Top 10 Biggest Protests Of All Times

Top 10 Biggest Protests Of All Times

It is just surprising to see number of the protests in the history that were just initiated with the peaceful propositions at start and also turned pretty violent as they just headed close to the ends. Often some times, the peaceful protesters just get somewhat rowdy and start the havoc because of just being treated somewhat unjustly by the police and also other opposing forces. Sometimes the protests are just even opposed with somewhat simply more the protests carried out by the opposition groups, the parties and also the political groups in most recent cases.

10. Indian anti-corruption movement (2011)

Top Biggest Protests of all times include Indian anti-corruption movement (2011). The 2011 Indian anti-corruption movement just intended to set up some strong legislation and also the empowerment just against the endemic political situation of the corruption in the India. The movement was just pile of the protests and also the demonstrations that swept the India almost just over-night. According to the Time Magazine the anti-corruption movement in the India was just among Top Ten News stories of the year 2011.

Top 10 Biggest Protests Of All Times

9.  Irish Protests (2008-2013)

Top Biggest Protests of all times include Irish Protests (2008-2013). This is just one of on-going series of the protests, occupations, and also the demonstrations taking the place all over Republic of the Ireland. The movement just started in year 2008, when the Ireland officially just declared it had just gone into the recession, and budget being somewhat the toughest in just many years as labeled by Irish government included the many controversial measures such as the proposed income the levy which was also eventually restructured.

Top 10 Biggest Protests Of All Times

8.  Chilean Student Protests (2011-2012)

Top Biggest Protests of all times include Chilean Student Protests (2011-2012). Widely just known as Chilean Winter, referring in the particular massive protests that were just carried out in the August in year 2011 or just also Chilean Education Conflict as it was just labeled in the Chilean media were somewhat basically series of the student-led demonstrations just across the Chile.

Top 10 Biggest Protests Of All Times

7. Colombian Student Protests (2011)

Top Biggest Protests of all times include Colombian Student Protests (2011). This is just also on-going student protest movement just taking place all over the Colombia. The protest, like Chilean protests; is just a series of the demonstrations against education system in the Colombia. The protest just began as direct reaction against planned reform on country’s education system. Due to protests just planned reform was the withdrawn from parliament on 16th of the November in 2011; something the student leaders called victory for movement. A protest just carried out on 24th of the November in 2011 was announced first bi-national protest for the education in the history, just according to Chilean Magazine the Clinic as the students from both countries had just in common the South America and also the right-winged presidents.

Top 10 Biggest Protests Of All Times

6.  Malawian Protests (2011)

The Malawi Protests started with proposition of just winning political and also the economic reforms or the concessions from government of the Malawi. In month of the July, the Malawian organizations protested against poor economic management and carefree governance by President named Binguwa Mutharika and the Democratic Progressive Party. After just two days of the protests, more than just 100 casualties and also around 300 arrests were just reported. More demonstrations were just carried out in month of the August and the September and even due to intervention of UN representative, these protests broke just through the Red Wednesday through national vigil.

Top 10 Biggest Protests Of All Times

5. Protest against the War in Afghanistan (2001-present)

This is just perhaps one of longest protests in the history that has just ran over decade already and also still persists with just more and more countries just coming into picture. The first-major protests just date back to initial days of official launch of war in the October of 2001. The War in the Afghanistan has just given way to the many large protests around this world in the countries like the Australia, the Canada, the France, the Spain, the United Kingdom and also the United States.

Top 10 Biggest Protests Of All Times

4. Arab Spring (2010-present)

The Arab Spring is list of the on-going protests and also all kinds of the revolts both violent, some non-violent riots, the civil wars taking place all over Arab World against the respective governments and also the existing economic, the political, the social and also the educational systems. The respective rulers from Tunisia, the Egypt just twice the Libya and Yemen have just been forced from the power. Civil uprisings and also the major protests have just shaken governments in the countries like the Bahrain, the Syria, the Algeria, the Iraq, the Jordan, the Kuwait, the Morocco and also the Sudan.

Top 10 Biggest Protests Of All Times

3.  Turkish Protests (2013)

A series of the protests and the demonstrations against freedom of press, the freedom of expression, the freedom of assembly, and also the government’s encroachment on the Turkey’s secularism that just started on the May of 2013, initially just sparked to detest urban development plan for the Istanbul’s TaksimGezi Park. The protests were just ignited by the brutal outrage due to eviction of sit in at park protesting plan. These protests were with just no centralized leadership and with only just some small groups organizing the environmental protests across country.

Top 10 Biggest Protests Of All Times

2. Brazilian Protests (2013)

Mainly initiated by Movemento Pasee Livre Free Fare Movement which is a local organization advocating for the free public transportation, the 2013 protests in the Brazil are series of the on-going public demonstrations in the several Brazilian cities. Also known as V for the Vinegar Movement or the Salad Revolt, Brazilian Spring demonstrations were just started to protest against increases in the bus, the train and also the metro ticket prices in many of the Brazilian cities.

Top 10 Biggest Protests Of All Times

1.  The Occupy Movement (2011-present)

A world-wide demonstration against so called 1% and also the global social and also the economic inequality, Occupy movement is international protest movement just aiming to make economic and also some political relations in all the societies’ just less vertically hierarchical and also more flatly distributed.

Top 10 Biggest Protests Of All Times


Most of protests we have seen in list are not from the long ago or just from worn pages of history books. They just happened right in front of the eyes as we just carried on with normal lives.

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