Top 10 Celebrity Transformations For Good Or Bad

Top 10 Celebrity Transformations

Change it a part of life and everyone try to keep changing and growing with the passage of time in order to find out their best version. Celebrities are for sure already groomed and have their visible personality that attract all of their fans and followers and influence them as well. But, on the other hand being a human they do wish to tryout different new things and explore their new side for their fans as well. We could witness a number of dramatic transformations by the celebrities in order to give their new look or best look to the camera lens. Here the top 10 dramatic celebrity transformations for good or bad are presented to have a quick look at what the celebrities did to themselves to make them different and better.

Commonly celebrities do play with their looks sometimes for their career as per to the demand of the character they are playing and sometimes they do want a change and to create a buzz in the air. The top 10 dramatic celebrity transformations for good or bad let us know that what happened to the celebrities when they tryout something different and how it ended up in their career and life.

  1. Britney Spears

Top 10 Celebrity Transformations

On the number ten among our celebrities we have Britney Spears who have been the most popular and successful pop singer in her teenage and cherishing her success at its best. Lately, the life events of Britney prove to be very much negative for her personality image and her career image get ruined to the maximum extent. In the deep controversies of scandals and affairs and after being getting popular as bad parent, fighting for the child’s custody everything end up at the hospitalization for mental assessment. But, this year celebrity is planning up to come back to her fame life and re-launching herself to her fan’s sphere with a charm.

  1. Taylor Momsen

Top 10 Celebrity Transformations

Among the top 10 dramatic celebrity transformations for good or bad we have Taylor Momsen on the number nine. When it comes to have a view on her transformation from the point of view of her career and professional appearance then it is not wrong to say that she is simply complimenting it. At the beginning of her career she seems to be a sweet and innocent face but with her growing success and engrossment into her career have made her the rock star and now she has her own style statement.

  1. Nicki Minaj

Top 10 Celebrity Transformations

On the position eight we have a transformation for good celebrity Nicki Minaj. She was the one who only symbolize as a sex appeal and was one of the most sex appealing models in the industry. But, for a good change the celebrity make some of the advancements into her body language and appearance from a sex appealing model to the graceful women. Now, Nicki have some elegant looks and she carries her attire beautifully and with complete confidence as well. In her recent statement she told that, “I want the young girls to know that in life nothing based on the sex appeal you have to get something else to go with that.”

Top 7 Celebrity Transformations For Good Or Bad

  1. Miley Cyrus

Top 10 Celebrity Transformations

On the number seven among the top 10 dramatic celebrity transformations for good or bad we have the Hanna Montana fame Miley Cyrus. She was known for her girl – next – door image that she changed by herself turning her long black lock for short bleach – blond. She amazed a number of her fans by her great and sudden transformation that also brought up a spark to her fans as they expect something exceptional from her. Cyrus just begun to explore her and evaluate what is her actual potential in the relevant industry she is working in. along with the looks Miley too transformed her performances and started some of the wild antics that includes a number of her performances such as 2013 VMAs and her “Wrecking Ball” music video too.

  1. Robert Downey Jr.

Top 10 Celebrity Transformations

On the number six we have the well known Iron Man aka Robert Downey Jr. He belongs to a famous director who not only launched him as an amazing actor but introduced him to drugs as well. The previous chapters of Robert’s life are full of dilemma and drama where he gets interacted with alcohol and drugs and end up to the prison and a broken marriage as well. But, lately the actor took charge of his life and makes some of the remarkable changes to his lifestyle too. Now, he is a successful actor and a proud father of two kids.

Top 5 Celebrity Transformations For Good Or Bad

  1. Lindsay Lohan

Top 10 Celebrity Transformations

Lindsay Lohan is another worse case among the top 10 dramatic celebrity transformations for good or bad it is really hard to believe that with the innocent face, bright blue eyes and ginger hairs the girl played great in Hollywood is not at the weirdest position. She is now leading a scandalous lifestyle top loaded with arrests, alcohol and drug abuses and rehabs.

  1. Tulisa

Top 10 Celebrity Transformations

Tulisa got fame in her N – Dubz days but unfortunately she lost her spark and now getting fillers in her cheeks and lips to have some effective looks back on. Cannot justify that for good or bad she is doing so and what kind of affect she will have on her professional approach of these transformations.

Top 3 Celebrity Transformations For Good Or Bad

  1. Justin Timberlake

Top 10 Celebrity Transformations

For a good, among top 10 dramatic celebrity transformations for good or bad we recorded Justin who has been a trouble maker in his early professional years. A number of scandalous, affairs and controversies were catching him all around but lately he overcome the whole chaos and transom himself as a better personality. At present he is a successful singer, heart robe actor and record producer.

  1. Caitlyn Jenner

Top 10 Celebrity Transformations

The whole industry hit by a great shock wave when Jenner launched herself as a female model and got awarded for the Glamour’s Women of the Year against her courage for fight the stigma against the transgender. Right now she is undergoing several surgeries to get done with her all female features.

  1. Drew Barrimor

Top 10 Celebrity Transformations

At the top among the top 10 dramatic celebrity transformations for good or bad we have Drew Barrimor who suffered the troubled childhood. She start smoking and drinking at the age of 9, turning into 10 she hit the dance floor and the 11 and 12th birthday brings Marijuana and Cocaine to her collection. But, lately she found a new side of herself and took charge of her life towards positivity, become a successful actress, loving wife and a caring mother too.


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