Top 10 Most Dangerous Animal Of The World In 2016

world's Most Dangerous Animal

In this world there are countless insects, animals and birds. They all are further divided in many groups. Some of them are very friendly, loving innocent and beautiful like parrot, robin, cat, peacock etc. Some are wild, dangerous and horrible like hippopotamus, snake, scorpion, crocodile etc. Dangerous animals are further divided in categories. Some of them are aggressive and angry, while some are having poisons teeth. There is a list of animals which are considered most dangerous in the world. According to research some animals only attack someone when they are afraid of him. Below is a list of top 10 most dangerous animal of the world in 2016.

10: Death stalker Scorpion

world's Most Dangerous Animal

The Death Stalker is also known as Omdurman, Naqab desert scorpion or Palestine yellow scorpion. It belongs to Buthidae family. It could be caught from desserts and forests commonly. One can earn good by selling it. Scientifically it is called “Leiurus quinquestriatus” which means “5 striped smooth tail”. It is about 30m to 77m but average is 58m. Commonly it appears in yellow color. Mostly death scorpion is discovered in North Africa and Middle East. Further it also lives in Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Syria, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan and Oman etc. As it name defines it is most harmful and dangerous in Scorpion family. Its venom contains low lethal dose of Neurotoxins and its sting is bitter and painful.

9: Saltwater Crocodile

world's Most Dangerous Animal

Saltwater Crocodile is largest in all living species and reptiles. It is also known as estuarine, Slatie-marine or indo-pacific crocodile. Saltwater is considered largest terrestrial, predator riparian and retile in the world. It is included in the list of top 10 most dangerous animal of the world in 2016. These new hatched crocodiles are almost 25 cm to 30 cm long and their average weight is 70 g. It is cool and calm when it appears but if they feel hungry they can eat everything even a human being. It grabs its victim using its jaws injures badly. It could be founded in salt water.

8: African Elephant

world's Most Dangerous Animal

The eighth most dangerous and horrible animal is African Elephant. African Elephant has thickest body and heavily built legs. African elephants are divided in two categories bush elephant and forest elephant. These elephants are only discovered in Africa, Strata and Middle Pliocene. It is included in the list of top 10 most dangerous animal of the world in 2016. African male elephants are almost 10 to 13 ft long and their weight is almost 4,700 kg to 6,048 kg, while female elephants are 7 to 9 ft long and weight is almost 2,160 to 3,232 kg. Usually these elephants are cool and if they feel threat they can kill someone.

Top 7 Most Dangerous Animal Of The World In 2016

7: Hippopotamus

world's Most Dangerous Animal

Hippopotamus is also called Hippo. Hippopotamus is third largest “Land Mammal” in world after rhinoceros and elephant. They are a bit resembled to Pigs. Hippopotamus have the heaviest artiodactyls. They are discovered in Sub Saharan Africa. They are hairless, having wide mouths, large tusks and barrel shaped. They mostly live in water which is near to grass.

6: African Buffalo

world's Most Dangerous Animal

Cape buffalo or African buffalo is a large Buffalo which lives in water. It is difficult to find family of an African Buffalo. As they travel in search of food and water from one place to the other. In East and South Africa it is the larger African Bovine. Its average height is almost 3.3 ft to 5.6 ft. These buffalos legs are thick having a 70 to 110 cm long tail.

Top 5 Most Dangerous Animal Of The World In 2016

5. Great White Shark

world's Most Dangerous Animal

In predatory fish the white sharks are considered largest. A mature shark could be almost 21 ft long, but there are also some sharks which are 26 ft long and their average weight is about 3,324 kg. Their average accelerate speed is 35 mph and average age of white shark is 70 years. White shark has almost 300 teeth which are arranged in rows. It uses their front teeth to cut and grab the animals and it can replace its front teeth in case of brake replacing them with the inner teeth. Its teeth are triangle shaped having jags on their edges.

4: African Lion

world's Most Dangerous Animal

African Lion belongs to Penthra group and is also a member of family Felidae. Mostly it lives in Asia and Sub Saharan Africa. Moreover some of these lines are also seen in Southwest Asia and North Africa. It is included in the list of top 10 most dangerous animal of the world in 2016. Male African lines are very heavy as their average weight is almost 250 kg. The average length of African Lions is about 10 to 11 ft.

Top 3 Most Dangerous Animal Of The World In 2016

3: Box Jellyfish

Top 10 Most Dangerous Animal of the World In 2016-7

It hunts the small fish instead of real jelly fish. Their average speed is almost 4 knots or 2 meters per second. Ac box jellyfish is almost 7.9 inch while tentacles are almost 3 meter long. Its average weight is 2 kg. Box jelly fish has 15 tentacles on its each and every corner. Its each tentacale contains almost 500,000 cnidocytes which have nematocysts. It is a microscopic mechanism which is harpoon shaped and injects its venom in its victim’s body. Some of jelly fish are not very poisonous but some of them can even kill someone like Malo Kingi, Carukia barnesi and Chironex fleckeri are very dangerous jelly fish.

2: Mosquito

world's Most Dangerous Animal

Mosquito is smallest but most dangerous as it stands second in most dangerous animals list. It is included in the list of top 10 most dangerous animal of the world in 2016. It relates to culicidae family and female mosquito belongs to ectoparasites. They are little physically but their venom is more poisonous and deadly. Spanish word Mosquito actually means “little fly”. It loves to drink blood of reptiles, mammals, fish, amphibians etc. One could be suffer from Yellow fever or dengue fever if a mosquito will bite him and it can even cause death.

1: Black Mamba

world's Most Dangerous Animal

The most poisonous and dangerous animal with strongest venom is Black Mamba. Its skin tone is grey, eyes are black and shinny. Black Mamba grows its family in early spring. They can stand on their tales surprisingly. It can kill anyone just in a eye blink. It moves rapidly with a speed of 6.8mph.


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