Top 10 Best Watch Brands in the World In 2015-2016

Casio watch

Today watches have become the symbol of fashion and everybody in the world wants to purchase the best and expensive watch for themselves. In old days watches are only considered as a medium to measure time, there is no such development were made at that time. Now a day’s people wear watches not only to become disciplined but also show their status to which they belonged.

There are many brands available in the market that provides quality of watches, and they don’t compromise on their quality as their target is to provide best quality of stuff to their customers. And that’s why we have compiled a complete list of these companies, here is the list of “Top 10 best watch brand in the world” and if you are in the mood of purchasing a watch then this article will surely help you to buy a watch of best company.

10. Jetset:-

                         Jetset Watch

Michael Kors is the proud owner of the Jetset brand, and they are providing with the best quality of wrist watches. The functionality of the jetset is that, they have analog display and they beautiful round shape structure. The sleek design and the best display of the watch are the main feature of its success.Appetime watchThe company makes watches for the people of all ages. Jetset is still an affordable brand and that’s why it is at 10 place in our list of top 10 best watch brands in the world.

09. Appetime:-

Appetime is a Japanese brand and they make watches only for the ladies. Their watches are worth to wear and they have analog display that is closed in a traditional case. The brand is waterproof and it also contains some extra features that women dream for.

The brand is serving the people from 1970, and their watches are available in the market both with digital and analog display. The worth of the company earns it a 9th place in our list.


08. Philippe Starck:-

Philippe Starck watch

Philippe Starck is French brand and it is named for the owner, he is an expert timepiece designer and its products are of high quality and standard. His products are available in both digital and analog display, and for the best quality of display material like glass, chrome and aluminium are used.

The cheapest watch with ample display is very famous among the people and they offered services for both men and women.


07. Luminox:-

Luminox Watch

Luminox is a swiss brand, and the main feature of this timepiece is that it shows the day, date and calendar. The watch comes with a luminous display and it’s specially designed for the SEALS, Air force, FBI etc. There are many categories available in it and it’s up to you what you select. The company offers Arabic numeral display and they also offer slander structure for the display, which attract the attention of every user. Luminox is at 7th place in our list of top 10 best watch brands in the world.

06. Omega:-

Omega watch

Omega is a very popular brand all over the world and it is admired by almost people of all ages. The company is working for almost six decades, and many politicians and celebrities love to wear watch of this brand. After a survey, it is found that it is the most trusted brand by the people and their gold watches are very popular in the world. It is in 6th place in our list.

05. Gucci Designer Watch:-

Gucci Designer Watch

Gucci brand producing very good quality of watches, and these look like elite and sober in their appearance. Gucci is originally an italic brand and it was established in 1921, the brand is very rich when it comes to manufacturing as they use the diamond and gold while preparing the watch. They manufacture timepieces that can only afford by the elite class and that’s why it is the 5th best watch brand in the world.

04. Diesel:-

Diesel watch

Diesel is a very popular company that manufacture men’s wrist watches, and it’s very famous among the people because of its sleek design. If you are wearing a diesel watch, it enhances your confidence and personality level. Diesel was established in 1985, from that time until now it has maintained the symbol of its perfection and culmination. The brand enjoys the 4th place in our list.

03. Casio:-

Casio watch

Casio is the name of perfection and elegance, the company manufacture both digital and analog watches. They are meeting the challenges of every class of buyers. The company starts their product in the year 1999 and now they are fully established, they have become the name of fashion. The technology they are using is very rare and worth to wear and that’s why it is in 3rd place in our list of the best watch brands in the world.


02. Citizen Eco-Drive:-

Citizen Eco Drive Watch

Citizen Eco-Drive is simply one of the best watch brand in the world. Their watches fit to each class and enhance the personality of the person. There is a solar panel installed in the watch that charge the battery, a thermal model is also installed in the watch, which charged the watch by the temperature of our body. The company was established in the year 1918 and it is in 2nd place in our list.

01. Rolex:-

Rolex Watch

Rolex is the most famous watch brand in the world, it is not just a name it is a name of a class. Rolex is certified from COSC, it also contains the resistance of 100m. The main headquarter of manufacturing is in Switzerland and Geneva, the brand is sold throughout the world and they maintain the class of their quality. Rolex is very famous in South Asia, Middle East, Europe and in America and these qualities earn it a 1st place in our list.

So, this is the end of the article, we are hopeful that we have provided enough knowledge on the most debatable topic. Give your suggestions in the comment box and stay in-touch with our site for more updates.


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