What is Difference between Hosting and Domain

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It is common for newbies to get confused about the difference between web hosting and domain name. However, it is crucial to be crystal clear on the dissimilarities between the two before you move on to obtaining your first website.

The fact remains that there are a lot of people out there who think that domain names and web hosting are the same and that they are simply two different names for the same service. However, that is far from the truth, and we would in the rest of this article try to look at a few differences between the two.

What is Web hosting?

We all know websites need a large number of different computer files, ranging from HTML text files to JPEG image files, and others. For those that intend to build a website, where do you put all these files so that other internet users can access them anytime, anywhere? What you need is a secure name server and data space that is accessible online, so, this is what a web host offers you.

Domain names can be bought almost anywhere, but it is more convenient to purchase the domain and set up hosting in the same location.

When setting up your WordPress sites, I recommend the following hosting providers:

All the web hosting companies listed above provide domain name registration as well as hosting which makes it pretty convenient.

However, for those who choose to purchase a domain name and then host it somewhere else. Here is my list of domain name registrars that are quite popular:

After purchasing a domain name, you will be provided with login details to access your account. It is very important you keep this info on hand and pass it on to your web developer.

In buying a domain name, what you would get is a domain name along with a starter web page that would have a very little scope as far as the customization is concerned. Meanwhile, when you buy a web hosting service, you get lots of other features. Some of which are a free domain name customized email, etc. Most times there would also be some site building tools with some disk space that will help you in creating a website of your own, all in the same package. These features are not available when you purchase just a domain name, but with the hosting service, you have not only all these components but also some e-commerce features.

Another differentiating fact is the pricing of these two online software building tools. For the domain name services, one would have to pay anywhere between three dollars to thirty-five dollars per annum, but for the web hosting services, one would be required to pay a lot more which would be basically between the ranges of eight to fifteen dollars a month.

The fact about the differentiation in pricing is quite understandable because the web hosting service offers much more when compared to the domain name services.

Now, let me put the difference in a nutshell, the domain names are an identity for your website on the internet. Meanwhile, web hosting is more than just an identity which comes in very handy if your business needs an online presence.

On a general note, web hosting and domain names go hand in hand, and if you have the intention of building up your website, then it is advisable that you purchase a web hosting package along with the domain names. Please like I said earlier, if you are buying the both of them, then make sure you buy them from the same provider rather than going for multiple providers.

In conclusion, buying a domain name is like buying a residential address while buying web hosting is more like renting an apartment. The difference between the two is obvious and huge which is the same difference when you talk about web hosting and domains. Like domain names, proper attention should also be given while choosing a web hosting service if you want your online venture to be successful.


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