5 Most Profitable Business Ideas in Pakistan 2016-2017

5 most profitable business ideas in Pakistan 2016-2017:

Pakistan, like any other developing country, has reached a point where most of the job markets are saturated. The emerging graduates have now turned towards entrepreneurial ventures, which are excellent for a country’s overall growth. Amid a bunch of some 50 or more such budding ideas, the following seem to be the most profitable business in Pakistan:

1# Real estate

Land ownership and dealing is one of those age old business formulas and work best in a country like Pakistan with its ever increasing population and vast geographical area. The overheads are reduced by online transactions and virtual offices. The man is the business as they say. Meraghar.pk is an example of one such digital endeavour that is a far cry from your local estate agents office.

2# Car dealerships and maintenance

 In a country where public transport is non-existent and distances increasing day by day, cars are becoming a basic necessity. The business has high chances of flourishing given the supply demand rule. The most recent example of this would be LUMS graduate Raza’s Pak wheels. Similarly, car maintenance in extension to the same area could be turned into a jackpot. PITB’s Plan 9 recently launched a home based car service by the name of Car Butler. This innovative and hitherto unforeseen idea in Pakistan (it’s being used worldwide) is generating business on a daily basis. Highly organized and quickly responsive, such ideas are entrepreneurial dreams.

3# Consultancy

Whether its management consultancy or legal, HR (rozee.pk) or education, this is low investment high profit formula fix. People are now turning to smart business where a skillset is cashed in by not stagnating your opportunities and more fluid and diverse work buffet. You sell your service to multiple firms at the same time and thus earn considerably higher in terms of cash as well as experience.

4# Online job portals

As a business ideology this one is gathering a lot of attention lately. People are willing to work from the comfort of their homes and earn a per job remuneration. Ideas like E-lance and O-desk are the market leaders in this form of business. The employers post attractive offers for people who cannot work full time for a number of reasons, the employee- employer trust is built through word of mouth and in some cases a point based system. Employees get foreign market exposure from the comfort of their homes and the employers cater to a diverse and satisfied market which brings them excellent business without the overheads. It may have flaws currently but in the age of technology, where physical space is shrinking these web ideas will be worth millions.

5# Telecommunications

It’s the era of the World Wide Web, all transactions and businesses are required to have an online presence. If you don’t have a virtual presence you’re literally a no body. And naturally for the web to connect you need a telecommunications base, yes PTCL has been the state representative, but the business had space for far superior and faster service providers, that’s the gap that companies like Naya-Tel filled which is approximately generating a revenue of 1.5 million USD. The field is open for fresher ideas and can prove highly lucrative for anyone with creativity and expertise.


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