Singer Hadiqa Kiani Aarrested at London Heathrow Airport With 2Kg Cocaine

Hadiqa Kiani's Arrested

Hadiqa Kiani’s Arrested at London

The most powerful tool on the planet today is the media which holds the potential to enlighten the entire world regarding even the most minor of issues. One of them has recently come into the limelight as Pakistani singer, Hadiqa Kiani was reported to have been arrested at the London Heathrow Airport for carrying two kilograms of cocaine with her.

The news of the arrest cane out just two days after Hadiqa had performed at the Mystic Music festival in Lahore. The story of Hadiqa Kiani’s arrest states that the cocaine she was carrying was divided into two suitcases inside coffee bags and they were reported to be worth about 80,000 pounds or 10,42,8046.20 Pakistani rupees. The news also relayed that she had been handed over to Port Authority and was awaiting prosecution by the London District Attorney.

However close scrutiny into Hadiqa Kiani’s latest endeavors reveals that she is not in London. On the contrary she is in Lahore and is perhaps visiting her family as she uploaded a photo of herself with her mother and a young boy, revealed to be her nephew. Her reaction to the arrest news was initially frivolous, merely laughing at them. However, she took them a lot seriously when she started receiving phone calls from journalists and media personnel who were probing into the entire matter.

Disgusted by the entire ordeal, she angrily rebuked her accusers with a heated post on social media posting:

“I am not in London nor do I have plans to go to London. And I dare any of you to associate drugs with my name…I am so disgusted right now! Just disgusted by this FAKE NEWS of me spreading online by so called established news medias. Just shocked.”

Hadiqa later clarified that she was in Lahore to enjoy Valentines Day with her family as well as to celebrate the birthday of her nephew and one can understand her acrimonious stance towards the entire issue especially the frugalness with which such a rumor was propagated without any attempt at verification.

Not to mention that such a news was spread by reliable sources. The first to do so was a British magazine called Metro with it being followed by several Pakistani websites and news reports. However, no conclusive evidence is available to link her to the crime along with the fact that she isn’t even in England at the moment.

Hadiqa Kiani doesn’t seem to hold any heated grudges with anyone in the entertainment industry therefore it is highly improbable that this allegation is a means of exacting vengeance or play dirty. That being said, the seriousness of this issue is just quite exponential to just ignore and therefore one cannot believe that it is a simple joke. Other causes for the reporting of such news could be the recklessness of the media or their deliberate attempt to boost their sales and publicity.

Whatever the case may be, a blunder of such a proportion does indeed warrant action to standardize the conventions governing the transmission of news to the public. The media is the close link between the public and the real time events going on around us, and if such a link is weak in and of itself, one cannot be surprised at the amount of mismanagement and erroneous news being spread.

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