Top 10 Best Places to Live and Work

Top 10 Best Places to Live and Work

Long departed are the days when people expended most of their lives living and making at one place. People nowadays look for new setting, better work chances and chance to experience diverse world cities. There are plentiful places to indicate from and that itself makes the task formidable. The major contemplations are the quality of life, shelter, salary structures, job opportunities, and raising children abroad.

Let us take a aspect at some of the best expat terminuses worldwide. The places those are best in terms of job market, economics, safety, and childcare.

Top 10 Best Places to Live and Work:

  1. Hong Kong

Top 10 Best Places to Live and Work

A faultless example of ‘East meets West’, this Chinese territory is a bustling land with populace of over seven million. Hong Kong has enlarged mainland China, having its own coinage and set of laws. Job chances are plenty, with high salaries and large throwaway income. Advanced healthcare system and superiority of education are other constructive factors. These are some of the Top 10 Best Places to Live and Work.

  1. Australia

Top 10 Best Places to Live and Work

With low residents levels and high excellence of life, Australia is one country that expatriates do not feel like leave-taking. Australia has auspicious weather. Relaxing in is not a hassle. There are adequately of options when it comes to food and regeneration. Though, poor public transportation and below regular childcare are the worry areas.

  1. Philippines

Top 10 Best Places to Live and Work

With welcoming atmosphere and ease of relaxing, the Philippine archipelago is one of the foremost choices for persons to work and live in. Filipinos are hopeful by nature and have family-oriented culture. The price of living is another thing that entices expats. The country has a robust economy and a decent teaching system.

  1. Spain

Top 10 Best Places to Live and Work

This Western European republic offers a enjoyable weather with year-round sunlight, which happens to be a principal reason for expats to move in particularly from EU (no VISA required). The need for accomplished specialists is on the rise and so are the job chances. The country is no slouch on the community scene either. These are some of the Top 10 Best Places to Live and Work.

  1. Singapore

Top 10 Best Places to Live and Work

Singapore does certainly well when it derives to “quality of life”. It is predominantly good for raising children, given its superiority of education and prodigious childcare. Expats regularly look up to lavish salary packages, low tax rates and better livelihood opportunities. Public conveyance in country is cheap and very consistent.

  1. USA

Top 10 Best Places to Live and Work

USA receives a big number of expatriates every year. It is the ease of flustering and citizen’s friendliness that makes it one of the finest countries for emigrants. There is no dearth of frivolous activities too. NYC offers sufficiently of job chances. With its diverse mix of persons, it has become a current hub of expats, attracting even superior number.

  1. Switzerland

Top 10 Best Places to Live and Work

This hilly country tops in terms of “superiority of life”. A major fraction of expats comprise those attentive in the country’s banking industry and monetary markets. Zurich in specific has a very high standard of living, so most émigrés settle down in and round the city. The city has well-organized public conveyance of trains, tram and buses, making travelling easy. Even healthcare is remarkable. Country’s elegant scenery is an added benefit. There are adequately of leisure selections both summer and winter.

  1. Luxembourg

Top 10 Best Places to Live and Work

This miniature European country offers adequately of job opportunities to career concerned with expats. Supposedly, expats make up roughly 40% of Luxembourg’s population. That bounces the country an intercontinental essence and makes it more gorgeous to foreigners. Concerning with other expats befits easier. Added, the country has an above-average set-up for travel and passage. Even the health and care scenario is quite sustaining. Though, people face trouble making friends with locals.

  1. Ecuador

Top 10 Best Places to Live and Work

Expats are typically very content with their economic situation in Ecuador. They discovery the country to be very welcoming, favorable to easy settling and receiving the ‘at home’ feel. Nevertheless, many expats face linguistic problems. Giving to InterNations Survey, over one-third expatriates agree that it is very problematic to live in Ecuador without language Spanish. On the optimistic side, one in three expats also contemplate that Spanish is very relaxed to learn. Ecuador also ranks peak when it comes to personal contentment, with a substantial number of expats selecting to stay there for the rest of their life.

  1. Mexico

Top 10 Best Places to Live and Work

Mexico is a certain shot winner when it comes to the “luxury of settling” quotient. The kingdom also ranks high in relations of “personal happiness” and “freedom options.” It makes emigrants feel right at home. Though touching for a job stays the main reason, astonishingly, many persons move to Mexico for “love”. People in such case whichever moved in to join their spouse or moved beside with them. On the flip side, Mexico does not fare-well when it comes to private safety. Though, the Mexico City has seen a droplet in crime since 2011.

These are some of the finest cities where you should work and live an happily life.


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