Top 10 Low Cost Business Ideas in Pakistan for Women

Low Cost Business Ideas

No doubt, Pakistani people are facing so many financial problems and even there are countless problems but you can find also many opportunities. If you are one of those who is disappointed because of unemployment and wants to start a small set-up then we have some Low-Cost Business Ideas for you.

In Pakistan, men and women are equally intelligent but the problem is that women in Pakistan have very few business opportunities. The main reason behind is that she have to look after her house, and have to do countless duties for her family. So normally, women in our culture prefer to do a 9-5 job and don’t want to jump into a full-time business but the reality is that being a businesswoman is much better.
Today, women in Pakistan don’t want to just dependent on men and now she is focusing on making a fortunate herself. Now, women are taking part in each and every field of life and finding the new and amazing business opportunities to prove herself. As a woman, if you are also want to start a business then below are some of the Low-Cost Business Ideas.

  1. Online Writing Services:

writing services

As a housewife, if you have too many responsibilities and you find it difficult to go outside for business and job then you can simply Earn Money by working as a free-lancer. For this, you need a computer, an internet connection and then you can find countless websites on the internet where you can find work according to your skills and rates. and are some of the best places to find work. If you have good writing skills then you can also Earn Money by starting your own blog and these days running a good blog is Most Profitable Business in Pakistan.

  1. Opening a Beauty Parlor:

beauty salon

Opening a Beauty Parlor is one of the best Cheap Business Ideas because you can start it even in a small room in your house. Normally, women in Pakistan prefer to open a beauty parlor because it’s a great idea to Earn Money by giving style to others. If you think that you are good with hair styling, makeup and skin care then you can also earn money by giving training to other girls.

  1. Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate Marketing

In the list of Best Business Ideas for Women, we can’t ignore the Affiliate Marketing. To start this business, you don’t have to invest money rather you can Earn Money by marketing others’ services and products. You just have the ability to convince others and try to explain the product qualities in such a way that client don’t resist against you. You can find lots of marketing opportunities because companies spend lots of money in marketing.

  1. Home Made Products:

Home Made Products

Selling homemade products is another best Small Business Ideas and you can start it With Low Startup Cost. Simply use your skills and make jewelry, paintings, and other crafts and you can sell these products on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram by making your page on these social media sites.

  1. Event manager:

event management

If you have organized some birthday parties and other family events and feels that you are good in it then you can start up your own event planner business.

  1. Tutoring:



Tutoring is one of the best business ideas for women in Pakistan and you can earn a good amount by opening an academy.


  1. Dress Designing:

Dress Designing

Women in Pakistan are not just much crazy about fashion but they also have amazing creativity sense. If you think that you have great fashion sense then offer dress designing services and earn a fair amount of money.


  1. Cookery:


If you are a cooking expert and love cooking then cookery is the Best Business Idea for you. You can start your own Bakery or restaurant but if you don’t have much capital for the business then you can join TV channels like Masala TV and Zaiqa to earn money.




  1. Gift baskets

gift baskets

Making gift baskets is another low-cost business idea and you can earn money by making beautiful and fascinating baskets. Normally, western people use gift baskets but now you can also get benefit by selling them.



  1. Computer Courses:


If you are a computer expert and have the great skill on MS Office, Adobe Photoshop, Windows and other useful software then you can also think to start computer coaching. You can earn thousand rupees by opening up an institute and you can start it with small capital.


Now, we can say that there are many Low-Cost Business Ideas for Women in Pakistan and most of them need very small investment. Just choose the right direction and start your own business to improve your financial position and also take part in helping the country’s economic situation.


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