Top 10 Best & Most Popular Wallpapers Designs

Top 10 Best & Most Popular Wallpapers Designs

Wallpapers were one of the most popular wallpapers designs downloads once PCs were the only computing device in the reach of the common people. But with the advancement of technology and internet things have changed a lot. Possession of PCs, Laptops, Notebooks, Tablets and Smart phones has become very common. It is like having a PC in the palm of your hand. It can fulfill all the computing requirements of any individual. There are also various platforms of operating systems available on these tablets and smart phones. The most popular ones are Android and iOS. The use of trendy wall papers and more recently the introduction of live wallpapers have enhanced the dynamic features of the smart phones and tablets. If you are new user you will soon learn that to be comfortable with your computing device you need to customize and personalize it according to your taste and likings. The first step in doing this personalization is through setting up a background or wall paper. This is a very popular feature that attracts lots of users. There are several different types of live and simple wall papers available on the google play store. Some of them are available after payment of some nominal charges while others are free of cost. Below is a list of top 10 most popular wallpapers on android that are free to download:

10. Go go dancer Girl Wallpaper

This is the last most popular wallpapers designs on the list of top 10 most popular wallpapers that allows you have a dancing girl on your home screen.

Top 10 Best & Most Popular Wallpapers Designs

9. Jump Gate Wallpaper

Another free most popular wallpapers designs on the list of the top 10 most popular wall papers is the jump gate. The application allows the android robot to float into space and move by the amazing asteroids with the help of his jetpack. The more fun part is that whenever you tap on the screen, the robot turns and waves at you. The wall paper offers a variety of options like change of speed, new space craft and a turbo booster.

Top 10 Best & Most Popular Wallpapers Designs

8. The Avengers Wallpaper

If you are a fan of the Marvel Super Hero series, then this is the wall paper you do not want to miss at any cost. This is the official wall paper of the greatest and mightiest super heroes of all times. The best feature includes the cracking of the home screen whenever there is an incoming message, email or call.

Top 10 Best & Most Popular Wallpapers Designs

7. Beach LWP

The serene and scenic beauty of the beach can become the display screen of your smart device, using this most popular wallpapers designs. With jumping of the dolphins in the brightly colored seas water and seagulls flying around the deep blue sky makes it all come alive. The palm trees moving slowly in the cool breeze give it a realistic touch. The sail boat also gives the wallpaper a lovely feel .

Top 10 Best & Most Popular Wallpapers Designs

6. Photo Wall Wallpaper

This is the most personalized way of decorating your home screen. Having your own collection of images floating around the screen of your smart device is a great option for many users. This wall paper application selects pictures from your own phone gallery and makes different types of collages that can be displayed in creative ways on the screen. The application of most popular wallpapers designs can also be linked with the Instamatic to make it more interesting.

Top 10 Best & Most Popular Wallpapers Designs

5. Season Zen Wall Paper

If you are a nature lover and want to spend most of your time in the beautiful outdoors, then this wall paper must go with your taste and choice. The season Zen free wall paper is among the top 10 most popular wall papers because it provides a great display of the four beautiful seasons on the home screen of your mobile or smart device. The theme of the wall paper is in a park setting where different season blossom as time passes. The user has the option for changing the seasons as well.

Top 10 Best & Most Popular Wallpapers Designs

4. Aquarium Wallpaper

This is the most common and widely used type of wall papers. However among the tons of aquarium and under the sea wall papers that are available on the smart devices, the aquarium live most popular wallpapers designs is the best and most realistic. It makes the device look like an aquarium window. With great animation features and high tech graphics, the tropical fish aquariums seems like becoming real live to the viewer.

Top 10 Best & Most Popular Wallpapers Designs

3. Androids Live Wallpaper

Those of you who like the android symbolic robot, this is the most popular wallpapers designs that you will love. Download the androids live wallpaper and have tiny robotic androids floating on your home screen. One drawback of this wallpaper is that it supports advertisements. However, most ads to not bother the user that much. The android wallpaper has a lot of different settings and features to offer. These include things like creations of different combinations, changing of speeds, colors, textures, shape, sizes, effect and much more. The great high definition graphics of the wall paper are very appealing and make your device look awesome.

Top 10 Best & Most Popular Wallpapers Designs

2. Jelly Bean Wallpaper

As most of the smart users of the android devices know that jelly bean is a version of the android operating system. Although the system jelly beans takes a long time to get upgraded into the newer version of android, you can still get a great seek peak into the latest jelly bean version of 4.1 by having this wall paper as your home screen back ground. The wallpaper offers a selection of five different floating particles namely Beans, Droids, Beams, Stars and capsules.

Top 10 Best & Most Popular Wallpapers Designs

1. Super Clock Wallpaper

This is the first most popular wallpapers designs on the list of top 10 most popular wallpapers because it is very simple and minimal technology associated with it. A large number of people turn to the home screen of their smart phones or other computing devices just to take a look at the date and time. although there is a default clock present in all smart devices, the super clock wallpaper allows you to have a customized settings with your own choice of time zone, display, size of clock and much more.

Top 10 Best & Most Popular Wallpapers Designs


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