Top 10 Most Beautiful Lips in Bollywood

Beautiful Lips in Bollywood

Top 10 Most Beautiful Lips in Bollywood

Who has the best lips in Bollywood? We could split lip jokes about this story, yet we won’t. We will simply give you a chance to wonder about these 10 lovely ladies with probably the most excellent lips in Bollywood. These ravishing driving women have lured us numerous a circumstances with their lip motions. While they might not have the ideal sulk like Angelina Jolie, they are not the slightest bit less hot than hers. Here is our rundown of top 10 contenders for the title of having the Beautiful Lips in Bollywood.

  1. Preity ZintaBeautiful Lips in Bollywood

Not exclusively does Preity Zinta have one of the loveliest grins in Bollywood, however she has lovable adjusted lips that make for an immaculate pucker.

  1. Vidya BalanBeautiful Lips in Bollywood

Her fans will recollect her gnawing her lips enticingly in The Dirty Picture and it made her very well known after she enchanted us with them in the Ooh la number.

  1. Chitrangada SinghBeautiful Lips in Bollywood

Another Miss Perfect of the business, Chitrangada scarcely misunderstands anything with regards to looks and her lips are similarly as hot as her body.

  1. Aishwarya RaiBeautiful Lips in Bollywood

Many may state that her eyes are her best component however her lips are not a long ways behind in the positioning. Her kissing scene in Dhoom 2 with Hrithik was one of the highlights of the film. She’s a standout amongst the most wonderful woman in India and in addition on the planet, Beautiful Lips in Bollywood.

  1. Katrina KaifBeautiful Lips in Bollywood

She shows you the craftsmanship and magnificence of Aamsutra. That’s all anyone needs to know. When everything about her is flawless, how might we let her alone for this rundown? Be that as it may, many may differ with us as a lot of flawlessness crown jewels the enjoyment now and again. One of the most sultry performing artists in Asia.

  1. Nargis FakhriBeautiful Lips in Bollywood

Regardless of whether her frown is provocative has been a questionable subject appropriate from her presentation in Rockstar. While some think it is an excess of referencing them to be as duck Donald, many still concur that she has the most sultry lips in B-town.

  1. Kareena KapoorBeautiful Lips in Bollywood

For a performing artist who loves to frown, she is honored with those normally full lips that needn’t bother with liners to complement them. She won numerous hearts and fans with her delectable looking lips. Indeed, even in movies where she was sans make-up, her ruddy lips earned a great deal of consideration.

  1. Deepika PadukoneBeautiful Lips in Bollywood

Deepika Padukone’s lips, as well, add to her hotness remainder – with her adoration for mauve and red lipsticks. Her dimpled, saucy grin can liquefy numerous hearts and her lips are without a doubt to fault for it.

  1. Priyanka ChopraBeautiful Lips in Bollywood

Some would state that Priyanka Chopra’s post-surgery lips are not as extraordinary – but rather we don’t think so. What’s more, we won’t hesitate with regards to corrective surgical methods if the final products are these full mopes.

  1. Madhuri DixitBeautiful Lips in Bollywood

Madhuri Dixit, without a doubt most lovely woman in India. Each element of her face is expressive, ideal from her eyes, her grin and even her lips which synchronize in flawlessness with her melodies simply like her body, Beautiful Lips in Bollywood.

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