Top Ten Best Comedy Movies of All Time

Ten Best Comedy Movies of All Time

Comedy movies in the contemporary meaning of term to amuse and entertain through laughter, jokes, and making fun, most people all over the  world like different comedies according to their culture as English and Urdu comedies, these shows are  performed in theatre or television and film or stand up comedy. Performance relates to the daily life of any  field or personality which brings a lesson about the situation current situation by describing the various aspects,

This type of Comedy movies also released vital moral for the audience ,there are different types  of comedies such as, black comedy that define the dark or evil like factors , a comedy of manners describes the mannerism through a parody, romantic comedy used to extract the romance in a sense of humour, screwball Comedy movies also race humour produce  by violating in a comic ways  for social conventions.
Here you have a list of  “Top Ten Comedy Movies of all time  ” in all over the world and is in descending order , also visitor can perfectly get information about the specific field  of life.

10. The Apartment

In 1960 Billy Wilder became the first man who won the Oscars three times due to his excellent work on this  The Apartment ,  he won due to producer, and director ,this very great achievement in his career, the main character CC BAXTER and has  an impersonal office having  long  rows of same desks used by a number of co-workers. He kept  a torch for beautiful Comedy movies but not generous lift girl   named by Fran Kubelik Baxter dreams , all the way to the 27th floor also describes the job title, there is a key also open the wash room , gradually  CC bring a moral dimension spark by  argued to save Fran.

Ten Best Comedy Movies of All Time

9. Ghoastbuster

This comedy film took place in 1983, this is the kind of horror comedy one can watch no doubt either it is on or not at this time , someone can understand at the starting or correct around time pets asks the Twinkie, it also gives us confidence to perform in front of clients pay in advance before the time to become  a dog.

This Comedy movies is  much too close to the audience as one can expect with full of scares and laughs , which is perhaps raising a question why Hollywood not made such kind of story since. Such kinds give not only enjoy but also a lesson about the story.

Ten Best Comedy Movies of All Time

8. Singing in the Rain

 This is  an American comedy movie come out the scene in 1952 and  a musical comedy directed by Gene Kelly and Stanley, the movie was only hit in the  first release and its supporting  female actress, also listed for Oscar  the major recognitions.

Therefore, it was related to the legendary   status,  It  also  frequently defined as the best musical ever made,  in the 2007 list of  largest U.S. films it’s ranked number is 5th .

  • Earning about 3.6$ at the North America Box-office in 1952
  • 10th  greatest  grossing film of the year
  • On review 100% of  critics having positive reviews
  • Also awarded for a Best Original Score.
  • Ten Best Comedy Movies of All Time

7. Back TO The Future

This is an American science fiction movie, it is the third and the final part of this film and was directed by  the Robert Zemeckis , also when  all events took place about the Comedy movies and they stranded in 1955, also Marty thought to journey to 1885 to save Doc and recover his timeline.

At the end of the Comedy movies when inquires about fax  also doc declares them , forthcoming is not written yet and when Brown bid farewell to accommodate his companions , Doc’s train convert to the aerial craft roars off to an  unknown time .

  • Film released in S.U. On 25 May ,1990
  • This comedy took place in  Arizona also in Arizona
  • Took business of $244.53 million over the international box office
  • Get 6th highest 1990’s  emerging film
  • Ten Best Comedy Movies of All Time

 6. National Lampoon’s Vacation

This is directed in 1983 by a man Harold Ramis  and written by Johan Hughes , also have memorable aspects Supporting players, holidays would go on in many sequels, therefore the number one  unless the benchmark and this film also have numerous in a smaller performance.

The original story relates to his own family’s trip to the Disneyland at  Huges’s childhood and the success of this comedy guide advance  about his screen writing  career, story old that in Italy Guido Orefice is a young man makes fun and looking for a job in the city, also falls in love with a teacher belong to a local school . At the end a soldier caught  Dora  and  he tries to find her.


  • Earning was more than 61$million in the America
  •  46th ranked comedy movie of all the time
  • 94% fresh liking rate on Rotten Tomatoes
  • Ten Best Comedy Movies of All Time

5. Life is Beautiful

In 1997 directed by Roberto Benigni also by the  Italian comedy film , he also  plays as a bookshop owner and must employ his imagination to secure his son from the unauthorized internment access in a camp named as a Nazi concentration camp, part  this story also came from his own family background ,his father also served 3 years of internment in that camp.

This comedy was also succeeded in all aspects due

  • This Comedy movies won the 71st Academy Award
  • Also won awards for the excellent  foreign language and for best actor
  • Ten Best Comedy Movies of All Time

4. Caddyshack 

This is an American sport comedy movie of 1980’s year and directed by Harold Ramis , also written by Brain and Douglas , stars who took part in this story are  Chevy chase  and  Rodney Dangerfield, Ted Knight, also  Bill Murray, also a supporting person named by Dolye Murry

  • This is not a success story and not well received
  • Also released on ESPN and TIME in 2010 this movie also televised on GOLF Channel
  • In July, 1980 released in 656 theatres
  • Earned 3.1$ at start weekend also went around  39,846,344$ in North America
  • Ten Best Comedy Movies of All Time

3. Modern Time 

This is a 1936 Comedy movies story which is written and directed by the Charlie Chaplin , Modern time shows that  survived in modern life introduced globally and relates to the combine employment also in fiscal  condition people realised under great depression.

The stars took part in this story are “ Paulette Goddard, Henry Bergman, Stanley Sanford and Chester Conklin  ”, and this comedy demand culturally important in Congress library.

  • In the U.S. National Film Registry this comedy also selected
  • After 14 years it was screened out in 2003
  • Ten Best Comedy Movies of All Time


Airplane! Is one out of ten movies which is a 1980 American comedy video story directed by “David Zucker, Jim Abrahams and Jerry  Zucker ” and it is released by “ Paramount Pictures”, the stars of this comedy are “Robert Hays and Julie Hagerty ”. It is the parody of  Zero Hour! , also included visual or oral puns and gags,

  • It got financial success in North America with just 84$ and its budget was only  3.5$ million
  • It is chosen for Golden Globe Award in music , picture motion
  • It won Beata Award for best Screenplay
  • Voted this comedy 10th funniest American comedy
  • In the UK it is the 2nd greatest comedy film
  • Ten Best Comedy Movies of All Time

1.City Lights 

It is a 1931 American comedy film, its writer and director is Charlie Chaplin,  according to the story due to the misadventures of its  writer, he falls in love not other but with a blind girl also develops   a good friendship, it gains popularity at the start on release with good aspects.

It is very great achievement for the writer in his career

  • Box office earned 5$ million
  • It’s end widely regarded through critics because the greatest ever made
  • On 27th February it was released in  London theatre

Surely , you have read the above given list of Top Ten Comedy Movies all the time  in detailed and get related information about the comedy and its type with all vital aspects. According to the given data judge your social problem and how can solve through comedy, almost all film industries work  on this kind of movies to provide and  develop  a  sense of humour, jokes and fun for the people to show that  weak point of any field to attain prosperity and progress.

Ten Best Comedy Movies of All Time

 Summary – Best Comedy Movies of All Time

Serial Comedy Movies Release Year
1 City Lights
3 Modern Time
4 Caddyshack
5 Life is Beautiful
6 National Lampoon’s Vacation 1983
7 Back TO The Future 1985
8 Singing in the rain 1952
9 Ghoastbuster 1984
10 The Apartment


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