Top 10 Most Famous Video Games 2015-2016

Top 10 Most Famous Video Games 2014-15

The most famous video games is a never ending battle players and new participants. With the advancement of internet and technology, playing and most famous video games has become very easy and convenient. From smart devices to tablets to gaming consoles their availability and usage has increased manifolds. Like previous years has also seen some of the most amazing games launched to the gaming world. The game developers have made millions through these releases. Although it should be clarified that  is not completed over yet, here is a list of the top 10 most famous video games up till now:

10. South Park: The stick of Truth

The South Park most famous video games is a very well-orchestrated game that has been released after long times of most awaited development and launch. The game is filled with comic acts and jokes like the series. Though the game play is not very innovative or creative it still is popular because of a great franchise.

Top 10 Most Famous Video Games 2014-15

9. Mario Kart 8

Believe it or not, there are still millions of Mario lovers in the world who would rather play a Mario game than any other new release. Although its gaming platform Nintendo is not the same as playing the competitive PlayStation or Xbox, it is still pleasurable and wonderful for a large lot of video games. The Mario Kart 8 allows them to enjoy the simple and easy most famous video games and forget the worries of the busy and complicated lifestyles. The game offers a four player racing mode that helps friends have a great time to enjoy.

Top 10 Most Famous Video Games 2014-15

8. Grid Autosport

For all those racing cars and auto sports lovers, this is the ultimate gaming experience. This is the best and most famous video games racing game among the latest editions to the video gaming world. The game provides excellent detailing and amazing visuals and graphics.

Top 10 Most Famous Video Games 2014-15

7. Shovel Knight

This is a different game from the rest of the entries in the top 10 most famous video games. The game has a lot of game winning features including changing levels variety, great characters, amazing armors and weaponry. This game is especially for those who cherish the 8 bit composite platforms. But at the same time it has modern feel to it as well. The game play involves making your way through an enchanting land full of mystery and suspense. Swinging shovels and throwing magic items on the enemy the players move towards he tower of fate and win their battles.

Top 10 Most Famous Video Games 2014-15

6. The Walking Dead Season 2

The first season of this most famous video games was a chart buster which won Best Game Forever Title on a number of different contesting platforms. It is also added in our list of top 10 most famous video games but the sequel. The developer of the game Tell Tale has been able to create the same excitement and thrill levels as its predecessor.

Top 10 Most Famous Video Games 2014-15

5. Madden 15

Madden 15 is a good bargain for those who want to have a sporty experience on their gaming consoles. Full of exciting sequences and games this season of the madden is a good start for the fantasy football players. The game comes with upgraded technical specifications and better graphic and visual quality. This also happens to be the only NFL game in town.

Top 10 Most Famous Video Games 2014-15

4. Destiny

This is definitely one of the most brilliantly created games in the list of the top 10 most famous video games. The game revolves around the character called Bungie. From the very beginning the game is an adventurous journey full of thrill and excitement. The players feel amazed as they move Bungie through tactical and robust combating sequences and take it even at a higher level than Halo. The game progresses with a calm and relaxed stealth kind of an expansion process and is ideal for those looking for a steady and straight forward gaming experience. The game is evolutional as new levels unfold with the enhancement of XP levels and accomplishment of given goals.

Top 10 Most Famous Video Games 2014-15

3. Middle Earth: Shadow of the Mordor

This is the most famous video games based on the Lord of the Rings legendary motion picture. But even if you are not a fan of the characters like Tolkien you are still sure to love the open ended adventurous game play all coupled with its violent actions and tactical stealth properties. You are also allowed to play as Talion character and work on your revengeful aim and get help from the ancient powers of the Wraith. The ultimate aim is to battle with the Sauron Army of the Orc grunts and Uruk warlords and beat them to the bits. The fictional world of the Shadow of Mordor is spread at a vast and wide territory with many amazing sceneries and landscapes.

Top 10 Most Famous Video Games 2014-15

2. Alien Isolation

Alien isolation has been launched as a unique and most famous video game changing entry. The game seem to be way ahead of its time when it comes things like the game play, the technology of the game’s design, its visual appearance and the ultimate advantage of using a licensed video game. The game is an evolved and revolved entry into the gaming world. Based on the Ridley Scott’s movie produced 35 years ago, this is the best representation of the movie’s theme and authenticity. For the fans of alien movie, this isolation version is a more surreal pleasure than any other produce in a very long time. The game is a total simulation of the alien movie with its horrific scenes and thrilling actions. The characters are simply amazing with brutality at their best.

Top 10 Most Famous Video Games 2014-15

1. Bayonetta 2

This is an amazing game with many levels and stages. The technical specifications of the game are brilliant. With Wii U launching and SFX Laden high resolution visual it is a real piece of art for its creators. The graphic quality of the game is also superb with very artistic designs, characterizations and cinematic with perfection. The Platinum Company who has created the game has done a wonderful job. The game is launched with a new two player co-op mode. This allows players to form a partnership over the internet and fight their worst enemies. For every Wii U owner, this masterpiece is a must buy.

Top 10 Most Famous Video Games 2014-15


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