Top 10 Best PC Games of 2015-2016


Popular PC  Games 2013

Video games provide a great source of entertainment to the people who loved to play them on their computers. Its quite interesting fact that games are not only popular among the kids, but the adults also love to play them. A lot of developments are being made in the field of technology, as a result of this the quality of PC games is also enhanced and it is a good sign for the people who loved to play them. There are a number of varieties of PC games, as some people love to play the fighting games, while some love to play the racing games. It totally depends upon the nature of the people what type of games they loved to play and that’s why we have arranged this article. After a lot of searching and efforts we have categories these PC games and we hope that you will like these games. Here is the list of Best computer games and we hope that after reading this article you will surely play these games.

10. Watch Dogs:-

Best PC Games 2013

Watch dog is a one of the best adventurous PC games that is ever produced. The game test the ability of player and if you know about hacking, then this facility is also available in the game as you have to hack the bank accounts, cell phones and many security systems. The mission are very complicated and it require great skill of the player how he manages to complete it. As its popularity is increasing day by day, we have awarded it 10th place in our list of best PC games.

09. Star Trek Computer Games:-

Star Trek

Star Trek game is based on a story of a movie and its characters are very much popular among the people. There are two powers one they call Justice and other is evil, there are many dangerous missions and the person with a good piece of mind can complete them. The game is gaining fame and reputation among its lovers and that’s why it manages to place 9th in our list.

08. Tomb Raider PC Game:-

Tomb Raider

The story of Tomb Raider is based on a Hollywood movie, in which lead role was played by Angelina Julie. It contains many dangerous missions and it really test the patience of a player. It is one of the best real time strategy game and it is highly loved by the people of all ages. If you have a Core 2 Duo with 2.6 GHz processor, and 2 GB of RAM then you can run this game, and Tomb Raider is in 8th place in our list of the top modern PC games.

07. Dead Space 3 :-

Top Most Modern PC Games

Dead Space manages 7th place in the list of most action games and it is the proud production of EA (Electronics Art). The game is based on third person shooter game and it provides a great kind of fun and entertainment to the players. It is a third part of Dead Space series and it was released in February and the minimum requirements of the game includes Core i3 processor, 4GB RAM and high quality of 3d graphic card.

06. The Elder Scrolls Online:-

The Elder Scrolls Online

This PC game is produced by the ZeniMax Online Studio, The Elder Scrolls Online is a multiplayer video game and it is highly praised by the people of all ages. It contains the most thrilling scenes and it has competed with some good games and it manages to write its name at 6th position in the list of the best PC games.

05. DMC: Devil May Cry:-

DMC Devil May Cry

Devil May Cry is a proud production of Capcom, and it is the best thriller game ever produced. It was released in January and the game is highly praised by the people of all ages. It is specially designed for the Windows 7 and 8 platform, and it is unplayable on Windows XP because it supports high features. It is at 5th place in the list of best games all the time..

04. Company of Heroes 2:-

Company of Heroes 2

It is a second part of the series Company of Heroes, it is a best real time strategy game and it contains a great amount of thrill and action. It is the production of Sega games, as the Sega is known for producing best action games for PC. The game enjoys the 4th place in the list of the best PC games.

03. GTA V:-


Grand Theft Auto is the best thriller and real time game in the history of PC games. It is a proud production of RockStar games. It is a fifth part of the GTA series and it’s a great kind of action and thrilling moments. The players are expected to perform different missions and there are many difficult and tricky missions in the game. Owing the popularity of the game, we have promoted this game at the 3rd position in the list of the most popular PC games.

02. Bioshock Infinite:-

Bioshock Infinite

It is produced by the 2K games, it is a full shooter game, and that’s why it comes in the category of first person shooter game. The game takes 20 GB of Hard disk and you can operate it on the 2GB RAM. The game takes full exam of your brain and the abilities, and that’s why it is in 2nd place in our list.

01. Crysis 3:-

Crysis 3

Here comes the game the place 1st in the list of the best PC games “Crysis 3.” It also comes in the category of a first person shooter game and it is a great mixture of action and thrill. This video game takes 12GB of you hard and can run on 4GB of RAM. This PC game is very popular among the gamers and they award 5/5 points to it. If you are really a game lover then you must buy this game.

This is the end of this article, we hoped that you have loved this article and enjoyed a lot. State your ideas and comments about best list of old and modern PC games and stay tuned to our site for more updates on further topics.


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