Top 10 Best Software For PC Ever

Top 10 Best Software For PC Ever

Top 10 Best Software For PC Ever i am telling about in this article best software for PC ever, there are a lot of software in the market available for computers. Most of them are well known to you. These are regularly used by you. These software helps you in completing your daily tasks, office and company work. Some of these are used by professionals to meet their requirements and grow their business. This application includes Photoshop, Auto-cad and Corel Draw. Without these precious software your PC is like a vintage machine. After installing the Operating system, you will search for some basic software on the internet, CDs and DVDs available with you. Some applications are required on permanent basis like Ms-Office, Adobe Reader and Media players. Others are utilized as you required them according to your field. However all the students and workers do not know some useful applications they must have. This type of software should be in their pocket to use these as and when required. Windows has hundreds of programs that can be installed and there are a lot of applications to think about. But here, I am giving you a list of Top 10 Software your Pc. With this list, you can select the one which is helpful to you and installing this will make your PC a wonderful and energetic machine.

10. Multimedia Players

There are hundreds of multimedia software available with different limitations and capabilities. These programs will open different types of multimedia files which cannot be opened by Windows media player. That is why people choose this free software which is likely to play many types of file extensions. There are many types of videos formats saved on discs and DVDs, these include mkv and mpeg4. The software needed to play these extensions should be capable of playing these. The popular audio media player in my list is Audacity and Video players are VLC Player and Splash pro-Ex Player. These both video multimedia players are capable of running both audio and video files in HD format. Nowadays many film makers intend to make their film in HD format which mean higher resolution, so you obviously you need to play these higher resolution films in some specific program. Splash pro-Ex Player is the best for this task. It will play almost all the video files with any type of extension including mkv.

Top 10 Best Software For PC Ever

9. Wireless Network Watcher and Network Tools

If you are working in your home or in office and want to check list of all the computers on your network, along with MAC addresses, IP addresses, and other serious information? Whether you are thinking that someone’s stealing your Wi-Fi or planning your network , The Wireless Network Watcher is a tool which will really help you around. It also works on the wire networks despite its name depicts of wireless. There is also one recommendation you must have an eye on; NirSoft’s network tools that you always love to work with. These tools are the best available for networking purposes.

Top 10 Best Software For PC Ever

8. Yumi and UNetbootin

Even though you are a sticky Windows user, Linux can help you many times in different ways. It has main role in troubleshooting. Usually Linux and other troubleshooting tools are available in live CDs, but if you do not have an optical drive, UNetbootin is a really helpful tool. It can make easily any ISO into a bootable flash drive. I also recommend YUMI, which allows you to put many live CDs on single flash drive. This means that you are combining all your precious discs, Linux distro and many other tools and putting them in your coat pocket.

Top 10 Best Software For PC Ever

7. Ultimate Windows Tweaker

After installing the Windows first time, you possibly get all things set according to your way that includes unsupported tweaks and your favorite little Registry hacks. Then often you might discover new ones and try for them. Program like Ultimate Windows Tweaker makes this much easier, and is very helpful in keeping around. It has a lot of amazing features helping you in tweaking the smallest feature in the lock screen, Windows Explorer, taskbar and anything you could imagine of. Try downloading this special software and let you discover the new features in your operating system.

Top 10 Best Software For PC Ever

6. Compression Utilities

There are many types of files available on the internet but when you download these files, sometime an error has occurs that the file is corrupt and affected by virus. To make this happen secure and reduce all these factors, a solution is available; save your files in compressed format. There is a tool to do all this, and many programs are available for this purpose. I am suggesting you the commonly used Winrar and 7-zip utilities. These software can deal easily with file types having extensions .rar and .zip, The whole file is compressed in a single file allowing easy and secure transfer. It is suggested that, always install one of these software.

Top 10 Best Software For PC Ever

5. Revo Uninstaller

I recommend this tool for uninstalling of programs that are just creating extra load on system memory. It is better program than the default Window’s Add/Remove program. Revo Uninstaller has a lot of extra feature and it is very easy to use. This is a must install program and has high ratings and positive reviews by users. It has a quick access menu and things are much easier than the old applications. You have to select the unwanted program and click on the Uninstall tab, there you go. A very quick uninstaller that works fast and is top in my choice.

Top 10 Best Software For PC Ever

4. Easeus Partition Manager

EASEUS partition manager helps people in creating and managing disk partitions on operating systems. Although you have made partitions during the installation, and know how to make partitions. I will ask you to download this special tool and make use of it many times and keep this application. This tool has many special features like split, resize or merge partitions, convert NTFS to FAT, convert logical partition to primary and vice versa, and many more. This is the most used partition and recovery tool and its user ratings are very high due to its amazing features.

Top 10 Best Software For PC Ever

3. Data Saving and Back up utilities

Sometimes there is very important data in your Pc and hardware that needs to be accessed at any time. But unfortunately, there is no special measure available to save your data on any hardware because sometimes your house catches a fire, your whole house is robbed or your discs and DVDs are stolen then you can only cry. Online backup programs and utilities are available for this purpose. The data saved is much secure and you can access it from any part of the world. I have two recommended software for this important task; Dropbox and Mozy. These both programs are very helpful in saving your precious data that means a lot to you.

Top 10 Best Software For PC Ever

2. Internet Browsers

There are many free excellent internet browsing applications available on the internet with a lot of features. Some of these are fast in surfing; some have fast downloading and many more. Even though the Internet explorer is pre-installed on many operating systems; you do not have the freedom of accessing the web differently. There are many free browsers offered by software companies but I recommend the two most commonly used softwares. These are Google Chrome browser and Mozilla Firefox. These are rated high by users and have a lot of amazing features. These are capable of downloading resume and have many extensions available. If you enable these extensions in the setting menu then you don’t have to install the whole application required to perform that task. Another feature of these free browsers is secure surfing which helps you to access the finance related websites more safely.

Top 10 Best Software For PC Ever

1. Antivirus and Malware protection

Many people say that they should have some type of protection installed on their PC to block hacking and virus attacks. Many computers and Laptops come with a built-in company’s Anti-virus program but some people could not take chance on these. There is a vast option of installing free programs available on the internet regarding protection and some of which are even better than the company’s software. All you have to do is to sit on your chair and just Google the name of best free protection software and download it. It will really work for you. I am recommending you Free Avast and AVG Anti-virus and Malware-byte for malware protection. With these free software Most users have an idea of freedom and freely process their transactions. So these Anti-virus programs are first in my list.

Top 10 Best Software For PC Ever


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