famous at the beginning of his career. Roger has a very attractive personality and people love to watch him on the tennis court. Federer usually wears a bandage on his head and thus become a fashion of many tennis players. The impressive personality of Roger puts him in the 5th place in our list.

04. Kaka :-


Kaka is an Brazilian football player, but this man has very attractive features and everyone want to see his one look. Kaka has many fabulous achievement in football and now a days he is playing for the Real Madrid football club. The personality of Kaka attracts every woman sitting in the stadium and all these allows him to earn 4th place in our list of handsome male sportsmen in the world.

03. Jenson Button :-

Jenson Button

Jenson Button is world renowned formula 1 car racer and has achieved many titles in this field. Button is hot and smart guy with normal height and pretty nice body, as he is still a young guy and he can break many records of the car racing. In the year 2008, Button was acknowledged as a formula 1 champion.

He is a cool racer of the formula 1 and that’s why he is in 3rd place in our list.

02. Shahid Afridi :-

Top Ten Beautiful cricket stars

Shahid Khan Afridi has most loving and attractive personality in Pakistan cricket team. Afridi is also known for his big hitting and that’s why people named him “Boom Boom Afridi.” He also scored the world fastest hundred in just 37 ball against Srilanka. He has very beautiful hair and body, and has very charming personality and his fans loves to watch him performing in the field. This all-rounder earn a 2nd place in our list of most handsome male sportsmen in the world.

 01. Brett Lee :-

Brett Lee

Brett Lee is the 2nd fastest baller in the world after Shoaib Akhter, he is a former Australian player and he retired from international cricket last year. Brett Lee has very charming and cool personality and he has fan from all-around the world, he also plays guitar very well and he also sings a song with Asha Bhosle in India. This great legend is in 1st position in our list.

Summary – Most Handsome Male Sportsman in the World

Serial Players / Athletes Country / Team
1 Brett Lee Australian Cricket Team
2 Shahid Afridi Pakistani Cricket Team
3 Jenson Button British Formula 1 Racer
4 Kaka Brazilian Football Team
5 Roger Federer Swiss Tennis Player
6 Cristiano Ronaldo Portuguese National Football Team
7 Rafael Nadal Spanish Tennis Player
8 David Beckham England National Football Team
9 Andy Roddick American Tennis Player
10 Yoann Gourcuff France National Football Team


So, that’s all from this beautiful and knowledgeable article, we have introduced you with the “Top 10 most handsome male sportsmen in the world.” State your ideas and reviews on the topic and stay with us for more updates on the other topics.




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