Top 10 best android apps i am telling about in this article best android apps, there is a long list of applications in the android market available for Smartphone. You know many of them. These applications are frequently used by you. These applications assist you in making your phone up to date in all respects. These are divided into many categories. These applications include entertainment, travel,android personalization, multimedia and many more. Without these amazing applications your phone is just a mass. All the applications are well designed to make your phone a really android Smartphone. Many applications are per-installed fa in the phone but really there is a need to have more in your set. You can pick the category and then select your application or just visit Play store to download directly from there, saving your time. A big range of best android apps games is also available on the internet, only you have to do is select your phone model and click on download tab. The game will be downloaded in no time depending upon your network speed. But many android users have no time to spend and search different types of application on the internet.

I have made a list of top 10 android apps for this kind of peoples.

10. Android L Keyboard

This app is very simple to use as its name depicts. It has not much different from the other built-in Android devices, just have some style difference and easy to manage. It’s third party software with new material and design. Typing would be much easier than old best android apps keyboards. This is standalone software and you will not see any ads and bloat during its use. This beautiful app can be directly installed in to your Android device and you don’t have to root your Phone for this purpose.


9. Echo Notification Lockscreen

Echo notification Lockscreen is an application made to manage your notifications. But the difference is in its way of working, It takes all your notifications and place these in an area where you definitely see them first.. Everything in this app is arranged in a beautiful manner that is eye-catching and you will not remember any old Notification app after installing this wonderful app in your Android devices. The basic theme of Echo is that it will displays the notification according to the priority set by you, so you will not look for extra and non-important notifications. Echo Notification is free of cost, just install it and take advantage from it.


 8. Z Launcher

There are so many Home launchers available nowadays for customization on best android apps Phones, but it is very difficult to select the best one. These all have different benefits and graphics. Nokia has proudly released a trial version of their new Launcher for Smartphone named Z Launcher. It is far better than Yahoo’s Aviate Launcher that has the attention of peoples before Z Launcher by Nokia is released. Now Android user are attracting towards this because it is capable of making apps shortcut on the Home screen and have stylish themes and colors as compared to other apps. As Z Launcher is not free and unfortunately its Demo version has already gone to its capacity but in the near future, more people can avail this beautiful app.


7. Copy Bubble

This is a great application if you are using regularly copy and paste function in your best android apps Smartphone. It has very high user ratings in this category of applications. It simply places a shortcut with the name Copy Bubble, so you can easily see all the clipboard copied data in this icon. The use of this app makes thing simple and easy. The data saved in this app can be accesses any time from the Home screen. The data you copied on the last time will be displayed in the Bubble but if you want to check your old files stored in the Copy Bubble, just open it and select your file to see it. This wonderful tiny application is free with a lot of amazing features.


6. Nike+FuelBand

This free application is at last available on the Play Store after a long time with full best android apps support for much small fitness like wearable. Before this month it was only available on iOS, that’s why many Android Users are turning towards iOS and making a loss for Android market. Then the manufacturers decided to introduce it in Android but this version of Nike+FuelBands is only compatible with devices that have Android 4.3 or higher. Now the app is available free for you. FuelBand has an ability of tracking and pulling your statistics for your latest run or motorcycle ride, count your steps and calories and measure them with the beautiful application interface, and also compare them against others for a small friendly challenge. You will need the FuelBand for it to work, but the app itself have no cost and available on Google Play Store.


 5. Oyster-Read Unlimited Books

This application is specially designed for the bookworms. If you are a lover of book reading than Oyster is a useful application which can provide you a large quantity of new books to read anytime you think. It is simply like a shelf for books, having a little monthly subscription fee for reading thousands of books on your Android phone or tablet anytime you wish. There are more than 500,000 books in the Oyster library collection so chances there are many chances that you can find a book that you are looking for, whether it is a new hottest novel from your favorite writer or a classic from the Lord of the Rings series. There is plenty of time for the students in summer vacations, so don’t waste your time here and there but keep study reading books in Oyster on your Android Smartphone.


4. Google Slides

Google Slides is a fantastic application which makes it easy to edit and create presentations with others. It is free and has no hidden charges for installation in your Android tablet or Smartphone. Google had said earlier in the year that they are bringing slides to the Play Store after they launched the separation of Sheets and Docs from Drive to make them standalone applications. This makes easy editing in PowerPoint and you can also makes slide even you have no internet connection or offline. All your data is saved in slides as it was previously saved in Docs and Sheets, so data loss should not be an important issue now. Google Slides is a free application; this makes this app a real awesome.


 3. Lumosity

There is not an age limit to learn tricks. You are never late to teach your brain. Luminosity mission is to teach as many Smartphone users as they can and help people train their brain and attention by using funny and helpful small mini games to do so. It is very hard to remember things and it can be even difficult to keep our attention focused that is where Lumosity help us. The application is free but there are some charges associated with it via IAP. There are many other games included in Lumosity as well which can help you to teach you skills regarding problem solving, and many games available for the strength of your brain improvement. In all there are more than 40 games which can be played for our daily workouts including 5 games each to help you better teaching of the brain.


2. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

This type of application is only available app in the best android apps market having such a fantastic feature and if you do not have tried this yet then this is the time for it. It really guides people in monitoring their sleep timings and help them wake up to feel more refreshingly after the alarm is rang. It will wake up you in the time that you have set at night and thus maintains a strict schedule for you. The application is not free of cost. Its price is $1.99, but after using it more than a week, I am very happy to say that $1.99 I spent to purchase this app was not a big lose. This app really works for those who are tired of waking up early in the morning and helps them to change their life styles.


 1. Ready

Ready is a dialer and contact list application for them who may have missed our coverage of this when it was released. It is a beautiful app that brings life and simplicity back to the Smartphone’s basic function and calling. Ready bring things to the higher level while the dialers used in Smart phones and many other android machines are fine. Ready app is used to enhance Images size and beauty, you have the shortcuts for contacts after you have completed a phone call, and the call history is still displaying while the phone is ringing. Contacts are displayed with stylish design and large pictures so you can easily shift to and find the contact you are going to call. This app is free to download.



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