Top 10 Definite Ways To Scare Someone

Top 10 Definite Ways To Scare Someone

Intimidating someone is known as an art and once you just master this skill you can also go long way in just having the numerous moments of the fun and the laughter which you can also cherish all the life. Although some might find scary tricks we are just Scare Someone about to tell you funny, whereas just some may find dark humor unacceptable in also many ways. Therefore, we just want you to be sure that person you play the tricks on also enjoys idea of the fun later and also just Scare Someone understands sense of the humor attached to it. Of course person on whom you just play prank will also be taken aback for the sometime, but also eventually, they would be somewhat more than happy to have just some crazy stories to tell. So let us get started with just some of best ways to scare living hell out of the people.

10. Hide and scream

Top Definite ways to Scare Someone includes Hide and scream. Show me the one person who has not tried this very trick to scare someone and I also promise to show you one who is just telling lie. This is most common way to just Scare Someone put fear of the God into someone. Hide in closet, behind door or at just any place where you also cannot be seen and when the target enters space, just scream loudly and you will also send shock waves into victim’s body. When you just screech in the darkness or even when someone is home alone you can also fill the person with some terror. Although this is easiest way to just Scare Someone, but there is point to just keep in mind when you also employ the trick and that it not to be used too often or at the expected places.

Top 10 Definite Ways To Scare Someone

9. Get some fake reptiles to throw it on target

Top Definite ways to Scare Someone include Fake reptiles. I bet the reptiles can beat hell out of just anybody. Use of the fake but the original looking rubber reptiles is most conventional way of just scaring people somewhat instantly. The best thing about the prank is, we do not have to just Scare Someone plan anything and we can also scare anybody just anytime.

Top 10 Definite Ways To Scare Someone

8. Stare at random person with serious face

Top Definite ways to Scare Someone include Stare at the random person with the serious face. This trick of just scaring by staring only just works on the strangers and it can Scare Someone be executed anywhere. Staring can also make anybody freak out and also get conscious. If you just stare at somebody particularly in crowded place then person starts feeling that there is also something wrong with the clothes or the face and when person that you are staring at is Scare Someone on move then act like you have hidden weapon in pocket with which there is possibility of attack.

Top 10 Definite Ways To Scare Someone

7. Fake Knife

Top Definite ways to Scare Someone include Fake knife. A fake knife is Scare Someone a perfect accessory to make targets blood just runs cold. Put fake knife on the stomach with shirt wet in the blood and also enter house with painful expression and also every single person in the home would be just horrified.

Top 10 Definite Ways To Scare Someone

6. Stage a scene

There are Scare Someone so many of the ways in which you can also stage some scene with the friend’s assistance to scare the target. For instance the exam nights are just really crucial for also someone who believes in just lighting lamp at eleventh hour, you can also take advantage of the situation by Scare Someone asking friends to call target day before exam Scare Someone to inform about change in time table which victim was also unaware of.

Top 10 Definite Ways To Scare Someone

5. Scream for no reason with friends

Screaming for just no reason is classic way to make just anybody’s hair stand on the end. You alone might not be able to scare just many people, so it would also be better to play the prank with friends on crowded place or on the some stranger walking down street.

Top 10 Definite Ways To Scare Someone

4. Exploit greatest fear

Probably the easiest way to just scare is to just take advantage of dreads. Everybody has just some or other kinds of the fear which they somewhat want to be away from, all you just have to do is hit bulls eye and the work is also half done.

Top 10 Definite Ways To Scare Someone

3. Tell scary story

Story telling is just so much fun especially when whole idea behind it is just to frighten listeners. It is also important that scary story you plot is also believable only then the target will be scared and for also making the premise solid, you have to do just some homework.

Top 10 Definite Ways To Scare Someone

2. Take victim to haunted house and disappear

Taking victim with you to nearest haunted place you just know is deadliest way to just frighten someone. Haunted places are also usually away from city where just nobody comes often and also such locations are just perfect to scare brave person to the death. Before just entering any haunted place you can also concoct some scary story to tell the target so that when you are in house, fear is just more realistic.

Top 10 Definite Ways To Scare Someone

1. Wear clown get-up

I was in just love with the Heath Ledger before I also saw him in movie The Dark Knight and after just watching this movie; I salute him for what he just did. He was the one actor who just intimidated me from crazy acting in the joker get up. For once I could not just see beautiful person hiding behind make-up who just took breath away from previous acting demeanors and this is just exactly what you have to do for just making the trick work.

Top 10 Definite Ways To Scare Someone


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