Top 10 Most Expensive Baby Dolls in the World

Top 10 Most Expensive Baby Dolls in the World

Dolls are treasured by all the offspring and they dear to play with them all the time. As the varying leanings in the world, the trend of acquiring expensive baby yields for babies is also augmented and parents are ready to deliver the greatest toys to their babies. In past, there are not numerous brands which were creation toys or expensive dollhouses for children and were not ample trend of obtaining them for their litters. But now maternities are more fixated towards their broods which have made this tendency in the world. The toys of together boys and girls are stated and some toys are always related with them as fine like dolls for girls and cars for schoolboys. There are numerous dolls in the biosphere for babies which are very expensive and not reasonable for everybody and are specifically made for the kids of rich people. Some people will be shocked to see that even the cost of some dolls now drives in millions which is implausible and one cannot think to get that for their baby.

The following are top 10 best dolls for kids in the world:

  1. Cinemaquette:

Top 10 Most Expensive Baby Dolls in the World

Cinemaquette was made on the appeal of some famed movie since of its craze in amongst the kids in the world. It is confirmed that the types of the film got very famed for the kids, and they sought to get those types to play with them. This doll more aspects like a real human being pretty than a doll since it is made very seamlessly. The complete look of this doll is flawless and real as well. With the primer of this doll in the world, it fashioned a storm between the babies and everybody wants to acquisition them. The price of this doll was $1,500.

  1. Ghostface Doll:

Top 10 Most Expensive Baby Dolls in the World

Ghostface doll as the term of the doll displays that it is now very pleasing dolly but a scary one. It is well-thought-out as one of the expensive dolls ever retailed in the world since of its high price tag that was virtually $499. The length of this figurine is 9 inches and has outfitted up in velvet dress of red color and cap as well. It was made in very inadequate copy to make it the prised dolly of the world and to upsurge its demand as well. It was very well-known among the kids and was also bought at this high price tag.

  1. Beanie Baby:

Top 10 Most Expensive Baby Dolls in the World

Beanie baby was actual famed dolls in the world since it was treasured by the small babies as well. It was made on the design of diverse animals that were also seen in numerous of the fairy tale movies of Hollywood which made these appeals more celebrated in the world of the film made by Ty Warner. The most respected character amid all was the Royal Blue Elephant that was called as the Peanut and its price was assessed to be almost $5,000.

  1. Twin Hilda JDK:

Top 10 Most Expensive Baby Dolls in the World

Twin Hilda JDK was very celebrated dolls when they were familiarized in the world. They were made with very diverse features, and the most remarkable feature of these figures was that their eyes can be unbolted and close as well. The dresses of these dolls were also every gorgeous and expensive as well. The price of these identical dolls was $7,500. They were not very tall but have strong features of their face.

  1. Original Barbie:

Top 10 Most Expensive Baby Dolls in the World

Original Barbie is very attractive Barbie doll, which was robed up in comfortable and stylish clothes. This Barbie was familiarised in the world in 1959, and advanced many Barbie`s were presented in the same line. There are several Barbie`s of the identical style that were dressed up in diverse clothes and babies can take according to the outfits they like. The price of this modish and fashionable Barbie is nearly $8,000. This Barbie was also carrying a shades and a up-to-date style handbag as well.

  1. Madame Alexander Eloise:

Top 10 Most Expensive Baby Dolls in the World

Madame Alexander Eloise is a very lovely doll that was intended by the teamwork of diverse designers. It was also dotted with the diamonds that were providing by the Harry Winston, and the garments of this doll were of Christian Dior. The fittings of this doll were of Swarovski, which made it more comfy and the most chic doll as well. This doll was sold in an sale for a very high price tag of $5 million which was implausible.

  1. Diamond Barbie:

Top 10 Most Expensive Baby Dolls in the World

Barbie`s are precious by the whole world, and the offspring love to show with them as well. It was project and made by De Beers in 1999. It was made for the festivity of 40th centenary of the doll that was peppered with precious 160 rhombuses that augmented its price as well. It was not affordable for everyone since of its high price. The price of this rhombus doll is $8,500.

  1. Original G.I Joe:

Top 10 Most Expensive Baby Dolls in the World

The Original G.I.Joe is well-thought-out as the one of the expensive dolls in the world. I t was made by Hasbro in 1970 who was a isolated owner of the business. This expensive doll is now showed in the Museum of Maryland which can be seen by the folks there. The price of this doll was projected to be virtually $200,000. He is a very sophisticated doll that is fully dressed up in a tan dress with a cap as well.

  1. Diamond Teddy Bear:

Top 10 Most Expensive Baby Dolls in the World

Teddy bears are precious by the kids and most bought toy in the world as well. All additional teddy bears in the world cannot be likened with this for the reason that it is made with expensive physical and is incomplete one as well. It was completed by a German company for the festivity of their 125th anniversary which made this bear as the most expensive bear in the world. The price of this bear was assessed to be $193,000 which is incredible for numerous people.

  1. L`Oiseleur:

Top 10 Most Expensive Baby Dolls in the World

The name of this doll is very diverse which funds the Bird Trainer. It is an reflex doll that was dressed up in a attractive dress and carries a sword as well. This doll was also farm the singing birds that comprehensive the look of this doll. It was ended in a style like she is melodic a flute. The price of this doll was $6.25 million which kinds it the most exclusive doll in the world.


We conclude that dolls are well-known in the entire world and babies love live with them. Some dolls are very expensive though some cheap forms of dolls are also obtainable for the middle-class people. All these dolls clarified above are the most expensive dolls in the world which are complete with diverse features and some of them were sold in the sale because of their high prices.


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