Top 10 Most Expensive App In The World

Top 10 Most Expensive App In The World


You are well attentive that mobile phones have taken our new generation into the era called cellular generation or the epoch of I phones and most expensive app in the world, factually. To acquire this occurrence additional more debatable and bring details to you, this cell phone era so wonderfully addictive are called apps. Firstly let us know, what is an App? An app is short for application or fundamentally a bit of software that is used to more makes use of your cell phone. If some have an I phone or Android phone you can easily download apps for free or might pay little for certain apps to your cell phone to have easy admittance to software that will carry out unambiguous functions right from the palm of your hands.

Mostly there are two types of most expensive app in the world that are designed for smart cell phones and second types are designed for Google’s Android cell phones. Now a day’s Apple is leading in available apps that can be downloaded, but since you would look forward to Google is on the quick track to skirmish in this enterprise. Despite the fact that Apple has added apps to desire from Android phone users are specified exceedingly comparable and evenly competing apps to phase the constant scuffle for ascendancy in cell phone apps.

Solitary considerable dissimilarity in the two app giants is that Apple does not scamper widgets and these are blessed facility that Android phones put forward on their home screen. A thingamabob can put on show music choices and societal media outlets in a alignment contrasting their complement.

Here is list of most expensive apps,

10. Stock Arbitrage Trader: $70

Stock Arbitrage Trader is the most up-to-date most expensive app in the world for investors and shareholders, and facilitates you the equations, graphs and table charts which are needed to watch the stock market intimately. The app gives genuine time buy and sell reference signals and stock market news broadcast.

Top 10 Most Expensive App In The World

9. Sexy Finger Print Test HD: $100

This amazing app helps anyone to find perfect time to meet your opposite gender, it has three scanners technologies, and one can get result in just few seconds. The Sexy Finger Print Test app is there to help boost the confidence that you need; as long as you have the money to spare for it. If you have $100, this app can be all yours.

Top 10 Most Expensive App In The World

8. XA1: $180

The XA1 Iphone app is for those DJ’s out there that in actuality wish for making variation in the melodious music world. This latest available most expensive app in the world are provides help you’re easy on the ear ear with an authentic time range analyzer, right on your cell phone. It doesn’t issue either you will be doing incorporation or wholesome audio work; this app help you with it’s put together in microphone and give you an idea about a observable orientation for your sound.

Top 10 Most Expensive App In The World

7. ROSIE Home Automation: $200

This most expensive app in the world allows you organize and manage approximately everything at your home from lighting, security, temperature, and even the radio controls in your home, you’ll be all set to manage safe. Yet if you’re away at business or on a fun escape, you can have full up access to these controls.

Top 10 Most Expensive App In The World

6. Water Globe: $220

The water globe most expensive app in the world is pair of interactive and attractive screen water globes that you can in fact convert and play with. The app is elegant and smart enough to tremble and throw snow around its “globe” if you entwine and turn your phone, and you can also make specially your options by select how much big snowflakes are, or the quantity of snow used. Moreover, you can even use this as a screen saver setting, and believe me it looks stunningly beautiful.

Top 10 Most Expensive App In The World

5. PDR Quote: $340

The PDR Quote app is able to help you with searching mobile refurbish shops, also if you will need to repair or mend your car you can easily find at, and can settle money to your mechanic with this can easily send invoice through your phone.

Top 10 Most Expensive App In The World

4. Barcelona vs. Madrid: $350

Basically a game app for soccer fans, you will be able to include the game at the tap of your fingertips and settle on who wins. This game has exceptionally realistic graphics and imitation, it make you realize as you are there in field. This app can help you remain your good sense while waiting for your journey, or either you want to get away from work.

Top 10 Most Expensive App In The World

3. Buddy Repperton Gold: $400

This most expensive app in the world is for the people who like gambling, and also sports, and then this app is the best choice. This app helps with guess in college and trained sports; with football, basketball, baseball and also sports related to abroad. You all need to spend $400 and than just enjoy, predict and also make some money.

Top 10 Most Expensive App In The World

2. LSAT Titan: $500

I must call this learning most expensive app in the world, helps you in learning prepare you for law test and moreover show your progress too. This app offers you almost 7,000 valid LSAT test questions, and gives you preparation time, and shows your progress. Studying necessitates time, and the cost need genuine work.

Top 10 Most Expensive App In The World

1. iVIP Black: $1000

The iVIP app also known as the millionaire’s app is recently the most expensive app at Apple’s series. This app is an all in one wide-ranging for the partier and next big attempt into all the hottest clubs and venues. IVIP present you unique occurrence, such as welcome correspondence, room upgrades, exclusive rates, and main concern access, and all query connecting to venues. It also consists of personal stylist in your cell phone, and many other services related to anyone’s personality.


These apps designed for people and reduce man effort. Thousands of apps uses in world and the people make their work easy to easier with these apps. It also provides fun and entertainment, with that people eliminated their tensions and passing time easily. While these apps are expensive but it definitely reduces your work effort and make your work as easy as your finger tip.

What kinds of apps do you use, and how much it makes your work easier?


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