How to Promote Fast Food Business in Pakistan Using Facebook

fast food business

The trend of fast food consumption is quickly popping up in Pakistan. The junk food or read to cook food sales are on the horizons in these days. Behind this shift, there are several reasons such as increasing domination of western cultural, students get together or marketing influence by the junk food advertisements.

Since Pakistan is a sixth largest populated country in the world and it is predicted that population will increase more in the upcoming years. According to many economic experts, Pakistan is also becoming a next emerging market in the world. It means that the consumption of goods and services will rise in the future. It may also mean that fast food business will boom in the future.

To cut a long story short, if you are going to launch your new fast food restaurant business in Pakistan then, believe it or not, it will be a profitable business idea for you. Starting a new business in Pakistan is not an easy task. The cost of opening a restaurant in Pakistan is very high. Due to high startup financing, it becomes difficult for small business owners to spend huge money on marketing and advertisement programs to promote their fast food businesses.

If you are also facing low budgeting issues then here are some basic tips on how to promote your fast food business on Facebook even if you have a low advertisement budget.

fast food business

5 Ways to Promote Your Fast Food Business in Pakistan Using Facebook

With 2.7 million users, Facebook is supposed to be a largest and famous social media network in Pakistan. People love to use FB to connect with their loved ones. If you want to promote your fast food restaurant, then Facebook will be a good platform for you to advertise your business online. Here are 5 helpful tips to promote your junk food business on Facebook.

  1. On an immediate basis, create your official Facebook page and try your best to get likes from the relevant For example, if your restaurant is in Lahore then try to get followers from Lahore and surrounding areas.
  2. Once you get too many likes and followers, start your Facebook marketing. Offer your product & services along with your competitive rates and discount packages.
  3. Videos often get viral on Facebook. If you have created a catchy and interesting food-related video, then don’t hesitate to share it with your online followers. People love to see, like and share those types of videos.
  4. There are several Pakistani Foodies groups operating on Facebook where FB users love to share their get together and food related pictures and videos with other people. These types of groups usually have thousands of members. In fact, it is good opportunity for restaurant marketers to advertise their businesses and increase their sales. All you need is to create an Ad image in which you will have to add all information about fast food products along with your price and restaurant location.
  5. To increase more sales, offer discounts to people who get advertisement word from your FB page or groups.

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