CCP Issues Notice to for Deceptive Marketing Practices

CCP Issues Notice to for Deceptive Marketing Practices is one of the leading online shopping stores of Pakistan. If we go through kaymu reviews, you will find out various customers complaining about its services and products. Kaymu online store proved quite successful at the start, but its services went down as the time passed. Furthermore, kaymu scam is currently one of the hottest topics when it comes to online shopping.

But this online shopping brand is under caution from last few days as CCP has issued for Deceptive Marketing Practices. Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP) has issued this online platform a show cause notice as has been regularly practicing deceptive marketing practices to promote its products.

Kaymu was facing some disputes regarding return policy, payment and shipping methods, and vague terms and conditions which resulted in a violation of section 10 of Competition Act, 2010. These steps were deceiving customers due to which government came into action and issued a notice to kaymu.

Customer Reviews:

A customer of reported to CCP which resulted in an inquiry from CCP on The inquiry proved to be useful as CCP found significant evidence against kaymu. Kaymu claims to guarantees its customers a safe and highly cooperative platform for buyers and sellers, but it has failed to do so. However, it permits its sellers to commit fraud and misguide its customers regarding the services provided while you have placed an order. The investigation showed that kaymu has also committed fraud in after sales services.

Analyze the Facts:

After analyzing the facts in detail, the inquiry commission came to the conclusion that kaymu has been deceiving its customers through contradictory information provided on the website and by the omission of fair warnings about the seller’s return policy. Furthermore, as against the stated claims, the website fails to act as a true mediator.

Kaymu claimed to give its customers multiple delivery options but customers claim that not all options are available with kaymu. The inquiry also reports also concluded that this company has been involved in disseminating false and misleading information to the customers. It was harming the business interest of other competitors in the business of online shopping. It is one big reason due to which kaymu has issued a show cause notice.

Since online shopping has become common in this modern era, thus CCP has become active to ensure that customers are safe from all kinds of frauds. It is a positive act from CCP as it is ensuring that these online shopping stores are using wrong tactics to sell their product to customers.


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